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Buried News

Two boys in New York state alive after being buried in snow bank

Two cousins in upstate New York, 9 and 11, have a cold and scary story to tell, but one with a happy ending. They survived 7 hours buried in snow thanks to a bubble of air. The quick thinking of a police officer was crucial in their rescue.

Woman accidentally buried alive

Police in Greece are looking into reports that a woman woke up to find herself in a coffin, but died before she was rescued.

Ancient North American infant reburied

Anzick-1, the 12,600-year-old remains of an infant found in central Montana, whose DNA was sequenced earlier this year, has been buried in a special ceremony.

Man buried alive while digging sand tunnels on beach

David Frasier, 49, was in the Outer Banks of North Carolina, where he was vacationing, when he was buried alive and killed by the sand.

Nelson Mandela buried today in hometown Qunu

The funeral of former South African president Nelson Mandela was held at his hometown Qunu in the Eastern Cape, South Africa, today.

Gravedigger allegedly buries wife after killing her

Charlotte - A gravedigger in North Carolina was arrested on Thursday after he allegedly shot his wife and then buried her at the cemetery where he worked.

Grave news for UK rapist

Lancashire rapist Gerald Greenwood will not be spending eternity next to his late wife due to a ruling by the Church of England court.

Drilling into ice-buried lake in Antarctica

A group of engineers from Britain plan on taking a journey to a lake that is beneath the ice of Antarctica. The lake is located almost two miles beneath the ice.

Girl rescued after being buried alive on beach

Caister-on-sea - A 15-year-old girl was rescued after sand caved in around her, leaving her buried alive, while she was digging a hole on a UK beach.

Missing man found buried in wife's flower garden

Raleigh - A North Carolina man, thought to be in a nursing home following a stroke over a decade ago, was found by police investigators buried in the backyard of the home where he had lived with his wife, in a well kept flower garden.

Tip from psychic of mass grave likely false

Liberty - A tipster alerted local authorities in Liberty County, Texas today to a home they say housed dozens of dead bodies. The tip apparently came from a psychic. Officials are now saying that no bodies were found at the residence.

Dog survives being shot and buried alive

A dog who was shot and then buried alive in Malta is now recovering, and there have been enquiries from people around the world who are interested in adopting her.

Austrian swimmer trapped under sand on Florida beach

Pompano Beach - An Austrian Olympic swimmer, who was in Florida for training, was trapped in sand after a hole he had helped dig collapsed around him.

WWII German bomber found last year to be raised from the deep

London - The only surviving example of the iconic German Dornier 17 bomber that was discovered last September off the south-east coast of England at Goodwin Sands, has been successfully surveyed and is to be raised from the seabed.

Oezti the Iceman may have been buried

The 5,000 year old Iceman found in the Italian Alps may have ceremonially buried months after he was originally murdered.

South African Right-wing leader Terre’Blanche buried

Ventersdorp - The leader of the Afrikaner Resistance Movement (Afrikaner Weerstandsbeweging – AWB) Eugene Terre’Blanche (69) has been laid to rest on his farm outside Ventersdorp in South Africa’s North West province.

Police: Mom confesses to killing 3-year-old son

The mystery of a boy found buried in sand at a New Mexico playground appears to be solved after his mother confessed to killing him and burying him.

Judge orders Concord man to have heirloom mummified baby buried

A probate judge has ordered a man to bury a family heirloom: A mummified baby that has been passed down for generations. The man was unable to provide DNA evidence connecting the baby to his family.

AIDS victims buried alive, aid worker says

An AIDS health worker said relatives buried alive some AIDS victims out of fear of getting the infection when they provided care for them. Margaret Marabe said she saw five people buried alive.

Montana Town Buried in Tumbleweeds

Residents in Springhill, Montana are used to digging themselves out after a heavy snowstorm, but residents in one neighborhood here had to put a snowplow to different use: clearing mounds of tumbleweed from their driveways.

Dead As A Dudu: The Pup Who Defied Death

Poodle defies death when he is found alive, even though he had been buried seven hours before

Anna Nicole buried in Bahamas

Her coffin covered in a pink rhinestone-studded blanket, Anna Nicole Smith was buried today.

Anna Nicole Smith - Peace at Last

At last Anna Nicole Smith can rest in peace after court ordered that her remains be taken to Bahamas as per her last wish.

IT'S OVER: Anna Nicole Smith's Body Finds A Final Resting Place

Courts allow Anna's daughter's legal gaurdian to make the final decision.

Arctic vault an ark for seeds

Seeds kept safe in Arctic

Eternal embrace? Couple still hugging 5,000 years later

Archaeologists in Italy have discovered a couple buried 5,000 to 6,000 years ago, hugging each other.

Officials said Sydney tar ponds should be buried

The Sydney tar ponds are known as one of Canada's WORST TOXIC waste sites ever.

Hundreds have moment of silence as NYPD shooting victim is buried

As a man killed in a hail of police bullets was buried Saturday, several hundred people observed a moment of silence near the strip club where he and two friends were shot after leaving a bachelor party

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