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Why businesses are considering automating the contract process Special

In the business world, artificial intelligence is enabling businesses to work in new ways. This includes automating everyday tasks. The next wave of this process will capture the contract management process, according to a leading analyst.

Accelerating AI deployments in the business setting

According to a new report, businesses need to give serious consideration to putting AI on a rapid path to production. Data and analytics leaders should use this research collection to remove the most common barriers to production.

Report: Businesses are experiencing endpoint security incidents

A new report finds that over two thirds of businesses have experienced a stark increase in endpoint and Internet of Things security incidents in past year. This shifted landscape requires new strategies.

Business hubs: Which country has the most businesses?

Under the time of coronavirus, business growth is challenging. For those looking to invest or to work, where to target investment is important and this is often based on business density.

Q&A: How to future-proof your privacy policy Special

Organizations must begin to view regulatory compliance as a floor for security rather than a ceiling, focusing on protecting customer data instead of just addressing the requirements demanded by regulations, according to Jacob Serpa of Bitglass.

Q&A: Why moving to a cloud solution is necessary for businesses Special

The world’s fastest-growing companies moved to the cloud years ago and adopted AI-driven solutions. But others are still slow to keep pace and insist on deploying their dusty intranets and slow IM systems. This needs to change, says Mark Sami of SPR.

Online quizzes help to generate business conversions

An audience engagement case study shows how quizzes 'retain reader eyeballs' and how driving this level of engagement can help to secure business conversions and retain customer loyalty.

Assessing the digital transformation maturity of businesses

Infosys has released a new report today revealing the digital transformation maturity of businesses in 2018, and what it takes to navigate the next stage of their journey. The report shows that some firms have much to do in order to progress.

Homeless tax in San Francisco could end up backfiring

San Francisco - On Tuesday, voters in San Francisco passed Proposition C, a new corporate tax that will raise $400 million a year from the city’s largest companies and direct that money toward homeless services.

From Germany to Australia, drought affecting national economies

Little rain, low water levels in rivers and bone-dry farmlands have affected crop production, delivery of goods and even disrupted oil and gas shipments, from Australia to Germany.

Europe's ten best deep technology scaleups

EIT Digital has named Europe's ten best deep technology scaleups. This was part of the fifth edition of the EIT Digital Challenge. The winners were named during a final pitch event in Brussels.

The future of brands in digital age: Interview Special

Brands continue to be important as more advertising moves digital, but new strategies are required in order to improve brand presence. To understand what a 21st century digital marketing strategy looks like, Kevin Kelly provides advice.

DApp: A new approach to business through blockchain Special

With blockchain solidifying itself as an important technological tool for the disruption of many industries, blockchain decentralized applications (DAaps) are starting to change business fundamentals. Jonathan Baha'i of eXeBlock explains more.

Facebook launches job board to make it easier to find work

Facebook's announced the global expansion of its job postings feature, designed to help local businesses and job-seekers connect with each other. The company said it has found one in four people already search for new job postings using its platform.

Businesses going digital need to develop new employee mindsets

Businesses undergoing digital transformation need to consider work culture and the set of practices and attitudes of employees as much as they consider specific technologies, according to a new report from Gartner.

Digital transformation challenges for Canadian businesses

Digital transformation requires companies to implement new technologies and develop an appropriate culture, to ensure success. A new report from Accenture assesses where Canadian businesses measure against global standards.

Business Process Management is central to digital transformation

Companies undertaking the digital transformation journey should be focusing on Business Process Management, according to analysts. One challenge of this strategy is ascertaining exactly what this management approach involves.

Digital transformation spending to soar in 2018

85 percent of business executives will allocate up to a quarter of their total budget to digital transformation in 2018. Firms are spending record amounts on digital despite seeing variable results. Almost half of firms are still struggling to get ahead.

Businesses need to assess and disclose climate change risks

Extreme weather events not only disrupt the economy but have a major impact on the operating and financial performance of businesses worldwide. However, risk management and disclosure of climate risks can only take place when the risks are defined.

Digital transformation a top priority for SMBs but many struggle

The heat is on for businesses to go digital. Customers are flocking to businesses that have an established digital footprint, a social media presence and mobile tools they find appealing.

Germany adds black lung, rotting teeth photos to cigarette packs

In an effort to curb smoking, Germany is placing startling images of black lungs and rotting teeth on cigarette packages as part of a mandatory regulation established by the European Union. Predictably, tobacco industry bigwigs are not happy about this.

Op-Ed: Is your content socially worthy? Today’s audience demands it

Businesses that fail to effectively convey an authoritative message to the hoi polloi are destined to fail. Now that it's 2016, I'll share a quick crash course in hopes small digital companies and product-based businesses are spared an untimely death.

B.C. town nearly loses Internet, mining company saves the day

Stewart - The tiny town of Stewart, B.C. was looking at the prospect of a cold, gloomy winter without Internet service when the local non-profit service provider closed its doors after two decades. Then the local mine and several other businesses stepped in.

CEO Matt Keezer: Momentum Ventures launching $500K challenge Commissioned

Starting a business can be a costly, risky, and life-altering investment. One Montreal, Quebec-based technology company is looking to put in the heavy lifting for you, if you are up for the challenge.

Berlin put on back foot by German spying reports

Berlin - Long portrayed as a victim of snooping by allies, Chancellor Angela Merkel's government on Monday grappled with embarrassing reports of German spying on European firms on behalf of the United States.

California orders 25% cut in resident, business water use

South Lake Tahoe - Faced with the worst drought since becoming a state in 1850, California announced mandatory usage reductions for the first time.

Study: A man's face can dictate his negotiating possiblities

Recent publications from major names in business education have explained how your facial size has an impact on your business negotiations. Men with wide faces have advantages early on but can run into difficulty over compromises.

Animal rights activists up the stakes, becoming more violent

There has been a dramatic shift in the tactics used by animal-rights activists over the past decade, with individual researchers and the businesses supplying them being targeted instead of their universities.

Canada businesses beginning to spend again, Flaherty says

Canadian businesses, which former Bank of Canada Governor Mark Carney once accused of sitting on piles of cash, are beginning to spend again, Canadian Finance Minister Jim Flaherty said on Wednesday.

The top hiring challenges small and medium businesses face today

From inspiring a lax sales team to running strategic training programs, many challenges can hamper the growth of a small- or medium-sized business. Learn how to identify the main issues and what do to get over these humps.
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