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Rio's stray bullets give innocent nowhere to hide

Rio De Janeiro - While the fighting in Rio de Janeiro's crime war is done by commando-style police and heavily armed drug traffickers, a growing number of the victims look quite different: innocent, joyful children like Maria Eduarda.

Man is shot trying to shoot an armadillo

Austin - This sounds like the opening line to a joke, but it isn't. A man in Texas was attempting to shoot an armadillo when the bullet deflected off the animal and hit the man in the face.

Bangkok police fire tear gas, rubber bullets at protesters

Bangkok - A policeman was killed, and almost 100 people hurt, when Thai police fired teargas and rubber bullets at anti-government protesters Thursday attempting to disrupt planning for a February election.

James Bond is dead, or should be

Since 1962, James Bond has graced the silver screen in 23 action packed films. Movies about Agent 007, the British Secret Agent portray the Bond character as invincible.

007's M makes fired bullets into Skyfall memorabilia

78 year old Dame Judi Dench shot a weapon for the first time in her role as M in the James Bond movies, and she has just the thing to make the memory last.

Op-Ed: A baby died yesterday in Chicago

Yesterday morning a six-month-old died in Chicago. In Toronto this year three 15-year-olds have died. Pick a city in North America and there are stories of the young who no longer live.

Video: Israeli soldier opens fire on boys throwing rocks

Beit Jala - A video has surfaced which shows Israeli Defense Forces opening fire on a group of boys throwing rocks near a school in the Palestinian town of Beit Jala.

Girl’s school backpack contained lunch-box plus gun and bullets

San Bernardo - While removing the lunch-box from the backpack of a 6-year-old kindergarten girl the teacher realized the luggage also contained a .38 caliber revolver and 22 bullets. The gun and ammo belongs to the girl's father who put it in the bag by mistake.

It's tough to offer bullet-ridden free art on Michigan Avenue Special

Chicago - A well-meaning art student gets a lesson in target marketing on the streets of Chicago when he tries to offer free "ammunition art" to a city riddled with gun-induced crime.

Cat shot 27 times point-blank range and lives

After a trap was set, a two-year-old cat was shot 27 times with an air-rifle. The cat survived the horrific incident, but some pellets are still embedded in its body.

UK Military uses new D3O gel in armor to stops bullets

A small British company has developed a special gel that stops bullet immediately on impact. The gel solidifies as soon as the bullet hits it protecting the soldiers wearing it.

Five Dead In Oak Bay Suburb

An upscale home in Oak Bay was the grisly murder scene Tuesday of four adults and a six year old boy. The B.C. suburb isn't where you'd expect to find a mass murder that was so bad that it upset even seasoned veterans of the police force.

A father saves his child from bullets

A Toronto father did not think twice to protect his baby when he seen a man open fire on someone. Like most parents, there was no thinking involved, just action. He jumped onto the child and put his own body in harms way.

Teen shoots himself with hammer

18-year old Damion Mosher of New York, decided he wanted to make a little extra money by selling scrap brass shell casings. He got more than he bargained for.

Police Officer Shoots Dog But Bullets Hit Fellow Cops

Two Inkster, Michigan police officers are suffering from bullet wounds inflicted by their fellow officer.

What do the markings mean on bombs and bullets?

"For inventory and quality control. When a bullet, explosive, or any kind of ammunition is manufactured, it may be marked with a unique serial number and date of manufacture. (A bomb may also include information indicating which factory produced it.) T...

Stray Celebratory Bullets Culprits For Injuries And Fatalities Across The Globe

Stray bullets shot during New Year's Eve celebration have injured and killed people all over the globe.

Tylenol-3s like bullets murder jury told

A Mississauga man's decision to give tylenol-3s for two sister to use in the murder of thier alcoholic mother was like " putting bullets in a gun used as a murder weapon," crown Prosecuter Mike Cantlon told a jury.

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