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Shoddy home renovations may have contributed to Italy quake toll

Rome - Shoddy, price-cutting renovations, in breach of local building regulations, could be partly to blame for the high death toll from this week's devastating earthquake in central Italy, according to a prosecutor investigating the disaster.

Is living in buildings that exclude microbes good for health?

Modern buildings, with advanced air conditioning and filtration, are designed to exclude pollutants and microorganisms from buildings. This may not, according to some scientists, be good for our health.

Canadian journalists win top architecture awards Special

Montreal - The Royal Architectural Institute of Canada had announced this year’s awards for media in architecture and the winner is the Montreal daily newspaper La Presse and two of its journalists.

Op-Ed: Building design and fabrication goes virtual

Just like most everything else in our society today, virtual reality has taken over in the fields of architecture, interior design and construction.

More survivors found in rubble of collapsed India building

New Delhi - Emergency workers pulled out three more survivors from the rubble of a collapsed building in southern India Tuesday as authorities said they expected to wrap up rescue efforts by the end of the day.

Survivors pulled from rubble of India building tragedy

New Delhi - Rescuers plucked two survivors from the ruins of a collapsed apartment block in southern India on Monday as they raced against the clock to find dozens more people feared trapped in the rubble.

Bacteria by design? Buildings influence microbial content

A survey of bacteria in a University of Oregon building reveals that architecture influences the indoor microbiome. Patterns vary by age, space, locale and, surprisingly, architecture.

Canadian workers were affected by fungal infection

The U.S. CDC has confirmed that builders renovating an old house in Quebec, Canada contracted fungal spores from the building. The reason was that the workmen were not provided with the correct equipment.

Video: French 'Spiderman' scales 185-meter Paris skyscraper

Paris - Alain Robert, dubbed the "French Spiderman", has been at it again. He has just conquered 185-meter (607-foot) GDF Suez tower in the La Défense business district of Paris with only his climbing shoes and a bag of chalk.

4 arrested in Bangladesh building collapse, hunt on for others

Dhaka - Arrests have begun and the hunt is on for others held responsible for the deaths of hundreds of people as a consequence of the building collapse in Bangladesh, in which some 3,000 garment workers were trapped.

Upside down house: A Polish village’s topsy-turvy tourist draw

A house constructed entirely upside down is now a tourist attraction for the tiny village of Szymbark in northern Poland. As well as presenting topsy turvy from the exterior, the house’s internal contradictions proved problematic during construction.

Photo Essay: Contrasting sights of downtown Nashville Special

Nashville - The downtown area of Nashville is a collage of interesting architecture, honky tonks, neon signs, industrial zones, historical landmarks, great food and a plethora of music.

Op-Ed: Exploring two abandoned buildings in Detroit Special

Recently, I've explored two abandoned buildings in Detroit—the Fisher Body 21 car assembly plant and the Boblo Dock Building. Within the buildings, I found awe-inspiring views and years of decay.

Skylifter saucer airship could lift whole buildings in the future

Sydney - Imagine when the next natural disaster occurs in a remote region of the world. It would take days, maybe even weeks, for relief to get there. However, Skylifter is developing an airship that can lift entire buildings into an area.

World's Tallest Building to Open in Dubai Monday

On Monday, Burj Dubai Tower will become the world's tallest building as Dubai formally opens its doors to the public amid the State's growing indebtedness and economic slowdown.

LEED Certified doesn't always mean energy efficient

Does being labeled a green building make it so? According to a New York Times report some buildings that have LEED certification aren't really energy efficient.

The Hidden Architecture of the City of Lyon Special

There is beautiful architecture to be seen in the streets of many cities. Lyon is no exception. What is different here though, is that some of the city’s finest architecture is invisible. Because it’s hidden, far from view, behind anonymous doors..

Buildings get cheers and jeers at the Pug Awards

The annual Pug Awards, formerly called the Puglies, are back. You can vote on the best and the worst buildings in Toronto.

3D Buildings in Google's Street Maps

Google Maps add 3D building views to online maps and Google Earth maps with building layers, adds depth and detail to the map view.

"Sleepwalkers" come out in New York City

New York City is often described as "the city that never sleeps." But as day turns to night New Yorkers and their city take on a different rhythm, a different energy and a different interaction between people and their urban environment.

Buildings of Tomorrow

Visionaey architect William Mcdonough is making boomtown environmentaly friendly-from Googles headquarters to Chinas cities.

Send a geoGreeting using Google Maps buildings for letters

Well it's kinda cool isn't it?... Okay maybe not...

