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Bullion News

Gold demand in Asia may rise with festival season

The festival season in India and demand in China are expected to push up sales of gold in Asia, till early 2015, reversing a weak year to date.

Gold dips below $1,400, silver drops to $23 in panic selling

New York - Following a report by Goldman Sachs and the news Cyprus would be selling a significant portion of its gold reserves, gold and silver dipped at the end of the Friday trading session. On Monday, it fell even more.

California man offers residents $5 bill or Silver Dollar for free

Oceanside - Mark Dice, an author and critic of the current state of affairs, likes to depict what he calls the ignorance of Americans. His latest video shows him giving local residents the option of receiving a free $5 Federal Reserve Note or a free Silver Dollar

Jim Rogers urges investors not to sell their gold, silver coins

New York - Speaking with a financial news outlet, famed investor and money guru Jim Rogers urged investors not to sell their gold and silver coins, even though gold is trading 12 percent below its record high of $1,900.

Report: German central bank to remove gold from Federal Reserve

Frankfurt - Germany wants its gold back. Local newspapers are reporting that the Bundesbank, the central bank of Germany, is planning to deposit more gold reserves at home in Frankurt, while withdrawing many of its precious metal held in facilities around the world.

Famed investor Jim Rogers: 'I’d rather buy silver than gold'

New York - Jim Rogers, famed investor and founder of Rogers International Commodity Index (RICI), recently spoke with a business publication and explained that although he owns both gold and silver bullion, he would prefer to buy silver than gold.

Will bullion prices fall further then climb to new heights again?

Toronto - Throughout 2012, bullion prices have been rather lackluster. Investors saw silver jump to $35 in February, but fall since. Gold has also seen a sharp drop. Does this spell the end for bullion or is this just a temporary adjustment for goldbugs?

Gold breaks $1,700 per ounce

The spot price of gold broke the $1,700-per-ounce level yesterday, as investors began to panic due to the downgrading of America's credit rating. The downgrade pushed world markets down to pre-2008 levels.

Las Vegas casinos install gold bullion dispensing ATM machines

Las Vegas - Looking for a place to buy gold bullion in the Las Vegas area? Look no further than Las Vegas casinos that have begun to place gold bullion vending machines called Gold to go ATM machines.

Gold bullion continues to make record highs, hits $1,308.90 Special

Toronto - Amid economic uncertainty, a declining United States dollar and astronomical amounts of debt all around the world, gold and silver bullion have become not just safe havens but also a "safe heaven of investment."

Gold bullion hits record high in U.S. dollars, euros, pound, yuan

New York - During the morning's trading session, gold bullion hit a record high of $1,254USD before contracting a bit to $1,244USD. Experts believe that investors fear the world could slip back into negative territory.

Vietnam to shutdown gold trading floors by end of March

In the midst of the global financial downturn, the government of Vietnam has ordered all public gold trading floors to be shutdown by March 31 because they rest on a "fragile foundation."

Harrods department store to sell gold bullion

The British upscale department store Harrods, will begin selling gold bars and coins over the counter today at the Harrods Bank branch on the lower ground floor of the West London store.

Gold hits record high amid weak dollar Special

On Tuesday, the price of gold reached a record high when it hit $1,042 US ($1,103CAD) and many goldbugs believe gold will continue to increase in value as the United States Dollar depreciates.

China urges its citizens to purchase gold and silver Special

Recent television advertisements by China's Central Television, which is state-controlled, has urged its citizens to purchase gold and silver bullion.

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