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CBC raising the bar with Schitt's Creek Special

Toronto - Second City/SCTV alumni Eugene Levy and Catherine O’Hara have teamed up once again for the CBC television series, Schitt’s Creek.

CBC pulling Jian Ghomeshi interviews from archives, listeners mad

The CBC announced on air on Monday that they will pull all of the interviews former host Jian Ghomeshi did on 'Q' off of their online archives page. The majority of listeners who have reacted disagree with and are angry about the decision.

Why Canadian homeopaths can sell unproven vaccine alternatives

An investigation by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation show Marketplace reveals some alternative health practitioners are offering unproven vaccine "alternatives" to parents. Also, they are downplaying the danger of ailments such as measles.

Jian Ghomeshi in custody, charged with sexual assault and choking

Toronto police announced this morning that former Canadian radio host Jian Ghomeshi has been charged with four counts of sexual assault and one count of choking. The maximum penalty Ghomeshi could receive if found guilty is life imprisonment.

Jian Ghomeshi withdraws CBC lawsuit, must pay costs

Embattled former CBC radio host Jian Ghomeshi is back in the news today as he did what many said last month he would do - he withdrew his $55 million lawsuit against the broadcaster. He launched the suit the day following his firing on Oct. 26.

On Jian Ghomeshi: CBC exec says broadcaster should have done more

In interviews with her staff, the head of CBC English language programming gave the broadcaster's side of the Jian Ghomeshi scandal. Heather Conway spoke to Peter Mansbridge on TV and to Carol Off on the radio. She admitted mistakes were made.

Jian Ghomeshi puts up his dukes and hires pitbull lawyer

The disgraced Jian Ghomeshi sent a strong signal today that he is not going to go quietly into the sexual assault night. Mr. Ghomeshi hired Marie Henein of Henein Hutchison LLP, known as one of the toughest and most tenacious lawyers in Toronto.

Op-Ed: Jian Ghomeshi: Isn't anybody out there worried about him?

Let's start here: I get it that Jian Ghomeshi would appear to have, allegedly has, done some lousy, mean, vicious things of a potentially criminal nature. I've even condemned him in a op:ed recently. But the whole country is condemning him now.

Police launch assault investigation into Jian Ghomeshi

It now appears that three of the nine women who have said they were attacked by Jian Ghomeshi have come forward and complained to Toronto police. The police have launched an investigation into the former CBC radio host.

Fired by CBC, Jian Ghomeshi claims rough sex habits consensual

The former Canadian Broadcasting Corporation radio host Jian Ghomeshi, fired on Sunday, issued a statement saying rough sex he engages in is consensual. The CBC only said they could no longer employ him and didn't reveal any more specific details.

Op-Ed: With 'data about data' — Illegal is not illegal

If you’re a Canadian citizen who travels by airplane, there’s a good chance Communications Security Establishment Canada (CSEC) is spying on you (or has) in an illegal and ineffective manner.

'NHL Revealed: A Season Like No Other' coming to CBC

Toronto - CBC television is bringing hockey fans a behind the scenes look at the NHL teams and players, with the Canadian premiere of "NHL Revealed: A Season Like No Other" on January 23rd.

Chris Hadfield joins CBC News

Toronto - Starting January 20, Colonel Chris Hadfield will be a regular contributor to CBC News in Canada. He will bring his insights on pressing issues using his unique perspective from an inspired and exciting career and life.

Op-Ed: Maybe Rogers should fire Don Cherry

Hockey Night in Canada (HNIC) needs to change or Rogers Communications will make changes. I'm not a television producer. But I think like one. And whoever calls the shots at HNIC must start doing the same.

CBC announces Sochi winter Olympic programming

There are now less than 100 days until the start of the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games on February 7, 2014. CBC has announced the network’s broadcast team, which includes hosts Ron MacLean and Scott Russell.

Op-Ed: Prime Minister Harper wants CBC to be state controlled

Ottawa - The Conservative government of Stephen Harper has given the cabinet power to approve salaries, working conditions, and collective bargaining positions for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) Canada's public broadcaster.

Voting for CBC's 'Short Film Face-Off' finals opens today Special

The Canada-wide short film contest, now in its sixth season, has whittled the competition down to its final three participating films and today, it's your turn to vote.

