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CSI News

New laser scanner finds unmarked graves

The laser based technology LiDAR might be more commonly associated with the development of autonomous cars, but it has another application of interest to pathologists: finding unmarked graves.

Blu-ray/DVD Essentials: David Guintoli’s 'Grimm' fairytale life Special

The leading man of the hit supernatural fantasy series ‘Grimm’ discusses the evolution of his character throughout three seasons, how portraying a Wesen-hunter has informed the actor within, his hopes for Season 4 and his flirtation with narcissism.

Hit TV series CSI Miami and New York - teams investigate Israel

Israel’s Tourism Ministry invites CSI investigators to visit. The four actors from the hit TV series are in Israel on a vacation as guests for a tour around and not involved in filming or investigating crime scene investigations.

Op-Ed: CSI - Capitol Hill

The U.S. Capitol should be wrapped with yellow police crime scene tape given the acts of moral depravity being committed by the Republican leadership these days against the American people.

Ex-'CSI' star Gary Dourdan charged with drug possession

Los Angeles - Former "CSI" actor Gary Dourdan had been caught with the addictive narcotic pain-killer Oxycontin last month. Authorities have charged him with felony possession of the opiate as well as for drug paraphernalia.

Op-Ed: Casey Anthony trial – State close to end of case

Orlando - A report on what is likely to be the penultimate day of the prosecution's case against Casey Anthony in her trial for the murder of her two year old daughter, Caylee.

Op-Ed: Casey Anthony now more infamous than OJ

Orlando - A report on the final expert witnesses tendered by the State in the trial that has gripped the U.S., that of Casey Anthony, who if convicted could face the death penalty.

Casey Anthony case – CSIs testify

Orlando - A report on proceedings yesterday and today in the case of Casey Anthony, who is accused of murdering her young daughter in 2008.

Review: For Labor Day, try Meerkats, CSI or hear Brave New Voices Special

Unless you're a collge football fan or can survive another SVU marathon, it's time for a good BD/DVD. This holiday weekend, why not take a chance on The Meerkats, Brave New Voices, Meteor, The Game or two reliables like 2 & 1/2 Men or the revamped CSI?

CSI Helps Police Solve A Mysterious Death

Does art really imitate life? So it would eerily seem in the case of the death of a Texas man that was eerily similar to an episode of TV’s CSI. Read on for the mysterious details.

Safe Sex In A Can Tops Google Search Items

The television show CSI may be responsible for the most searched item on Google. Spray-on condoms were talked on the show as a clue to the motive of a violent murder. That mention on-air sent thousands to their computers to research the product.

CSI Techniques Could Help Battle Against Hospital Infections

Inspired by the popular television drama CSI, investigators in the Netherlands have trialed methods used by forensic scientists at crime scenes to highlight infection risks in their hospital.

'CSI' wanna be trio allegedly enter wrong place

Three women police say were trying to destroy evidence at a murder scene by forcing their way into an apartment, only to find they'd chosen the wrong one. What's behind Door #1?

New 'CSI' detective takes the gloves off

"Liev Schreiber is a smart and articulate actor, but there's another very good reason to listen to the man."

' CSI ' Parents are swabbing kids for DNA

Testing kits provide samples in case a child is kidnapped or injured

'CSI: Miami' Actress Meets Real Life Serial Killer

'CSI: Miami' Actress Meets Real Life Serial Killer

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