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Burglary News

Police put dummy in hotel bed, catch sexual assault suspect

Manassas - Police put a dummy of a woman in a bed in a Manassas, Virginia hotel room in attempt to lure a sexual assault suspect. A 31-year-old man was arrested during the first day of the sting operation.

Watch man who broke into Five Guys cook himself burgers

Washington - A man who broke into a Washington D.C. Five Guys restaurant cooked what appeared to be a couple of cheeseburgers and stole a bottle of water. Nothing else was taken.

Porsche thief jailed after filming crime and getting stuck in car

Gloucester - Dear car thieves, Here's what not to do when stealing a car: Don't steal the car, film yourself stealing the car, crash it, and then get stuck. Jamie Lee Sharp, 25, allegedly swiped the keys to a Porsche Boxster during a burglary with an accomplice.

Man burgles friend's house hours after he dies in car accident

Zaragoza - A man has been arrested in Valareña, Zaragoza after allegedly breaking into and robbing the home of a friend, only hours after he and two others died in a serious car crash.

Texas woman, 83, fights off burglar with stick, boiling water

Houston - The most common thing said about the man who broke into Lillie McClendon's Houston home is that he picked the wrong house to break into and demand money. The grandmother let him have it both verbally and physically.

Sandra Bullock's home broken into while she was sleeping

Los Angeles - Sandra Bullock's Los Angeles home was broken into Sunday morning around 6:30 a.m. while the actress was apparently still sleeping.

Man accused of burglary claims devil forced him to commit crime

Eloy - An alleged burglar in Arizona claims that the devil forced him to break into a woman's home and steal valuable possessions.

Northampton woman pens thank-you letter to burglars

Northampton - Brits are traditionally known for their "good manners". News that one woman has written a thank you letter to burglars who broke into her house, apologising for not having particularly expensive taste, may seem a step too far, until you read the note.

Woman scares off alleged burglar with toy gun

Boca Raton - A Florida woman used her son's toy gun to scare off an intruder after he had entered her home Monday night. The man who entered the home was later arrested and charged with the crime.

Facebook helps burglary victim recover stolen items

Vancouver - Less than 24 hours after his home in Hockinson, Washington was burglarized Friday morning, the burglary victim credits Facebook for helping him get the stolen items back.

Former NFL wide receiver Titus Young arrested twice on same day

Moreno Valley - The ex-Detroit Lion was having a bad day. Young was arrested twice on the same day and is alleged to have committed two separate crimes, 15 hours apart.

UK man's laptop gets stolen, tells him where it is a month later

London - A blog on Tumblr takes us through the story step-by-step. A guy called Dom Deltorto was burgled, his laptop was stolen. Police basically did nothing. Then suddenly, his laptop woke up and told him where it was - 3,000 miles away in Iran. (Updated)

Did The Journal News gun permit map lead to a burglary?

White Plains - In a burglary of a White Plains, New York home, burglars went straight for the gun safe. Police are investigating whether the publication of names and addresses of gun permit holders by the newspaper played any part in the crime.

Twitter, Facebook helps family recover stolen pet

Rugby - Facebook and Twitter played a major role in the recovery of a bulldog puppy stolen from a United Kingdom couple during a burglary of their home.

12 year-old hides in closet, shoots burglar

Calera - When a 12 year-old Oklahoma girl heard a window in her home being broken out by an intruder, she called her mom, grabbed the .40 caliber Glock pistol her mom owned, and hid in a closet.

Former Razorback players sentenced in burglary case

Fayetteville - Razorback fans get more hits when it comes to supporting their team, as two more former players are now sentenced for crimes they have committed.

Elderly woman shot by police as she looks for burglar

Altavista - An 83-year-old woman was shot and killed by police as she walked through her back yard after calling 911 to report to someone trying to break into her home.

Steve Jobs' home burglarized, $60,000 worth of property taken

Palo Alto - The late Steve Jobs' home was recently burglarized and tens of thousands of dollars worth of property was purportedly stolen. Several news outlets are reporting a suspect is currently in custody.

Florida man accused of setting girlfriend on fire

Lakeland - According to police, 32-year-old Joshua Kimbrough fled after setting his girlfriend on fire. He then went on a crime spree consisting of a carjacking and a burglary.

Op-Ed: 'Cleaning Fairy' defends entering homes without permission

Westlake - Last month a woman was arrested in connection with breaking into a home, not to steal anything, but to clean it without the owners' permission. Now she's indicating she didn't do anything wrong.

Op-Ed: Poor little rich girl, dumb little rich girl — Laura and Rihanna

London - A millionaire's daughter has been convicted of burglary during the riots of last August, meanwhile, on the other side of the Atlantic, a wealthy young woman in her own right has defended the man who beat her up.

Charges dropped against man, 80, for shooting burglar

Homer "Tank" Wright and his wife went to bed one night in their home, which is attached to the rear of their tavern in Englewood. Around 4:00 AM, 80-year-old Homer Wright was awakened by his wife who heard a noise in the bathroom of their home.

MP backs newspaper's campaign against abuse of the elderly

Bristol - After an 80 year old woman died following a burglary at her Bristol home, a newspaper has called on the judiciary to toughen up. The victim's MP is backing its stance.

Newspaper carrier accused of burglarizing South Dakota homes

Sioux Falls - A newspaper carrier has been linked to the burglaries occurring over the holidays in Sioux Falls, S.D. Police believe the man had targeted customers who had suspended their delivery service while they were on vacation.

Burglars target John Terry's mansion during game with Tottenham

Oxshott - It has been reported that England and Chelsea captain John Terry – who has recently made headlines for alleged racial abuse towards QPR’s Anton Ferdinand – almost had his home burgled during Thursday's game against Tottenham.

Lost homework leads to 12-year-old's burglary arrest in NY

Middletown - A teenage boy who recently lost his homework likely had no clue that it would ultimately get him into bigger trouble than just with his teacher.

Porn addiction led woman to burglary

An 18-year-old Minnesota woman blames an addiction to pornography for her actions that led to the daytime residential burglary of a neighbor's home in East Bethel, Minnesota.

Op-Ed: Crime in the UK — black muggers, fat killers, and dead burglars

Britain may not be the most lawless country in the Western world, but there is never a dull moment on the crime front, even when the police are paid for doing nothing.

Manny Pacquiao's house in Los Angeles burglarized

The house of boxing superstar Manny Pacquiao in Hancock Park in Los Angeles, California has been burglarized according to police investigators who were at the crime scene hours after the reported incident.

Pilot tells man in plane: 'Look! Someone's robbing your house!'

Two alleged crooks are in custody after being spotted from a plane robbing the home of the plane passenger. Steven Lynn was in his friend's light aircraft to observe fishing conditions at a nearby river in Craighead County in Arkansas.
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5  cleaning ladies  have been arrested in Madrid for committing burglary in luxury homes.
5 "cleaning ladies" have been arrested in Madrid for committing burglary in luxury homes.
National Police
SCENE: The Patagonia store in San Francisco burglarized early Monday by two men in a U-Haul truck is...
SCENE: The Patagonia store in San Francisco burglarized early Monday by two men in a U-Haul truck is just a few blocks from iconic Fisherman's Wharf.
Bigroger27509/Wikimedia Commons
Lillie McClendon  83
Lillie McClendon, 83
Screen capture from ABC13 News

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