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Bugs for dinner? New Aussie food trend has legs (and wings)

Sydney - With a twist of lime and a dash of salt Sydney chef Nowshad Alam Rasel flavours a hot pan full of crickets, tossing them over a flaming stove.

Bugs for dinner? New Aussie food trend has legs (and wings)

Sydney - With a twist of lime and a dash of salt Sydney chef Nowshad Alam Rasel flavours a hot pan full of crickets, tossing them over a flaming stove.

Bugs for dinner? New Aussie food trend has legs (and wings)

Sydney - With a twist of lime and a dash of salt Sydney chef Nowshad Alam Rasel flavours a hot pan full of crickets, tossing them over a flaming stove.

Google discloses third 'high severity' Windows bug

Google has publicly detailed another "high severity" vulnerability in Microsoft's Windows, escalating a divide between its research and Microsoft's responses. Google has recently disclosed several major flaws, only for Microsoft to seemingly ignore them.

Facebook bug briefly 'killed' users including Mark Zuckerberg

A Facebook glitch last week led to many users being "killed" by the social network while they were still alive. The company described the mistake as a "terrible error." Memorial messages were displayed on profiles including that of CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

Windows 10 Anniversary Update causing random PC freezes for many

Days after the Windows 10 Anniversary Update began rolling out, users have discovered several bugs that may make you think twice about upgrading. Some people are facing random system freezes that occur shortly after startup and leave their PC unusable.

What exactly is lurking in your pillow?

Ever wondered what was lurking in you pillow as you drift off at night? Probably not, but you might be interested in finding out. After reading you'll end up not putting off the regular washing of your pillowcase.

Shock as Honduras national park cleared to halt bugs

- A massive bug infestation and cut-down of pine trees in a national park in Honduras has stunned residents and sparked a warning from experts that a localized spike in temperatures will ensue.

Instagram hacked by ten year-old boy

Helsinki - A ten year-old boy from Finland has hacked into Instagram, exposing a flaw in the Facebook-owned software. He has been rewarded by the company for his efforts.

Smartphone apps used to hunt for cicada

Poole - By using a special smartphone app, a scientist has detected the first indication of a cicada in the U.K. in 15 years. So far, the indication is just the sound of the insect. A sighting remains tantalizingly close.

PC gamers outraged as Black Ops III stutters and stalls

The next instalment in the hugely-popular Call of Duty first-person shooter series is now available worldwide but has quickly attracted complaints from huge numbers of gamers, including PC users who are finding Black Ops III stutters and jerks.

Google bug hunts Samsung's Galaxy S6 Edge, finds 11 major issues

Google's Project Zero exploit discovery team has presented some worrying findings on Android security issues in one of Samsung's most expensive smartphones, the Galaxy S6 Edge. The phone's software harbours 11 severe bugs.

Warner Bros. to refund PC gamers who bought Batman: Arkham Knight

Warner Bros. has announced that PC gamers who bought the flawed Batman: Arkham Knight will now be able to claim a full refund for the title. The game was pulled from sale due to major bugs, many of which have not been fixed by a recent re-release.

Krispy Kreme customer films 'bugs' falling onto doughnuts

High Point - A customer entered a Krispy Kreme location in North Carolina, and she filmed what appeared to be bugs falling onto doughnuts.

Vote for Britain’s best-loved insect

London - Insects are an ever-present part of the natural world. While some balk at creepy-crawlies, others like to watch the patterns and behaviors of the myriad of bugs outdoors. A new poll has been launched to find Britain’s favorite insect.

Microsoft forces first Windows 10 bug-fixing update onto users

Microsoft has released the first update for Windows 10 since its public launch a week ago. Designed to fix some of the issues that users have been experiencing, the update will be downloaded and installed automatically, to the annoyance of many.

Windows 10 launch mired by annoying bugs for many

Microsoft's worldwide rollout of Windows 10 is now well under way but it hasn't gone through without its fair share of issues. Users have been reporting a wide range of early bugs including install failures, broken Start menus and crashing, unstable apps.

New video advises on how to deal with bug bites

Many insects bites are harmless. However, some can be harmful, especially with people who suffer from allergies. A new video from the American Academy of Dermatology provides some handy advice ready for the summer.

Windows 10 for Phones update fixes some major issues

Microsoft has released a new version of Windows 10 for Phones to Windows Insiders. Build 10052 fixes some major issues in the release from a couple of weeks ago and may encourage more Windows Phone users to try out the new software.

The best-selling Windows Phone ever has Windows 10 preview pulled

Microsoft has been forced to temporarily cancel the Windows 10 preview for the world's most-popular Windows Phone, the Nokia Lumia 520. It follows reports from many users that their devices were bricked when trying to return to Windows Phone 8.1.

How bedbugs have sex safely

According to a new study, the spongy undersides of female bedbugs protect the insects from painful intercourse. This answers the conundrum as to how the insects reproduce.

Flying could be bad for your health

Air travel is one of the safest ways to travel. However, what impact does it have on your health? What are you breathing in when you kick back and eat the free peanuts?

Man burns down his apartment to stop bug infestation

Orlando - A Florida man took drastic action when he discovered his apartment was infested with bugs — rather than call an exterminator, he decided to kill them with fire.

UN issues report recommending insects for human consumption

Responding to global hunger concerns, the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) is recommending the incorporation of insects into human diets.

Chicago bites its way to the top for bed bug issues

Chicago - That tired old phrase "don't let the bed bugs bite" means something as it has become a serious problem of late. This has nothing to do with being clean, either.

Loudest animal sound? A bug's penis

Scientists recorded Earth's loudest animal, relative to its body size. The water boatman, a tiny aquatic bug, generates a 99 decibel din underwater by rubbing penis and body together. Though water muffles most of this mating "song," humans can hear it.

Smile And Let Your Six Hundred Friends See The World

A medical database describing the 600 common bugs found in our mouths has become available from now for those in the medical profession look further into the links between oral health, heart disease and strokes

Hackers promise month of Myspace attacks

Two anonymous hackers have promised a month of Myspace attacks starting on April 1st.

New Feature: Check For Duplicates

All of you have been very patient with us when it comes to us providing you with an easier way to check for a duplicate story than searching.

Why Vista Shouldn't Ship

A well written story on why Microsoft should hold off on shipping Vista.

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