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Mom murders son, 10, because his ears were too large

Ankara - A woman who allegedly strangled her 10-year-old son because she believed his ears were too big has been charged with murder. Nuray Sacan, 37, paid for her son to undergo cosmetic surgery but when she saw the results she told surgeons she was unhappy.

12-year-old boy commits suicide after intense bullying

It has been a week since Ronin Shimizu committed suicide on December 3. People have taken to online media to express a public outcry over the incident after years of bullying come to light.

Op-Ed: NYer makes a video case against street harassment

On Tuesday, Oct. 28, a spotlight was turned on an organization called Hollaback! thanks to a two-and-a-half-minute video. The film was edited from 10 hours of footage of a woman walking around New York City.

Teens arrested after attack on mentally disabled man

New Castle - Three Delaware teens have been arrested and charged with allegedly assaulting a mentally disabled man after complaining that they were being harassed after a video of the assault was posted on the social media, officials said Monday.

Child's death sparks nationwide anti-bullying campaign in Mexico

Mexico - When four students from the Mexican state of Tamaulipas attacked 12-year-old Hector Alejandro Mendez, they had no idea the ripples they would make throughout their country. However, the actions of these school bullies sparked a nationwide movement.

Young boy stabs another to death over alleged bullying

New York - It is clear that Noel Estevez stabbed Timothy Crump to death at a school in the Bronx. It is not so clear what their relationship was before the event.

Dad attacks 11-year-old accused of bullying his 9-year-old son

A furious dad escorted his nine-year-old son, who is autistic, onto a school bus last week. Once on the bus, he allegedly beat up an 11-year-old who has reportedly been bullying his son.

Teen allegedly gives semen-laced cupcakes to bullies

Bakersfield - A group of teenagers got their just desserts at the hands of their vengeful victim, who handed out cupcakes allegedly contaminated with semen.

Cornell: Chicken on the bone makes kids aggressive

Ithaca - Researchers at Cornell University have something new for parents to obsess over. Serving chicken on the bone makes children disobey adults and twice as rowdy as other kids.

Op-Ed: Teen beaten and brutalized online: Social media to blame?

Des Moines - High school students videotaped the graphic beating of 16-year-old sophomore, Nathan Rogers, then posted their videos on Facebook. Is social media to blame for cyberbullying?

Calgary Facebook group makes fun of the homeless

Calgary - Calgary police and homeless advocates are concerned about a Facebook page that posts videos of teens approaching people who appear to be homeless and taunting them. The administrator of the page defends what they are doing.

Video highlights ‘bystander effect’ in bullying situations

As America’s bullying crisis reaches epidemic proportions, an unorthodox social experiment captured on video has highlighted one of the main problems in tackling the issue. The video has averaged over 88,000 views per day for the last two months.

15-year-old gets nose job to stop bullying

Once the victim of excessive bullying,15-year-old Renata had been removed from public school and tutored at home for the past three years. However, in a controversial turn of events, the teen may have regained the confidence to rejoin her peers.

After cruel taunts actress Chelsee Healey has breast reduction

She vividly remembers being called a baby hippo and the utter humiliation after a wardrobe malfunction on live television, now the actress hopes a new look spells a new beginning.

Disabled teen stands strong against bullies

Chicago - Today bullies still exist in an alarming number of schools. Disabled people are often targets. One girl, however, is positively fighting back with many methods.

Religious right condemns Al Franken anti-bullying amendment

Washington - The leader of the Pray In Jesus Name lobby group claims Sen. Al Franken's proposed measure to protect lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered students will actually encourage more bullying of Christian children.

EDM Group Releases Inspiring Anti-Bullying Song

Up and coming EDM group Krewella, along with fellow producer Headhunterz, just released a new single entitled "United Kids of the World," with a strong and inspiring anti-bullying message.

Facebook comments by Hertz employees prompts lawsuit

Kahului - Allegedly racist and derogatory remarks made on Facebook by a number of Hertz Rent-A-Car employees about an African-American customer are described as a "violent and dehumanizing, racist attack" and have brought about lawsuit.

