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Donations pour in to help quadruplets after Arizona mom dies

Phoenix - Worldwide, thousands of dollars in donations have flooded in to help pay for the care of newborn quadruplets whose mother died after giving birth to them, according to a fund raising website set up in the woman's name.

CBS introduces 24-7 news platform

Television broadcast network CBS introduced Thursday its first efforts to compete with other full-time news channels with the launch of its own 24/7 news outlet.

Zoo officials on edge after murder of rare Tasmanian devil

Albuquerque - Tasmanian devils are known for their feisty temperament, but this wasn't enough to save one of the little creatures from a cruel death at the hands of a stranger who crushed its skull with a slab of asphalt.

Coatis, lemurs among exotic animals found caged in Detroit home

Warren - Michigan police received a rather unusual call that they have almost certainly never heard before: a neighbor calling into report an aardvark on the front lawn of a house in Warren, a suburb of Detroit.

NC man charged with human trafficking, holding woman captive

Zebulon - A North Carolina man has been charged with human trafficking after allegedly holding a German woman against her will in a secret room located in a warehouse in Zebulon, North Carolina.

Review: ‘Salmon in the Sea’ — Is farmed salmon a threat to wild salmon? Special

Campbell River - A recent segment of CBS’ “60 Minutes” focuses on the positive and adverse aspects of salmon farming, potential threats of this activity to wild salmon populations in the Pacific Northwest, and comparative facets of salmon products for the consumer.

Op-Ed: Kerry's mistake forces Obama administration to consider diplomacy

As has been pointed out repeatedly, recent events seem fatalistic in their orientation toward demonstrating the hypocrisy of the Obama administration.

Why Square is the new Twitter

San Francisco - In a recent interview with CBS's 60 Minutes correspondent Lara Logan, Twitter inventor Jack Dorsey revealed his latest app Square which is a revolutionary device that allows mobile and smart phone owners to exchange credit card payments on their phones.

Popular CBS TV anchor resigns after wife-choking arrest

Darien - Rob Morrison, a CBS New York TV anchorman, has resigned following allegations that he choked his wife at their Connecticut home and — threatened to kill her — when released from police custody.

Police: CBS TV anchor choked, threatened to 'kill his wife'

Darien - Rob Morrison, a morning anchor on CBS 2 News in New York, appeared in a Stamford, Conn., courtroom Tuesday after he allegedly choked his wife, Ashley, also a news anchor, over the weekend, and threatened to kill her.

CBS News affiliate declares President Obama as winner in advance

Phoenix - A CBS News affiliate is calling the presidential election for President Barack Obama weeks ahead of the Nov. 6 election. The network mistakenly posted the presidential election results, which had the incumbent win with 43 percent of the vote.

Op-Ed: Polls and unemployment mangle mainstream media's Obama chorus

Washington - As the tilted mainstream media cranked out negative stories on Mitt Romney while parroting Barack Obama's campaign talking points, August unemployment rates rose in more than half the U.S., according to the latest Labor Department report.

Op-Ed: American mainstream media in the tank

New York - The White House blames the current Middle East embassy crisis on an anti-Muslim film allegedly made by a faceless felon and a few cohorts. However, the White House needs help selling the Obama campaign’s story. From stage left, enters mainstream media.

60 Minutes' Mike Wallace dead at 93, CBS to air special Sunday

New York - Mike Wallace, veteran CBS News journalist for "60 Minutes," has passed away at the age of 93. For years he suffered from a serious heart condition. Wallace will be remembered for his four decades of hard-hitting news reporting and intriguing interviews.

CBS Let's Make a Deal's lawsuit after fall

Los Angeles - Mary Hutchinson, a 75-year-old woman, is suing CBS and the creators of "Let's Make a Deal" after going to watch a show being recorded in Los Angeles.

Did CBS purposely exclude Rep. Paul from report, poll graphic?

Manchester - Does the mainstream media hate Texas Republican Congressman Ron Paul? That's what many of his supporters are asking themselves now. After Jan Crawford of CBS News omitted Dr. Paul from her report and from a polling graphic, many have complained to CBS.

'60 Minutes' icon Andy Rooney dies at 92

New York - The lovable curmudgeon and CBS "60 Minutes" icon Andy Rooney died last night at the age of 92. Rooney has been featured on the weekly news magazine since 1978 and recently retired in October of this year.

CBS sued for photos of John Edwards' mistress

A Los Angeles celebrity photographer has filed a lawsuit against CBS claiming the network's 'The Insider' and 'The Early Show', featured an image of John Edwards' mistress Rielle Hunter, and their newborn child, without his permission.

Herman Cain: 'We're not running for theologian-in-chief'

In an appearance on CBS News' 'Face The Nation' on Sunday, Republican presidential front-runner Herman Cain expressed criticism for the comments directed at Mitt Romney's Mormon identity by a prominent supporter of the Rick Perry campaign.

CBS News’ Lara Logan discusses her brutal sexual assault in Egypt

On February 11, Lara Logan, CBS’ chief foreign affairs correspondent, was brutally and repeatedly sexually assaulted while reporting from Tahrir Square in Cairo, Egypt and decided to speak about the mob attack on 60 Minutes.

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