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Q&A: Mergers and acquisitions dominating the software sector Special

Industry trends suggest that with increased competition, buyers are going to have to get a lot more creative if they want to win major deals. This means investing in appropriate software, according to Chris Stafford from West Monroe Partners.

Australia's PM denies buying Facebook 'likes'

The Prime Minister of Australia, Tony Abbott, says that his increased Facebook popularity in India is due to his appearance with India's leader, Narendra Modi.

California bans ticket buying bots

Los Angeles - On Monday the governor of California, Jerry Brown, signed legislation banning ticket-buying software that can buy hundreds of the best seats to sporting venues and concerts within seconds of them being available for purchase online.

Koch brothers thinking about buying newspapers across U.S.

Billionaire funders of the Tea Party, the Koch brothers, have reportedly expressed interest in buying several newspapers across the United States.

Op-Ed: Teens pooling money, buying marijuana as a group, is it illegal?

A new method of buying marijuana has been revealed, where a group of about 10 teens pool their money and then buy the product from one known 'dealer' in their area. Is it legal and what could the ramifications be if they are caught?

Will Amazon Buy Netflix?

Rumors have it that Amazon could possibly buy Netflix, the leading online DVD rental company. These rumors have been floating around the internet for quite some time.

Panasonic Orders Staff To Buy Panasonic

Panasonic has come up with a way to beat slumping sales -- order their staff to buy £1,000 of Panasonic products. It's expected that corporate Japan will latch onto this ideal.

Microsoft Buying BlackBerry?

With plenty of rumors swirling around about Microsoft planning to buy Research in Motion (RIM), makers of Blackberry device, the stock of RIM has reached an all time high of $85.

Why You Don't Want An iPhone

Forbes magazine says iPhone may look wonderful but it is not for everyone. It says there is not enough software, the screens may not last long, poor battery power and replacement, hefty contract and slower network speed.

Viacom Still Buying for $450 Million

Viacom planning to buy online music site for $450 Million dollars

An Insider's Guide to Buying on Ebay: Tips and Tricks You Need to Know

If you've never bought from Ebay, you're simply missing out on the biggest and best garage sale, shopping mall and internet shopping site around. You can find virtually anything you're looking for on Ebay, often for outstanding prices. But there are som

Could You Do This for a Year?

A group of women who just can't resist buying stuff decided to try this for a year...

Xbox 360: Preview Themes Before Buying

Don't waste your Microsoft Points.

Laptop buying guide

Buying a laptop but not sure what to ask for? Here's a no frills guide to getting value for money, and sounding like an expert in the shop...

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