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New study says bullies have lowest rates of depression

Vancouver - A new study out of Simon Fraser University not only suggests bullying is a genetic trait — it also says bullies have high self-esteem and social status, with low rates of depression.

Teen allegedly gives semen-laced cupcakes to bullies

Bakersfield - A group of teenagers got their just desserts at the hands of their vengeful victim, who handed out cupcakes allegedly contaminated with semen.

Teen charged with disorderly conduct for recording bullying

Mcdonald - A 15-year-old special education student was charged with disorderly conduct after he secretly used his iPad to record audio of his classmate bullying him.

New video game tries to combat cyberbullying

A new simulation video game from Pixelberry Studios is teaming up with The Cybersmile Foundation to battle many issues a typical high school student goes through, including bullying.

Parents ransack school after girl, 11, dies due to bullying

Kolkata - An 11-year-old girl died after failing to sustain the psychological trauma of bullying by her seniors at a school in the city of Kolkata, according to reports.

Op-Ed: The script for bullies — And a cure or several

Sydney - The “new” culture of bullying has been around for a long time. The response has been constipated at best, absolutely ineffectual at worst. Bullying isn’t confined to the Internet. It’s in the workplace and everywhere else.

Video: Pro-gay Adam Smith bullies Chick-fil-A worker, gets fired

Tucson - A video posted to YouTube shows a man, Adam Smith, at a Chick-fil-A drive-through, bullying a young female employee after she served him water. The video went viral and Smith has been fired from his job at Vante, Inc., a company based in Tucson, Arizona.

Facebook poem leads high school bullies to apologize after 25 yrs

A woman says a poem she posted on Facebook about bullying has led to her high school bullies contacting her and asking for forgiveness. According to the woman, the persons tormented her at a California high school 25 years ago.

Survey: Girls most likely to be cyberbullied Special

Tweens and teens are both flocking to social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook to stay connected with each other. While used correctly this can be a positive thing the sites are also being used as weapons to facilitate cyberbullying.

Speak Out: The Documentary tackles bullying issue

On April 13 the worldwide premiere of Alex Vander Vlugt's SSpeak Out: The Documentary will take place on his organization's third annual Pink Shirt Day, a national campaign designed to raise awareness about bullying.

German schoolboy forced to pay over $21,000 to bullies

A 10-year-old German boy stole €17,000 (over $21,000 US dollars) from his parents to pay school bullies who threatened him.

Bullies, drugs and disrespect top concerns for schools

More than one-third of Americans say that they have faced a bully in school according to a new survey out by the nonpartisan, nonprofit research organization Public Agenda.

Miley Cyrus writes of being bullied in school

Miley Cyrus, star of the teen hit Hannah Montana, has revealed in her new book that she was bullied while attending school in Tennessee.

Bullies May Enjoy Seeing Others in Pain

Scans of aggressive youth's brains showed that an area that is associated with rewards was highlighted when the youth watched a video clip of someone inflicting pain on another person.

Japanese Bullies Take It Online

In Japan bullies are a huge issue. That being the case the education field has been searching online for sites that the bullies post to. They found a shocking 38,000 underground websites that are linked to schools.

Stories From The Bog - How Our Children Fear Their School Toilets

It has been announced in the UK this week that our children are frightened to do the one thing they need to do at school - go to the toilet. Why? It is the one place where they fear bullies lurk

No more bullies at your work in Mississauga, Canada

Bullies will no longer be allowed in the work place in Mississauga, a suburb near Toronto

Bullies are suspected in the house fire

The victim of the house fire believes bullies, that have been targeting him, are responsible for the fire that destroyed his home and injured his mother and sister.

Bullies and violence

Some people grow up believing that once we are out of highchool things move on, people move on. That's not the truth. People are scard

'Bullies' team name draws protests

Anti-bullying advocates are beating up on the name chosen for the new professional basketball team in Syracuse, N.Y. The Syracuse Bullies will play in the American Basketball Association beginning this fall.

The "Bullies" are getting Beat-up

Even before the basketball team gets started their name is gaining a major foul.

Jersey to Schoolkids: "Don't Use Your Words!"

In New Jersey, this week schools are having "No Name Calling Week" - a time in which schoolyard bullies are encouraged to NOT use insults or other hateful remarks. Anyone else foresee this leading to violence??

Study: Office Bullies Create Workplace 'Warzone '

The office might be far from the playground, but it's not off limits to bullies

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