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Microsoft to offer developers more money for apps

In an unprecedented move, Microsoft announced that they're drastically changing how much money they take away from app developers, as a cut of the profits the developers bring in.

Is living in buildings that exclude microbes good for health?

Modern buildings, with advanced air conditioning and filtration, are designed to exclude pollutants and microorganisms from buildings. This may not, according to some scientists, be good for our health.

Build your own video game? Now you can in full retro 8-bit style

The award-winning app designers studio Tinybop announced Infinite Arcade, a new video game construction set in full 8-bit style, to allow smartphone users build their own arcade games.

Confusion as Windows 10 November update appears to vanish

The first major Windows 10 feature update has been available to users for just over a week now. However, it now appears to have vanished without trace in uncertain circumstances that haven't been fully explained by a statement from Microsoft.

Windows 10's first major update brings UI changes, improved apps

Microsoft has publicly released Windows 10's first major update, containing more than just bugs and security fixes. Users will find refinements in several areas of the interface, improvements to core apps and increased performance.

Installing and activating Windows 10 will soon be much simpler

Microsoft released a new preview build of Windows 10 earlier this week that includes a simplified way of installing the OS onto Windows 7 and 8 devices eligible for a free upgrade. The company has received large amounts of user feedback on the process.

New Windows 10 Preview build adds, fixes and improves

Microsoft yesterday released a new build of Windows 10 to Windows Insiders. The update includes several new features and improvements that respond to user feedback, including the option of having four columns of tiles in each Start group.

Windows 10 final sign-off is now imminent in the next few days

Microsoft has now reportedly compiled a version of Windows 10 that could end up becoming the first version of the operating system to be made publicly available on launch day as an upgrade and on new devices. Final development may be completed this week.

Microsoft creates chaos by saying Windows 10 free for Insiders

Microsoft has created online chaos by saying that Windows Insiders would be able to upgrade to Windows 10 for free before seemingly retracting that offer with an updated blog post and then saying that Insiders will get 10 for free after all.

New Windows 10 build brings yet more welcome improvements

As Windows 10 nears completion ahead of its release this summer, Microsoft is continuing to push out new preview builds. Another build was released last night and brings several more refinements across the OS, focusing on a more polished interface.

Microsoft Build keynote: Everything you need to know about Windows and more

The keynote of Microsoft Build yesterday was filled with announcements detailing the future and evolution of Microsoft's core services including Windows and Office, as well how the company intends to stock its app store. Here's everything you should know.

Microsoft wants 1 billion devices running Windows 10 in two years

Microsoft has announced it is aiming to get Windows 10 running on a billion different devices within the first two to three years of the new operating system's launch, encompassing devices ranging from small-screen phones to extensive TVs.

Microsoft names Project Spartan web browser as 'Edge'

Microsoft has revealed the name for its "Project Spartan" web browser. Called Microsoft Edge, the universal app is taking over the baton from Internet Explorer as the default browser for Windows 10 and has now been expanded with several improvements.

Satya Nadella emphasizes the power of developers

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella kicked off the Microsoft BUILD keynote today by emphasizing the company's commitment to help developers create great apps to run on top of the company's platforms, stating "we are a development company".

Windows 10 update brings features, fixes and more finesse

Microsoft has released a new build of Windows 10 Technical Preview that adds several new consumer-orientated features including improved customization options for the Start menu, Taskbar and window accent colours and an enhanced tablet mode.

New Windows 10 for Phones build brings many new features

Microsoft has just pushed out a new update to the Windows 10 preview for phones. With it comes several new features including improvements to core apps, multitasking and the first inclusion of the Project Spartan web browser.

Many more phones to get the next Windows 10 preview build

Microsoft has announced that the next Windows 10 for phones preview build will be able to run on many more phones than it currently can ranging from the ultra-budget Lumia 520 to flagship devices like the Lumia 1520.

Windows 10 for phones to include notification LED support

New leaked screenshots of an unreleased build of Windows 10 for Phones revealed last night that the operating system will feature support for notification LEDs. Just a day later, such an LED has been found hidden inside Microsoft's Lumia 735.

WordPress 3.9 Release Candidate 2 is available for testing

The immensely popular content management system WordPress has entered the second release candidate stage for version 3.9.

Russia planning to build new spaceship with nuclear engine

The Chief of the Russian Federal Space Agency announced his agency's plans to build a manned spacecraft with a nuclear power source.

Google to build 10,000 km underwater fiber optic cable system to Japan

Google and five other companies have agreed to build a high-bandwidth underwater fiber optic cable linking the United States and Japan. They expect to build this system for an estimated cost of $300 million by 2010.

Op/Ed: Why can't we make this a better place to live?

Helping to build a better lifestyle one person at a time.

Iran is planning to build 2 nuclear power plants

Iran announced on Sunday that it is seeking bids for the building of two more nuclear power plants, despite international pressures to curb its controversial program.

Now to build a PC for under £200 ($350)

If like me you want/need a new PC but just want it for surfing the net or to use as a media center then this 11 page article is a must read for you.

Democrats in no rush to build border fence

Mayors of Texas border towns who met with Homeland Security chief Michael Chertoff on Wednesday said they are confident a 850-mile fence will not be built on the U.S.-Mexico border.

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Build Image

Cortana has a new interface in the latest Windows 10 build
Cortana has a new interface in the latest Windows 10 build
The Microsoft Edge web browser  formerly Project Spartan  at Microsoft Build 2015
The Microsoft Edge web browser, formerly Project Spartan, at Microsoft Build 2015
The Microsoft Edge web browser  formerly Project Spartan  at Microsoft Build 2015
The Microsoft Edge web browser, formerly Project Spartan, at Microsoft Build 2015
Windows Spotlight
Windows Spotlight
Windows Central
Microsoft Build logo
Microsoft Build logo
Within an  Inception  dream state.
Within an 'Inception' dream state.
Warner Bros
The Microsoft Edge web browser  formerly Project Spartan  at Microsoft Build 2015
The Microsoft Edge web browser, formerly Project Spartan, at Microsoft Build 2015
Continuum for phones
Continuum for phones
The Microsoft Edge web browser  formerly Project Spartan  at Microsoft Build 2015
The Microsoft Edge web browser, formerly Project Spartan, at Microsoft Build 2015

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