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New tool exploits WhatsApp and 'puts words in your mouth'

A new piece of software latches onto a flaw with Facebook's WhatsApp and enables an exploiter to alter text and make out that someone has written something which they have not. This flaw presents a cybersecurity weakness.

Apple to pay teenager who found Group FaceTime bug

Teenager Grant Thompson discovered a major flaw with Apple's Group FaceTime. At first the company ignored the issue when it was flagged, now, recognizing the significance they've updated the app and will pay the boy.

Facebook error unblocked blocked users

Facebook have admitted that a system bug unblocked unwanted users. Between May 29 and June 5, 800,000 people who had been blocked were suddenly unblocked, for core Facebook and the Messenger app.

Microsoft issues emergency Windows update

Microsoft has issued an out-of-band security update, for all of its supported versions of Windows. The update is part of a number of fixes designed to protect users against a recently identified processor bug in Intel, AMD, and ARM chipsets.

Android Oreo warning as bug eats up mobile data allowances

Google is rushing to fix a bug in Android Oreo that's draining mobile data. The issue is understood to be left over from the preview builds of Oreo. It causes the phone to always prefer mobile data, even if a Wi-Fi network is available and connected.

Bonkers browser bug: Microsoft Edge prints '123456' as '114447'

Microsoft Edge has a strange bug that appears when trying to print a document containing lots of numbers. The digits have a tendency to get mixed up and switch places, leading to major inaccuracies in documents. Microsoft is working on a fix.

Spotify took years off SSD lifespans with huge junk data writes

Spotify has patched a serious bug in its desktop app for Windows, Mac and Linux that has been reducing the lifespan of users' SSDs. Spotify's client has been writing huge amounts of garbage data each day, taking years off the expected life of an SSD.

Some iOS beta users are getting locked out of their phones

Some users of Apple's recently-launched iOS 10 public beta are reportedly getting locked out of their Apple ID after enabling two-factor authentication, preventing them from resetting their passwords. The cause is believed to be a server bug.

Chrome bug lets you download full Netflix movies for free

A recently discovered bug in Google's Chrome web browser makes it possible for anyone to download full movies from DRM-protected sources including Netflix and Amazon. Pirates could easily bypass Chrome's copy protection systems to access content.

Apple confirms latest iOS update is killing some iPads

Apple has confirmed that this week's iOS update appears to have left iPads "bricked" for a number of its customers. There are reports of users facing an "Error 56" message after installing the update. Apple doesn't know what is causing the bug.

Web hosting firm 'deletes part of Internet', loses customer sites

A web hosting company has accidentally deleted some of the customer websites it is responsible for, pulling a part of the Internet offline in the process. UK-based 123-reg admitted that many of its 1.7 million customers currently have inaccessible sites.

Man who 'deleted his company' with code bug reveals it was a hoax

The man who last week claimed to have deleted his entire business by running a single line of buggy code on his servers has revealed his original post was a hoax. The self-promotion effort was inspired by a real incident several years ago though.

Hackers have found yet another 'critical' Flash bug before Adobe

Adobe has warned Flash users that another zero-day vulnerability in the utility is being actively exploited by attackers and could provide access to their computer. The company is developing an update to fix the issue.

Apple to release iOS update to fix broken webpage links

Apple rolled out iOS 9.3 to iPhone users last week, adding a number of features to the mobile operating system. The update isn’t without its problems though, including a bug that crashes Safari when tapping links on webpages.

Emergency Android update fixes critical exploit bug

Google has rushed out a critical Android security update that fixes a bug that could allow attackers to compromise a phone using a malicious app in the Google Play Store. The fix will not be available on the majority of Android handsets though.

Can you hack a Chromebook? Google offers $100k for your time

Google has set a challenge to security research and friendly hacking communities. It will pay $100,000 to anyone who details a working exploit that gives them remote and persistent access to a Chromebook computer, an attractive new reward.