Suspended Incognito files grievance to return to Miami Dolphins

Miami - Alleged Miami Dolphins bully Richie Incognito has filed a non-football injury grievance against the team to recoup salary the Dolphins have docked him since his suspension.

Op-Ed: Stringent laws against bullying needed in India

While bullying is a universal concern, it is especially acute in India. The latest victim of school bullying is Oindrilla Das of Calcutta.

Parent narrates tale of abuse at an Ontario school Special

Toronto - An Ontario parent has come forward to allege a pattern of discrimination and mistreatment meted out against her son at the Richmond Hill’s Sixteenth Avenue Public School. Last June, similar complaints of systemic abuse emerged at the same school.

Review: ‘The Dirties’ is perceptively daring Special

‘The Dirties’ is about two best friends filming a comedy about getting revenge on the bullies at their school – but one of them is not pretending.

Police arrest 12-year-old for bullying

Stamford - A girl in Stamford, Connecticut told her parents that she was being bullied and she was having suicidal thoughts. The parents went to the police, who then arrested the 12-year-old bully.

Saskatchewan mom says bullying caused her son's suicide

North Battleford - Todd Loik took his own life after years of being bullied, more recently on the Internet. He died just days before his 16th birthday.

Parents ransack school after girl, 11, dies due to bullying

Kolkata - An 11-year-old girl died after failing to sustain the psychological trauma of bullying by her seniors at a school in the city of Kolkata, according to reports.

Texas teacher guilty of organizing an attack on a kindergartner

San Antonio - A Texas kindergarten teacher, at a suburban San Antonio school, organized an attack on 6-year-old student who was perceived as a bully.

Effects on adults of school yard bullying or being bullied

The long-term effects resulting from children who were bullies, who were victims, and who were both bullies and victims are becoming increasingly costly to our societies when these children become adults. It is time to clear the air.

Op-Ed: Punishing by itself doesn't help stop bullying, says expert Special

Prescott - "Being beaten down repeatedly – in the physical and cyber worlds – is not a rite of passage. It is a recipe for ruination of a young life," says recovery expert Holli Kenley.

Op-Ed: FBI calls cyberbullying a 'significant issue' for law enforcement Special

Cyberbullying can be more pervasive than traditional forms of bullying. Bullying at school as well as pranks can be more easily detected by teachers, administrators and fellow students.

Parents allege systemic abuse at Ontario school Special

Toronto - With Somali-Canadian parents mobilizing against what they state is systemic racism, discrimination and mistreatment of their children in Toronto’s public school system, similar complaints have now surfaced in the York Region District School Board.
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Bullying Image

File photo: No place for bullying
File photo: No place for bullying
Diego Grez
Bullying: The first class day
Bullying: The first class day
Diego Grez
Anti-bullying video.
Anti-bullying video.
screen capture
screen capture of Jonah
screen capture of Jonah
Karen Klein tries to ignore the visceral attack by students from Greece Athena Middle School.
Karen Klein tries to ignore the visceral attack by students from Greece Athena Middle School.
YouTube/Still image
Nathan Rogers  16  after being brutally beaten online
Nathan Rogers, 16, after being brutally beaten online
High School Story and Cybersmile are teaming up.
High School Story and Cybersmile are teaming up.
Felicia Garcia
Felicia Garcia
In this sign  constructed during an anti-bullying campaign   students colored and marked simple huma...
In this sign, constructed during an anti-bullying campaign, students colored and marked simple humanoid cut-outs to depict differences and joined the figures around a much larger 'Say no to bullying' sign to represent unity.
Photo by Just Me
London South Collegiate Institute  London  Ontario
London South Collegiate Institute, London, Ontario
Screen capture from CBC video
The video shows the victim  a mentally disabled man  being beaten up.  Graphic violence.
The video shows the victim, a mentally disabled man, being beaten up. Graphic violence.
Youtube screenshot.
Ubah Abshir is challenging her son s local school to end persistent bullying and school retaliation.
Ubah Abshir is challenging her son's local school to end persistent bullying and school retaliation.