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Burger News

Impossible burger? It looks and tastes like meat

The more people who adopt a meat free diet then the better this is for the environment, in terms of reducing humanity's carbon footprint. It also avoids rearing animals for slaughter. One challenge is developing a product that meat eaters will go for.

McDonald's vows to solve mystery of the missing mozzarella

Oak Brook - McDonald's Corp. has responded to a wave of criticism on social media about a new appetizer offered as a replacement for its popular dollar menu.

Group beats woman unconscious over hamburger

Atlanta - Myriah Pointer, 23, said she was beaten to the point she lost consciousness, all because of an argument over a hamburger.

Man pulled over and ticketed for eating and driving

A man in Georgia was eating a burger while driving, but he was eventually pulled over and then given a ticket for the act.

Shake Shack restaurants plan to make it everywhere

New York City - Having already made it in New York and a dozen other places, the Shake Shack restaurant chain is said to be planning an initial public offering of its stock.

Why that fast-food burger you just ate includes wood pulp

Many fast-food items produced by leading global brands include the oft-overlooked ingredient microcrystalline cellulose (MCC) or "powdered cellulose." It's better known as wood pulp.

Ted's Montana Grill restaurant chain rapidly expanding Special

The first Ted's Montana Grill was opened in Columbus, Ohio in January 2002 by Ted Turner and restaurateur George McKerrow, Jr. Since that time, the chain has expanded to 44 restaurants in 16 states with bison as the centerpiece of the menu.

Burger joint takes off 'half-breed' burger names from menu

Toronto - A popular Toronto burger joint decided to take two items off of their menu due to people complaining about the names that they were given.

Nutritionist: McDonald's cheeseburger remains the same year later

Windsor - A nutritionist in southern Ontario purchased a plain cheeseburger from McDonald's one year ago. What happened a year later? Absolutely nothing. The cheeseburger remained unchanged for 365-plus days.

White Castle considers adding alcohol to its menu

Lafayette - Burger chain White Castle is considering the idea of selling alcohol in its restaurants. In a test market initiative in Indiana, the 90-year-old hamburger chain is trying out the viability of beer and wine sales.

Heart Attack Grill opens in Las Vegas

Las Vegas - The controversial restaurant opened a new location last week in the Old Town district in Sin City. The restaurant features a burger totalling a whopping 8,000 calories!

777lb hamburger sets new world record at Alameda County Fair

Alameda - In another impressive feat overseen by officials from Guinness World Records, the world’s largest hamburger was prepared by grill chefs at the Alameda County Fair this past weekend.

55,000 pounds of turkey burgers recalled for super salmonella

People in ten states, including California, have gotten sick thanks to a Salmonella strain in turkey burgers. The Salmonella is also antibiotic-resistant.

Burger King sold for $3.26 billion

Fast food chain Burger King is being sold to a private equity company in a deal valued at $3.26 billion (£2.1 billion). The announcement followed days of speculation about a takeover.

Craz-E Burger is 1,500 calories of meat, cheese, bacon, doughnut

Americans who visited The Big E in Springfield, Massachussetts, this fall found a way to snub their noses at those who promote healthy diets by devouring a 1,500-calorie "doughnut burger."

Man eats Big Mac Every day since 1972

A Wisconsin man says because of his obsessive-compulsive disorder, he is eating Big Mac burger every day for the past 36 years. He has eaten 23,000 Big Macs so far.

Op-Ed: The burger that comes with a wheelchair at the Heart Attack Grill

The headline is as literal as it could get: a burger that bypasses all other burgers. It is none other than the Quadruple Bypass Burger, available in Tempe, Arizona. This one's taking you straight to the hospital, with a complimentary wheelchair.

Burgers contribute to 20 per cent of Global Warming

The latest FAO report tells you why you need to switch to Veggie Burgers today, to help save your planet. Drop that burger now!

50 billion Zimbabwe dollars for a burger

The economy is getting worse in Zimbabwe and the recent one-sided election hasn’t helped a bit. The country’s bank only issues billion-dollar Zimbabwean currency notes but they are hardly worth one U.S. dollar.

Burger King unveils healthier kids' menu

On Wednesday Burger King pledged to offer healthier fast-food items for children under 12. They have plans to sell and market flame-broiled Chicken Tenders and apples cut to resemble thick-cut french fries.

Racy Burger Ad Leaves Teachers Furious

Hardees burger chain has done it again with another racy ad, this time involving a class room atmosphere. The ad for its flat buns Patty melt burger features a sexy teacher making provocative moves in front of the class.

Something Extra in the Extra

Chewing gum found in McDonalds Big Extra

Burger King targets humane foods

The world's second largest burger chain - Burger King, announced they are going to increase supplies of humanely-sourced meat and eggs

The Burger King Rapists Have Been Jailed

The problem is the men are unlikely to serve their full sentences.

Here's the Beef!

This is Ringwraith, reporting to you live from Tempe, just outside of Phoenix, Arizona, home of the Heart Attack Grill. Yes that's right folks. Now you can kill yourself with pleasure as you mow down a quadruple bypass burger, served to you by a nurse.

Xbox Promo Boosts Burger King Sales

3.2 Million Games Sold!

Got room for 8,000 calories?

Four beef patties, cheese, onions, tomatoes and fried bacon... all on a hamburger bun!

Burger King - The Movie?

The King Wants to see you at the movie theatre!

Burger King Manager Allegedly Shoots Teen

A Burger King restaurant manager is being charged with shooting a teenage boy dead the two argued, and the boy spit in the manager's face.

If the last burger bothered you!

Denny's Beer Barrel Pub offers a number of huge burgers. The one shown is nine pounds but they go up to FIFTY!
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Burger Image

Turkey burger patty
Turkey burger patty
Frank s Red Hot Blue Cheese Turkey Burger topped with Caramelized Onions. :)~
Frank's Red Hot Blue Cheese Turkey Burger topped with Caramelized Onions. :)~
File photo: Red meat burger
File photo: Red meat burger
File photo shows a good-sized burger about to be eaten  at Oakes Grill.
File photo shows a good-sized burger about to be eaten, at Oakes Grill.
Burger mix
Burger mix
PUBLIC: The Shake Shack burger chain started out as a hotdog stand in Madison Square Park in New Yor...
PUBLIC: The Shake Shack burger chain started out as a hotdog stand in Madison Square Park in New York, where this stand is located.
Beyond My Ken/Wikimedia Commons
A McDonald s Happy Meal
A McDonald's Happy Meal
Calgary Review (CC BY 2.0)

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