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Buenos aires News

Op-Ed: Buenos Aires survival guide Special

Buenos Aires - Buenos Aires is a gem of its own that I always wanted to visit. Hailed as the cultural capital city of South America, it is like a magnet for different kinds of visitors, from business people to average tourists. Here are few tips how to survive it.

MALBA exhibition of Latin American art, Buenos Aires, Argentina Special

Buenos Aires - The city’s Museo de Arte Latinoamericano de Buenos Aires (MALBA) is a place showing two parallel exhibitions of art: temporary - Antonio Berni’s “Juanito and Ramona” (until February 21) and permanent – “Latin American art of 20th century”.

VIDEO: Helmet cam captures dramatic armed robbery attempt

Buenos Aires - The dramatic video of the attempted armed robbery of a tourist in Buenos Aires, Argentina is spreading across the Internet.

Watchdog group alleges Pope Francis covered up sex abuse

Buenos Aires - Pope Francis is accused of looking the other way when sex abuse occurred while he was still the Archbishop of Buenos Aires.

Review: European and Argentine Art shine at National Museum of Fine Arts Special

Buenos Aires - The City of Buenos Aires has a rich and wide variety of museums of national and international art as well as other exhibits on various topics, including history, natural sciences, football, tango, immigration, automobiles, and many more.

Review: Colón Theatre — A great opera-house of nearly perfect acoustics Special

Buenos Aires - The Teatro Colón (Columbus Theatre) of Buenos Aires is one of the biggest and is among the best opera houses in the world both for its superb acoustic characteristics and its remarkable architectural value.

Tigre — History, art and nature in the growing Paraná River Delta Special

Tigre - The town of Tigre is located on an island of the Tigre River, one of the branches in the lower delta of the great Paraná River, a major tributary of the "Río de La Plata." The location is an important recreation area for residents of Buenos Aires.

The Cathedral of Buenos Aires — Four centuries of construction Special

Buenos Aires - With a long history of construction and decoration spanning over 400 years, the Cathedral of Buenos Aires has a mix of architectural styles including aspects of the Italian Renaissance, Baroque, French Neoclassical, and elements of the Corinthian order.

‘El Ateneo Grand Splendid' Bookstore — A booklover’s paradise Special

Buenos Aires - Occupying a large hall that maintains every detail of its elegant past as a theater and cinema venue, "El Ateneo" of Buenos Aires, one of the most beautiful bookstores in the world, delights customers with a huge variety of books, CDs and DVDs.

Review: Buenos Aires Botanical Garden — Beauty and greenery in the city Special

Buenos Aires - The Botanical Garden of Buenos Aires, located in the Palermo district of the capital of Argentina, has species of plants from five continents, five greenhouses, 27 sculptures, a butterfly garden, and dozens of cats.

The historic Cathedral of St. Isidore, patron saint of farmers Special

San Isidro - Considered one of the most beautiful churches in Argentina, St. Isidore Cathedral was restored between 2002 and 2009, faithfully respecting the Neo-Gothic style of the original building, emphasizing the beauty and grandeur of its architecture.

Girl's escape from Shining Path in Tomlinson's 'Lethal Dispatch' Special

San Francisco - Max Tomlinson, author of "Sendero" (awarded by Kirkus Reviews as the Best of 2012) is back with a new action thriller novel "Lethal Dispatch".

Review: Luis Bravo's 'Forever Tango' Special

Folsom - Instead of Northern California residents taking a 6,500 mile journey to Buenos Aires, Argentina, three days into the New Year, Buenos Aires was transported to them.

Spanish High Court judge agrees to call former Franco officials

Madrid - Victims of torture by Franco's officials launched a case against four of the dictator's officers and warrants of arrest have been issued. The Spanish High Court has agreed to summon the former Franco officers wanted in Argentina.

Video: Bruce Springsteen — 'The Boss' sings in Spanish

Buenos Aires - In the video, Bruce Springsteen beautifully performs León Gieco's "Sólo le Pido a Dios" in both Spanish and English, all the way from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Op-Ed: Argentina says — Yes! We have no bananas or tomatoes either Special

Buenos Aires - “Yes! We Have No Bananas” by Irving Cohn was a hit song from the 1922 Broadway revue Make It Snappy. If Cohn were writing that today in Argentina, the song would be, “Yes! We Have No Tomatoes”.

