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Burglar News

FacePalm Friday: Burglar uses phone to book taxi for getaway

Birmingham - A woman from England used her mobile phone to book a taxicab after she took thousands of dollars from her employer's safe.

Burglar killed after getting stuck in a chimney

Huron - A suspected burglar, a little too big in size for his cunning plan, has been killed after getting stuck in a chimney after an unsuspecting family lit a fire in the hearth.

Burglar caught: Allegedly logged into Facebook: victim's computer

Minneapolis - A man in Minnesota was arrested, after allegedly logging into Facebook, but not logging out, on his victim's computer. Reportedly, some are scratching their head, and police are laughing over the incident.

Swedish homeowner invites would-be burglar for coffee

A man tried to break into a couple's apartment in northern Sweden recently, but got a welcoming surprise. The owner, after making a citizen's arrest, offered him a cup of coffee.

Pedophile arrested after burglar tipped off Spanish police

Jaén, Spain — It's not often that a thief can actually help the police in their work. In this case, a burglar tipped the police off after finding incriminating video tapes of child sex abuse when robbing a man's home.

Men arrested after security alerts at Buckingham Palace

Police have confirmed that two men are now on bail after they were arrested on suspicion of burglary at Buckingham Palace, London, prompting an inquiry.

Robber calls cops after finding dead body in house he was robbing

A burglar in New Zealand broke into a home, but he ended up finding something that he did not intend to find, a body of a man hanging in the dark.

Burglary suspect returns to apologize and is held at gunpoint

A North Carolina widow subjects apologetic burglar to staring down the barrel of her gun. The burglar had returned to apologize but this didn't matter, he was being held until the sheriff arrived.

Cockfighting, bungling burglar and a stolen truck

A busy day in the California Motherlode for Sheriff's Deputies, nets three cockfighters, a bungling burglar on a bike and a stolen truck.

Barbecan's double revolving doors block and trap armed intruders

The recent gun violence incidents in the United States emphasizes the need for better security, better detection, and better protection.

Don't mess with this granny who fights off burglar with a fork

Houston - She's being dubbed "gangster granny" after the 73-year old took on a would-be burglar trying to break-in to her daughter's home. She scared him off with a pair of scissors an a BBQ fork.

LL Cool J tackles burglar in his home (video)

Los Angeles - Rapper LL Cool J doesn’t just have those biceps for show. And when he said, “Momma said knock you out”, he stands behind those words.

Burglar apologizes, returns loot and adds $50 for broken door

A burglar in the small Ontario city of Guelph has had a change of heart and has returned all the loot along with a letter of apology and $50 to repair a door broken in the heist.

Teen thwarts home invasion, saves siblings

Phoenix - A Phoenix, Arizona teen was babysitting his three siblings, ages 4, 8 and 10 years old when an intruder broke into the home.

Newspaper carrier accused of burglarizing South Dakota homes

Sioux Falls - A newspaper carrier has been linked to the burglaries occurring over the holidays in Sioux Falls, S.D. Police believe the man had targeted customers who had suspended their delivery service while they were on vacation.

Alleged burglar gets trapped inside chimney for 10 hours

Norcross - In a story just in time for the holidays, a 17-year-old boy who was allegedly trying to burglarize a home in Georgia tried to enter the home through a chimney and became trapped.

Burglar breaks into house smears it with peanut butter and jelly

Seattle, WA - Imagine the surprise you would have when you returned home and found your house was smeared with peanut butter and jelly. That's what happened to one family.

Woman, 63, makes burglar sit down and wait for police

Center Harbor - A 63-year-old New Hampshire woman who found a burglar in her home grabbed him by the collar and then made him sit down and empty his pockets while they waited for police to arrive.

Burglar calls 911 for help

What was meant to be a burglary and victims dialing 911 for help, turned out to be the actual burglar calling for help after being too drunk to leave the house.

Thief collects loot, then takes a nap on sofa

George Town - A burglar in Malaysia gathered up jewellery and watches but then feel asleep on the homeowner’s sofa. He was still there when the family returned home.

Hungry burglar dishes up meal, ignores cash

A hungry burglar broke into a restaurant, served himself a meal of rice and chicken, ignored cash in the register and left a trail of dirty dishes in his wake.

Nine prison sentences hasn’t stopped lady octogenarian burglar

For this 80-year-old Southern California woman, her burglary tools are simple as are most of the things she steals and she’s a specialist, only burglarizing medical buildings.

Victim taunted by burglar on Facebook

A thief who broke into a home in Hove, East Sussex and stole, among other things, an iPhone and a laptop, has taunted his victim on Facebook.

Burglar Only Steals food

Perhaps it was lunch time and the burglar simply forgot to go shopping and the unlocked door provided the opportunity for a free meal. Whatever the reason food was all that was stolen.

Stick up? Aussie burglar prefers sex games to loot

It was a stick up of a different kind for an Australian burglar, who broke into a neighbour's house and played sex games in the bathroom involving a bottle of toilet detergent and a vacuum cleaner.

Burglar says TV Show taught him how to rob homes

A man said he learned to rob many homes by watching a Discovery Channel’s TV show “It Takes a Thief”. He was caught and sentenced to 12 years in prison for a series of burglaries in central Kentucky.

Police Like It When The Burglar Writes His Name On The Wall

Peter Addison made the job of identifying him as the burglar at Toc H centre in Adlington, Cheshire by writing his name on the walls. Addison and friend Mark Ridgeway worked over the children's building by writing on the walls and smashing crockery.

Sri Lanka Burglar Gets a Break

Posing as a patient at Ragama General Hospital the wayward crook had plans of stealing cash.

4KG Mini Pooch Saves The Day

Archibald, a 4kg Maltese, went berserk, when he was rudely awakened by a burglar in KwaZulu Natal and literally saved his owners life.

Suspected Burglar Found Dead In Store Vent

An Express Food Mart had security cameras and burglary bars but that did not deter a determined, but unfortunate thief from trying to shimmy down the air vent. Problem is, he got stuck in the insulation and that's when his bad luck really kicked in.
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