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Burns News

Popular sunscreen being tested in Canada as complaints mount

Vancouver - Health Canada has received several complaints from parents whose children sustained painful burns after using Banana Boat sunscreens. The health agency has opened an investigation and is doing its own testing on the product.

Fish skin aids burns victims

Brazilia - To help burns victims medics have turned to something unusual and quite novel: tilapia skin. Trials using the skin have taken placed in Brazil, with people who have suffered from second and third degree burns.

Patient’s own stem cells used to heal burns

In an important scientific breakthrough a company has devised a spray, based on stem cells, that helps skin to regenerate after it has been badly burned. This is a replacement to skin grafts.

Hair straighteners called out as child safety risk

Hair straighteners pose a risk to children in relation to burns and the number of incidences are increasing, according to an investigation by a British charity.

Occupy Bundy: Camping couple hopes to annoy militia into leaving

For over two weeks now, the extremists who took over the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge have frustrated authorities and Oregon residents alike. Now, this couple hopes to annoy the militia until they can't take any more of it and leave.

Anti-government group wants ownership of seized parklands

Burns - Anti-government protesters pledged to stay on remote federal land they seized Saturday night in Oregon until U.S. officials agree to release ownership to them.

Dressing senses infection with color change

A dressing has been devised which senses infections by changing color. People who suffer with burns are very vulnerable should the wound become infected; the new bandage is a way to signal medics.

Dealing with burns with peppermint oil and cinnamon

New research suggests that longstanding food additives — peppermint oil and cinnamon — could aid the healing of burns. This is due to the presence of antimicrobial compounds.

New laser treatments improve mature burn scars

New research suggests that fractional carbon dioxide laser treatment appears to be a promising method for dealing with difficult lesions.

Dad invites daughter's rapist to dinner and burns his genitals

New Delhi - A 36-year-old father is being accused of inviting his daughter's rapist to his home for dinner before torturing him to death.

New cling-wrap treatment for burns

Novel, ultrathin coatings called nanosheets have been produced to protect burns from bacterial infections. The sheets cling to the body’s most difficult-to-protect contours and prevent infection.

Pulsed electrical fields destroy antibiotic resistant bacteria

Scientists have successfully used technology that is used to disinfect food products to destroy antibiotic resistant bacteria around the site of burns.

Babysitter charged with child abuse after 'salt and ice' game

Dumfries - A babysitter has been charged with child abuse by police after playing the "salt and ice" challenge with the 9-year-old girl she was minding.

Italian priest Andrea Maggi burns photo of ex-Pope Benedict XVI

Imperia - An Italian priest Father Andrea Maggi from a rural parish in northwestern Italy, set a photo of ex-Pope Benedict XVI on fire, accusing him of "abandoning his flock."

Police: Instagram dispute leads to fight with 'hot cooking oil'

Smyrna - Two women were left with second- and third-degree burns after being doused with hot cooking oil following an argument that began over a posting on the photo-sharing social media website, Instagram, police say.

Passenger sues Southwest Airlines for $800,000 over spilled tea

Smyrna - A Tennessee woman sued Southwest Airlines and a flight attendant on Tuesday for $800,000 after serving her tea she says was way too hot.

Sydney woman bakes family savings $15K, chicken nugget in oven

Sydney - A Sydney man sold his Toyota Supra sports car for $15,000 and stored the cash away in the oven. He stored the cash in his oven because his wife never uses it. But that evening she turned on the oven to pre-heat chicken nuggets for their two girls.

Man who set himself on fire in Tel Aviv has died

Tel Aviv - Moshe Silman, the man who set himself on fire during a social justice protest last week in Tel Aviv, has died of his injuries.

Pat Burns' widow robbed hours after funeral

Montreal - The morning after the funeral for former NHL coach Pat Burns, his widow discovered that someone had broke into her car and stolen several items.

Man burns himself trying to kill a spider

Clacton - A man who was trying to kill a spider in his bathroom was blown off his feet and ended up in hospital with flash burns to several areas of his body.

Riverside County Man Suffers Burns From Gasoline Fire

A 36-year old Riverside County man suffered second and third degree burns on over 60% of his body on Thursday night. He used gasoline to light the fireplace.

Burns Urges Next President to Talk with Iran

Former US Undersecretary of State Nicholas Burns has urged the next President to engage in talks with the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Iraqi Toddler Taken To American Troops For Critical Health Care Survives

Al Amreeki, a 3-year-old who was taken to a United States Air Force Hospital in Iraq late January for critical burns caused by a stove fire in his Iraqi home is now in the United States and making a recovery.

Home-Made Bio Fuel Concoction Explodes Injuring One Man

A Connecticut man was seriously burned when his home-made bio fuel exploded while he was lighting it in his fireplace. Medical staff who tended to the man complained of burning eyes and skin.

Let slip The Cats Of War

The saving grace of journalism is probably a sort of apt realism. The Iraq war has generated enough horror stories for anyone’s taste, but this is something else. The cats of Baghdad have found a publicist.

Wild Parsnip: You've Left That Burning Feeling

Do you know all of the plants that can be dangerous to your health? Besides poison ivy, poison oak and poison sumac, I mean. If those are the ones that you do know about, then here's another you can add to that list: wild parsnip!

Famed former brothel Mustang Ranch burns

The last remaining building on the grounds where the infamous Mustang Ranch brothel once stood went up in flames Sunday.

Father Burns Himself and Children to Death Inside Car

He set the car on fire with the three of them inside in the parking lot of the mothers workplace.

More From The Zoophiles - Is Armeggedon Really A "Safe" Word?

A "Fetching" session went horribly wrong for Eric Tomachewski and Andrew "Kinky" Farnham - so reports the prestigeous LA Times.....

Happy Robbie Burns Day !!!

To all those Scot's out there, Happy Robbie B Day ... Gie her a Haggis!!
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Photodermatitis is a chemical reaction which makes skin hypersensitive to ultraviolet light. The pat...
Photodermatitis is a chemical reaction which makes skin hypersensitive to ultraviolet light. The patient in the picture had a severe case of photodermatitis.
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