Outlook 2016 goes haywire, starts duplicating and deleting emails

Microsoft has fixed a major bug in its Outlook 2016 email client that has left users seeing messages appearing twice and then not at all. The program was duplicating the email server's contents and then deleting everything.

Twitter bug may have shown email addresses of thousands of users

Twitter has patched a "password recovery bug" on its main website that may have revealed the account details of almost 10,000 users. The security issue let outsiders see email addresses and phone numbers associated with the affected accounts.

Seven-year old Linux bug potentially devastating to devices

A potentially devastating vulnerability in one of the core components of the Linux operating system threatens to leave billions of computers, servers, routers and other embedded hardware open to remote attack. It has been left unpatched for years.

Bug in Adobe software deletes the first directory it finds on Mac

An embarrassed Adobe has been forced to admit a critical bug in its Creative Cloud suite of premium design software has been deleting users' files without warning or notice. The company has apologized and issued a new update.

Odd iOS bug leaves devices dead if date set to January 1st, 1970

A new and intriguing bug has been found in Apple's iOS software used on the iPhone and iPad. Manually setting the date to the earliest time possible, January 1st 1970, leaves devices completely bricked and unusable with no confirmed known fix.

Apple rushes to patch Safari bug preventing people from searching

Apple has acted quickly to fix a bug in its Safari web browser for iOS and Mac OS X that caused it to crash instantly every time a search was made from the web browser. Reports of the crashes were widespread earlier today.

Skype update stops it revealing your IP address to the world

An update to the Microsoft-owned Skype messaging software has finally removed a known issue present for over three years. The flaw makes it easy for outsiders to uncover a user's IP address, allowing them to execute DDoS attacks or other hacks.

Apple admits the iPhone 6s battery indicator may get stuck

Apple is investigating an issue with its newest smartphones, the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, that causes the battery indicator in the status bar to stick on one percentage for several hours. The announcement comes after wide-spread complaints.

Intel confirms its newest processors may freeze under heavy load

Intel has confirmed a bug in its Skylake family of processors can cause freezes and complete system lock-ups when the chip is placed under heavy load. The issue was discovered while calculating very large Mersenne prime numbers.

Windows 10 Update mystery solved: Microsoft forgot your privacy

Over the weekend, Microsoft abruptly pulled the Windows 10 November update and gave a minimal explanation that did nothing to curb the ensuing confusion. The update is now back with a full explanation: it could delete your privacy settings.

Bizarre bug leaves Google stumped by UK political leaders

Google has been found to be clueless regarding UK politics. An odd quirk in its search engine sees it presenting a jumbled-up assortment of past figures when entering terms like "Labour leader."

Confusion as Windows 10 November update appears to vanish

The first major Windows 10 feature update has been available to users for just over a week now. However, it now appears to have vanished without trace in uncertain circumstances that haven't been fully explained by a statement from Microsoft.

iOS 9.1 accused of breaking Touch ID fingerprint authentication

Reports of Touch ID fingerprint recognition being broken in Apple's recently released iPhone software update, iOS 9.1, are circulating online. Users claim the update breaks the popular feature entirely or significantly slows down recognition speed.

Millions of websites at risk of hacking from critical Joomla bug

The Joomla bug, one of the most popular website management systems, could allow hackers to control millions of sites by remotely executing code that would provide access to admin control panels. The critical vulnerability was patched earlier this week.
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Typing  Labour leader  into Google can yield some interesting results due to a bug in the company s ...
Typing "Labour leader" into Google can yield some interesting results due to a bug in the company's search engine
Ecuadorian foreign minister Ricardo Patino shows a photo of a surveillance device found in the embas...
Ecuadorian foreign minister Ricardo Patino shows a photo of a surveillance device found in the embassy in London.
Typing  Labour leader  into Google can yield some interesting results due to a bug in the company s ...
Typing "Labour leader" into Google can yield some interesting results due to a bug in the company's search engine
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