New Art Museum In Paris Could Rival Centre Pompidou

PARIS (dpa) - From outside, the proposed new museum for contemporary art looks like a passenger steamer. Eventually it will be as big as the Parisian "culture machine", the Centre Georges Pompidou. The new museum is out of the project stage and has ...

The Charm Of Decaying Splendour: Baroque Cities In Sicily

Syracuse (dpa) - A dozen boys kicking a soccer ball around the cathedral square in Syracuse could not have picked a more spectacular backdrop for their game. Whether the cathedral itself, the town hall or one of the city's palaces, the eye is drawn to ...

Dresden's Landmark Cathedral Slowly Returning To City Skyline

Dresden (dpa) - Dresden's Frauenkirche Cathedral, which was destroyed in devastating Allied bombing in February 1945, is slowly returning to the east German city's skyline and is currently at the building stage first reached 268 years ago. In Decemb...

New York's Latest Record-Setting Building Will Dwarf The United Nations Headquarters

When Donald Trump buys air space, many a person New York starts holding his breath. What is the real estate mogul getting up to next? Well, at the moment, what he's up to is nothing less than the world's tallest apartment house. In the spring o...

The Tropical Art Deco Of Miami Beach Makes A Comeback

Beautiful weather, beautiful beaches, beautiful people - that is what many people associate with Miami Beach. Few realise that this resort on the southeast coat of Florida is also an architectural jewel. The chic quarter South Beach, in the sout...

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Buildings Image

India Gate  Delhi.
India Gate, Delhi.
Pic taken by me  Lotus Temple  Delhi.
Pic taken by me, Lotus Temple, Delhi.
A well-illuminated street in central Amsterdam  with buildings lit up brightly.
A well-illuminated street in central Amsterdam, with buildings lit up brightly.
Will this crow fly through a tower crane on the University of Wisconsin campus?
Will this crow fly through a tower crane on the University of Wisconsin campus?
The skyline of New York City
The skyline of New York City
The Manhattan Bridge and the New York City Skyline.  A wonderful person shared a quote last year by ...
The Manhattan Bridge and the New York City Skyline. "A wonderful person shared a quote last year by Henri Matisse that really resonated with me," says Gucwa."'A large part of the beauty of a picture arises from the struggle which an artist wages with his limited medium.' I think that there is a tremendous amount of truth in the (idea) that when you are limited, you are forced to work extremely hard to get the results you desire."
Vivienne Gucwa
Upside down house in the village of Szymbark  near Gdansk  Northern Poland.
Upside down house in the village of Szymbark, near Gdansk, Northern Poland.
Facebook - Tourisme Durable
France s National Assembly building  Paris
France's National Assembly building, Paris
Steve B Chamberlain on Flick'r
Toronto  Ontario: A Street Scene
Toronto, Ontario: A Street Scene
Pic taken by me  All Saints Church - Malabar Hills  Mumbai.
Pic taken by me, All Saints Church - Malabar Hills, Mumbai.
Night view of the Union Buildings. Photo by Susan Pruijsen.
Night view of the Union Buildings. Photo by Susan Pruijsen.
Photo by Susan Pruijsen
The sound stage that deafens! On the lawn of the Union Buildings  Pretoria  South Africa.
The sound stage that deafens! On the lawn of the Union Buildings, Pretoria, South Africa.
Manhattan Skyline
Manhattan Skyline
 The Day Pauses   Botanica  Lower East Side.  I actually find the process of editing phone photograp...
"The Day Pauses", Botanica, Lower East Side. "I actually find the process of editing phone photography to be far more of a zen experience than editing my digital photos," Gucwa explains. "It could have something to do with the more tactile quality of phone photo editing apps. They're designed to streamline the editing process with results that are strikingly beautiful. It's an exciting time in terms of the sheer number of innovations being made on a regular basis in mobile photography."
Vivienne Gucwa
Pic taken by me  unfinished tomb at Qutub Minar  Delhi.
Pic taken by me, unfinished tomb at Qutub Minar, Delhi.
Many of the buildings reflect the old Victorian splendor  although they are mainly used for shops an...
Many of the buildings reflect the old Victorian splendor, although they are mainly used for shops and offices.
A unique building in Barcelona
A unique building in Barcelona
Like any other major metropolitan city  downtown Toronto has a variety of commercial buildings that ...
Like any other major metropolitan city, downtown Toronto has a variety of commercial buildings that can be seen from a distance, however, standing under one can make one dizzy.
A look at the government administrative center  the Union Buildings  from the South Lawn.
A look at the government administrative center, the Union Buildings, from the South Lawn.

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