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Op-Ed: Some Liberals angry at Trudeau's support of anti-terror bill

Ottawa - Liberal leader Justin Trudeau and the federal Liberal Party have voiced their support for the Conservative Harper government's anti-terror bill c-51. Some Liberals are angry at this move.

Op-Ed: Canadian government introduces new powers to counter terrorism

Ottawa - On Friday, the federal Canadian Conservative government of Stephen Harper introduced legislation giving new powers to the Canadian Security and Intelligence Service along with a number of other measures designed to counter terrorist threats.

Op-Ed: Harper government to give spy agency more powers

Ottawa - The Canadian Conservative government of Stephen Harper has announced that it will increase the powers of the Canadian Security Intelligence Service(CSIS) the main spy agency in Canada.

Op-Ed: What is the appropriate sentence for Canada's Navy spy?

Ottawa - Jeffery Deslisle is the first person convicted under Canada's Security of Information Act, a law passed in the aftermath of 9/11. Deslisle, a former Navy intelligence officer, was convicted of selling secrets to the Russians.

Op-Ed: US nuclear carrier group base in Perth? Real possibility in play

Sydney - The reconfiguration of US military assets is getting very interesting. The proposal for a US carrier group based at HMAS Stirling in Perth is particularly intriguing, because it does relate to a comprehensive reworking of US deployment profiles.

Head of Canadian spy agency says he won't resign

Ottawa - Richard Fadden, the head of the Canadian Security Intelligence Service, faced a parliamentary committee Monday to explain why he had publicly revealed that Canadian politicians were under the sway of foreign influences.

Canada's anti-spy agency says government infiltrated with spies

Forget James Bond and how you ever pictured espionage to work. It's all about influence these days, according to the head of Canada's intelligence agency.

CSIS Still Withholding Files on 'Father of Medicare'

CSIS, Canada's spy agency, is still attempting to keep portions of its files on socialist politician and so-called "father of medicare" Tommy Douglas secret, decades after his death in 1986.

Canada's spy agency can listen to terror suspects overseas

Canada's intelligence agency, Canadian Security Intelligence Service, has now been given the right to listen in on phone calls of terror suspects overseas, a federal court ruled on Tuesday.

CSIS is Hiring New Spy Agents and they have Plenty to Choose from

CSIS has hired 100 new officers into the Canadian intelligence gathering arena and it had a huge pool of job seekers to choose from. Over 14,500 Canadians submitted applications last year.

Canada's prime minister knew Russian spy was to be arrested

"A "Top Secret" memo obtained by the National Post shows Stephen Harper was briefed about the discovery of the spy in advance of the arrest but told to keep quiet to avoid compromising the operation."

CSIS - Canada's Spy Agency is investigating letter threatening FLQ attacks

it's being taken "very seriously'', A recent threatening letter signed by a group claiming to be a new cell of the FLQ, a Quebec a pro-sovereigntist group active in the 1960s and 1970s.

CSIS aims to boost ranks by recruiting at Canadian universities

Now Hiring: Canada's spy agency is looking for about seventy percent more intelligence officers to fill positions of retiring officers.

CSIS fears terrorist `dirty bomb'

"Canada's spy agency says it is "quite surprising" that terrorists have not detonated a crude radioactive bomb, given the availability of materials and ease with which they could be made into a weapon."

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Richard B. Fadden  Director  Canadian Security Intelligence Service.
Richard B. Fadden, Director, Canadian Security Intelligence Service.
Sreengrab / CBC

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