U.S. Atlantic puffin population at-risk according to CBC

The Atlantic puffin population is at risk in the United States, and there are signs the seabirds are in distress in other parts of the world, says CBC.

Review: CBC's 'Jack' is an uncritical valentine to the late NDP leader Special

Is it too soon for a TV movie about Jack Layton? Yes – but the reason has nothing to do with sensitivity about the Canadian political leader's relatively recent passing. It's more about balance: nobody's ready for a fully objective depiction yet.

Rick Roberts recreates the essence of Jack Layton in new CBC bio Special

Toronto - For any actor, playing a real-life celebrity is a tricky job. Especially when it's a well-loved, progressive politician who passed away less than two years ago. Like Canadian NDP leader Jack Layton, who's getting the biopic treatment from CBC.

Review: Randy Bachman's Vinyl Tap on CBC Radio One Special

Winnipeg - As Randy Bachman, one of Canada's foremost architects of pop music prepares to cross the formidable and daunting ice covered tundras of the great white north in support of his latest tour: Every Song Tells A Story, the composer answers 5 Questions for DJ.

Winner of CBC's WireTap Animation Contest: Johanna Haeseker

Toronto - Johanna Haeseker, 14, has been announced as the winner of WireTap with Jonathon Goldstein's First Ever Animation Tournament Of Champions and is awarded the grand prize of an iPad.

Op-Ed: Justin Trudeau Liberal Leadership race: Week 3

Ottawa - In which the erstwhile reporter teaches Canada's national press the proper definition of icon and Carneys while offering a backwards off kilter not regretful and insincere apology to G&M's John Ibbitson.

Peter Mansbridge of CBC joins Gangnam Style parody

Stratford - Peter Mansbridge, the anchor of the CBC National news report, takes part in an parody of the famous, Gangnam Style, South Korean pop single by singer PSY.

Op-Ed: Justin Trudeau Liberal Leadership race: Week 1

Montreal - This week Justin Trudeau began his race for Leader of the Liberal Party in earnest by jetting from this great nation's coast to coast and along the way met the proletariat, gained an important ally and the attention of former PM Brian Mulroney.

Inventors, brothers, featured on Dragon's Den Special

The pressure was on when brothers and business partners, Sean and Lee Renshaw, got ready to showcase their invention on live television in front of a panel of judges, in boxers. But the pitch was a success.

Op-Ed: CBC blog about US denying plans to invade Canada removed

Toronto - A blog on CBC about an official denial by the US of plans to invade Canada has disappeared. Has the heavy ham hock of US foreign policy emerged from its cave, deleted a blog, and returned unto darkness from whence it came?

'The Jack Layton Story' biopic coming to a small screen near you

Winnipeg - In a joint production between the CBC, Pier 21 Films and Eagle Vision Inc., the life of Jack Layton is coming to the small screen. Titled "Smilin’ Jack: The Jack Layton Story" it chronicles the 2011 federal election campaign.

Op-Ed: CBC Music gives away digital tunes for free

Toronto - Canada's public broadcaster wastes taxpayers' money venturing into online music streaming by delivering popular, commercial content without user fees.

Music Monday prepares to unite Canada in song

Toronto - Music students from across Canada will make their voices heard in song on May 7 as part of an annual event raising awareness about the importance of music education in schools.
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"My interests in fiction are long-term and not bound by my age," says the 39 year-old wife and mother. " I have a sci-fi novel I’m writing now with a sixteen year-old heroine, who may turn out to be the antagonist or the protagonist, depending on how it plays out!"
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Jack Layton (played by Rick Roberts) deals with the press in the upcoming CBC biopic "Jack".
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Schitt's Creek
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CBC editor David Silverberg appears on CBC s The Lang and O Leary Exchange. editor David Silverberg appears on CBC's The Lang and O'Leary Exchange.
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Jian Ghomeshi, former host of CBC radio 1's Q
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Jian Ghomeshi  former host of CBC radio 1 s Q
Jian Ghomeshi, former host of CBC radio 1's Q
CBC / Handout photo editor David Silverberg appears on CBC s The Lang and O Leary Exchange editor David Silverberg appears on CBC's The Lang and O'Leary Exchange