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Google's 'buy buttons'will let you shop from search results

Google is reportedly testing new "buy buttons" that would sit alongside adverts in its usual search results and allow you to order products without leaving the page. The payment would be handled entirely by Google using stored card information.

Twitter announces a 'Buy Now' button

For months now there have been rumors and reports that Twitter was going to release an e-commerce product, and now the company has confirmed those rumors and reports.

Football player Dez Bryant buys people in line at Walmart a PS4

Dez Bryant, who is a wide receiver for the Dallas Cowboys, was feeling generous on Thursday night when he bought five people at a Walmart a PS4.

UFC fighter, Chael Sonnen, wants to buy the WWE, for real

UFC fighter Chael Sonnen has some major plans for the future, and one of the things he would like to do is buy the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) company.

Facebook may buy Opera

Opera Software, the maker of the Opera and Opera Mini browsers, may be acquired by the social networking website, Facebook.

Warren Buffett buys Lubrizol chemicals firm for $9 billion

Lubrizol is a specialty chemical company that will soon be owned by Warren Buffett. Buffett's company Berkshire Hathaway Inc. is purchasing Lubrizol for a record $9 billions.

Canadian exemption from 'Buy American' in the works

The controversial Buy American provision in the U.S. stimulus package has caused concerns worldwide but a new deal giving Canada an exemption from the provision may be just around the corner.

Report finds Twitter users more likely to buy music online

A new report from the NPD Group found that active users of Twitter are more likely to purchase online music than download it illegally.

Will Apple buy Twitter?

There are rumours circulating that Apple is making a bid to buy the micro blogging site Twitter for US $700 million. The deal may be announced soon, but Twitter isn't confirming the speculation.

Sources: Google in talks to acquire Twitter for $250 million

Sources close to Michael Arrington at TechCrunch say Google is in the late stages of acquiring the popular micro-blogging service, Twitter.

More people renting DVD, Blu-ray than buying

According to an entertainment research group, Hollywood studios’ revenues dropped off considerably in the last quarter of 2008 by 25 per cent. Most people are renting than buying DVDs and the costlier Blu-ray discs.

Warren Buffett: 'Buy American. I Am.'

Despite economic woes and the U.S. stock market collapse, Warren Buffett urges all Americans to keep buying stocks to keep the economy going.

TechCrunch: Google In Final Negotiations To Acquire Digg For '$200 Million'

TechCrunch is reporting Google is negotiating a deal to buy for $200 million. The deal is expected to be finalized within two weeks.

Best Buy Employee Caught Stealing $13,000 In Gift Cards

Last week, Best Buy employee Olivia Bailey, 18, was accused of stealing $13,000 from a Best Buy store in Lawrence, NY by using fraudulently obtained credit card numbers to purchase gift cards.

eBay allowed to continue using 'Buy It Now'

On Friday a judge denied a request from a Virginia company to stop ebay from using buy-it-now. Last year, the Supreme Court said eBay infringed upon the company's patent, but it was up to the lower court to decide if eBay had to stop using it.

Google to Buy GrandCentral, an Online Phone Service

TechCrunch reports that Google is acquiring GrandCentral, an online phone service that links all the phone numbers (home, office, mobile) into one unique number, where messages can be received and organized for easy tracking.

Google to Buy Apple?

New York Magazine article reports that Google may be interested in buying or merging with Apple. It cites a source close to Steve Jobs, who say Jobs is worn out and may want to take an exit soon.

Who Will Buy Facebook?

Who will end up buying Facebook? Viacom, Google or someone else?

Google buys a start-up once every few days, or around one a week

Google CEO Eric Schmidt says Google purchases a new start up once every few days or one a week.

Man Tries to Buy Baby in Los Angeles Park

Encino , California residents are on the lookout for a man in his 40s who reportedly tried to buy babies from their nannies.

Nestle to buy Gerber for $5.5 billion -- Gerbles?

The famous Gerber Baby will change parents, with Nestle SA announcing Thursday that it will buy Gerber Products Co. for $5.5 billion, giving the world's biggest food and drink company the largest share of the global baby food market.

Google Joins Race to Buy Online Ad Network DoubleClick

DoubleClick, the popular onilne ad network, has been put up for sale and it's getting the attention of some big players. With its power in the industry it seems that even Google is now interested in purchasing. The price? Potentially more than $2 billion.

How to Buy Votes in American Congress

Senators and Congressmen alike are attracted to Emergency Spending Bills like a moth to the flame. IT means time to buy votes, or the familiar adage I'll scratch your back if you scratch mine.

No one buys Euro PS3 on eBay

Thankfully, it looks like there's no one out there silly enough or in a remote enough Welsh village to pay the eBay seller's prices.

Sources say Microsoft near deal to buy Tellme

Microsoft is close to acquiring privately held Tellme Networks, a maker of products that bridge the worlds of speech recognition and the Internet, CNET has learned.

Should You Buy a Foreclosed Property?

As interest rates continue to rise and the real-estate market cools, many bargain-hunters are turning their attention to foreclosures.

Buy A Tree In Niger via Tree-Nation a Charity Networking Site

A Networking site starts planting trees in Niger to help land reclamation and plan to add 8 Million Trees.

Guy buys commercial during Veronica Mars to propose to girlfriend!

A Guy buys a commercial in Veronica Mars TV Show to propose to his girlfriend!

Canadian Government inks $3.4 Billion deal to buy Boeing jets

The government of Canada has finally inked a $3.4-billion deal with Boeing Co. to buy four C-17 Globemasters

Isreal to buy thousands of US "Smart Bombs"

In a massive weapons deal with the US, the Israel Air Force (IAF) plans to buy thousands of Joint Direct Attack Munition (JDAM) missile kits. The deal is reportedly worth an estimated $100 million.
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Alfredo Malanca harvest honey with neighbours in Havelock Ontario apiary
Alfredo Malanca harvest honey with neighbours in Havelock Ontario apiary
Alfredo Malanca harvest honey with neighbours in Havelock Ontario apiary
Alfredo Malanca harvest honey with neighbours in Havelock Ontario apiary

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