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Peyton Wich from 'Stranger Things' talks 'The Darkest Minds' film Special

Young actor Peyton Wich (best known as the bullying middle schooler Troy in "Stranger Things" on Netflix) chatted with Digital Journal about his upcoming film.

Dad attacks 11-year-old accused of bullying his 9-year-old son

A furious dad escorted his nine-year-old son, who is autistic, onto a school bus last week. Once on the bus, he allegedly beat up an 11-year-old who has reportedly been bullying his son.

Father takes out restraining order against 9-year-old bully

A Bay Area father requests, and was granted a restraining order against a nine-year-old boy who was accused of bullying his son.

Video highlights ‘bystander effect’ in bullying situations

As America’s bullying crisis reaches epidemic proportions, an unorthodox social experiment captured on video has highlighted one of the main problems in tackling the issue. The video has averaged over 88,000 views per day for the last two months.

New video game tries to combat cyberbullying

A new simulation video game from Pixelberry Studios is teaming up with The Cybersmile Foundation to battle many issues a typical high school student goes through, including bullying.

Bullied 12-year-old kills herself

Lakeland - A 12-year-old Floridian girl killed herself after she was bullied online by more than a dozen girls. The Sheriff is investigating to see if he can pursue charges under Florida’s cyber-bullying law.

Parents ransack school after girl, 11, dies due to bullying

Kolkata - An 11-year-old girl died after failing to sustain the psychological trauma of bullying by her seniors at a school in the city of Kolkata, according to reports.

Op-Ed: Punishing by itself doesn't help stop bullying, says expert Special

Prescott - "Being beaten down repeatedly – in the physical and cyber worlds – is not a rite of passage. It is a recipe for ruination of a young life," says recovery expert Holli Kenley.

Hacker group Anonymous names alleged Amanda Todd bully

New Westminster - The hacker group known as Anonymous has named a person who allegedly drove 15-year-old Amanda Todd to commit suicide on Oct. 10.

Video: Father, son allegedly bully girl, 10, with cerebral palsy

Canton - Hope Holcomb, 10, has cerebral palsy, but she loves playing outdoors. However, her parents claim she is afraid to go out of her home in Canton, Stark County, because a man and his 9-yr-old son next door bully and mock her due to her condition.

Anti-bullying video by schoolchildren backed by Coldplay

Wollongong - ‘Stand Up! Stand together. Don’t be a bystander’ is the message in an anti-bullying video inspired and performed by a group of Australian schoolchildren who have experienced bullying themselves.

Video: Teenagers bully 10-year-old for 40 minutes on school bus

The video shows a group of teenagers literally tormenting a 10-year-old boy on his way to school. For 40 minutes, Cequan Haskins endured verbal and physical abuse from two 15-year-old bullies in May 2011.

Texas teachers forced students to slap classroom bully

San Antonio - Two teachers have been charged with allegedly ordering kindergarten students to each hit a classroom bully. The boy's friends who didn't want to strike him eventually did so, for fear of being punished by their teachers.

Review: Filmmakers submit to pressure, edit ‘Bully’ for PG-13 Special

‘Bully’ is a documentary that not only tells important stories, but offers viewers ways in which they can address the issue. Having submitted an edited version for review, it now has a PG-13 rating in both U.S. and Canadian markets.

Op-Ed: Student suspended for beating up gay classmate-punishment enough?

Chillicothe - Huffington Post is reporting on an Ohio school incident of a student who beat up another student because he was gay. The attacker was given a three day suspension from school, but is that enough of a punishment?

Survey: Girls most likely to be cyberbullied Special

Tweens and teens are both flocking to social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook to stay connected with each other. While used correctly this can be a positive thing the sites are also being used as weapons to facilitate cyberbullying.

Day of Silence honoured across the United States

Across the United States today students remained silent to raise awareness about hate speech toward, and charter rights violations of, Lesbian/Gay/Trans/Bi (LGBT) students.

Op-Ed: Kick a Ginger Day? Don't blame South Park, blame bad parenting

Kids behaving badly is not news except when so many behave badly doing the same thing and their malicious antics are splashed all over the news.

'Last minute' deal in Manitoba means Greyhound will keep running

Just days before a deadline was reached, the Manitoba government worked out an unspecified funding arrangement with Greyhound Canada to keep intercity bus service running in the province.

Op-Ed: Arab – Israeli Conflicts: Bully on Playground?

Right now almost every country and religious leader in the world has denounced Israel for the bombings of Gaza. A few mentioned Hamas’ provocations. But I think the major response has been like that towards the bully on the playground

Op-Ed: Hush Don't Tell, Bullies and the School Kids Welcome the Combat Zone

The world our children live in is a maze of joy and sadly struggle. Too often bullies mar the way of our 'babies' and turn what should be enjoyable activities such as learning into a nightmare. But has bullying changed since we were kids?

Op-Ed: The Anonymous Advanatage

The cowardice of the newest form of bullying has come to the forefront of the media in recent weeks. Cyberbullying is the cowards way to brow beat any opposition using the anonymous advantage.

Dealing with Cyber Bullying in the Digital Era

In the Internet age, the traditional schoolyard bully has taken a different form. No longer is the threat limited to the domain of the school, it spans race, age and geographic area, but remains a big problem for school children.

Bully cam shot by students

A SHOCKING video of private school students kicking, pushing and taunting a classmate may be investigated by police.

Comcast Tech Bullies Customer for Cash and Tears up His House and Hardware

Jason ordered something very simple from Comcast. He wanted cable service, internet, and a router. He wanted the internet hooked up to several computers. He wanted two regular cable boxes and one DVR. He wanted wall jacks installed in his home.

Are our politicians bullies?

Being bullied or being a bully is not only a part of the growing up, in my view, a bully tends to continue being one throughout life; only his tactics change. What is bullying? I visited and their definition of bullying

New rules may increase bullying

"Ontario students face a growing risk of bullying, violence and injury because they are not supervised well enough outside class, say Ontario's principals. In a stark warning, the Ontario Principals' Council reports that new limits to how much time te...

Italian prosecutors investigate Google over bully video

Google named as accessory to crime after posting video of disabled teenager being abused.

Controversial Gamemaker Exposes Boy-Kissing-Boy Scene in Latest Hit Title

Digital Journal -- Only Rockstar Games could get away with it. Scenes of boys kissing boys in its latest title [i]Bully[/i] are sparking controversy that is thundering across the gaming world.
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High School Story and Cybersmile are teaming up.
High School Story and Cybersmile are teaming up.

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