Op-Ed: Story behind the image — Our lives cross for a second

Buenos Aires - Even though you're madly passionately in love with your wife, sometimes another woman's face stays locked in the folds of your mind and you can't shake that haunting image of her.

Argentina president head-butts democracy

Argentina President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner has instituted several government reforms that has many international and national observers convinced she is trying to destroy democracy.

Report: 15,000 Homeless in Argentine Capital

Buenos Aires - The streets of Buenos Aires can be cold, lonely and dangerous for the men, women and children that have to find a safe corner to sleep in each night.

International tensions heat up over NSA leaker Snowden

In the continuing saga of “Where’s Edward" (Snowden), one of the most dramatic scenarios played out recently when a jet carrying Bolivia’s President Evo Morales had to make an unplanned stop in Vienna, Austria.

Review: At Lujan Zoo you can walk with the animals Special

Luj - An hour west of Buenos Aires in Argentina is a spot where tourists don't often visit. Lujan Zoo will give the visitor more memories than just Tango lessons.

Buenos Aires under water from torrential rains — Updated

Buenos Aires - A combination of torrential rains and violent winds have inundated Buenos Aires, capital of Argentina. At least five people have died. Later reports say up to 40 people dead.

Toxic clouds in Buenos Aires after chemical container explodes

Buenos Aires - There were reports of a mass evacuation ordered of the city of Buenos Aires, after a chemical container exploded, covering the Argentinian capital with a huge toxic cloud. Apparently it wasn't that bad. (Updated).

Argentina: heavy rains, severe flooding in Buenos Aires province

Buenos Aires - More than three million hectares in the province of Buenos Aires, Argentina, are flooded due to heavy rains in recent weeks, forcing the provincial government to declare agricultural emergency to offset the huge losses in cattle and crops.

Buenos Aires train crash kills dozens

Buenos Aires - Today, Argentina faced its worst train crash since February, 1970 with fatalities in the dozens and casualties in the hundreds.

It takes two to tango: ‘Rioplatenses’ quarrel over La Cumparsita Special

Buenos Aires - A little march composed by a young student around 1916 for a carnival troupe taking part in the festivities organized by the Student Federation of Uruguay became the most popular exponent of the tango and a subject of controversy for two countries.

‘Las Violetas’: 127 years of tradition in Buenos Aires Special

Buenos Aires - Coffee Shop and Patisserie “Las Violetas” (“The Violets”) carries the tradition, glamour and cultural legacy of the historic neighbourhood of Almagro in the city of Buenos Aires.

Japan-Argentina couple wins World Tango Dancing Championship

Buenos Aires - A couple integrated by a Japanese woman and an Argentine man won the VIII World Tango Dancing competition, Stage Category, a modality that sees the dance from a choreographic perspective.

Iran Defence Minister wanted by Interpol for massacre of Jews

Argentina has protested against the naming of Ahmad Vahidi as Iran’s new Defence Minister. Ahmad is the object of an Interpol search warrant for his alleged implication in an antisemite terrorist attack in Argentina which killed 85 people.

Buenos Aires closes schools for four weeks due to swine flu

Swine flu has hit Buenos Aires and the surrounding province hard in Argentina. Classes have been canceled as the authorities struggle to contain the outbreak that has already killed 35 people.
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Buenos aires Image

Vegetable stands are all over Buenos Aires.  Most do not have tomatoes.
Vegetable stands are all over Buenos Aires. Most do not have tomatoes.
St. Isidore Cathedral  San Isidro  Buenos Aires.
St. Isidore Cathedral, San Isidro, Buenos Aires.
One of modern art installations  MALBA exhibition  Buenos Aires  Argentina.
One of modern art installations, MALBA exhibition, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
The Botanical Garden of Buenos Aires. Cactus conservatory.
The Botanical Garden of Buenos Aires. Cactus conservatory.
Photo taken by I.I. Solar of   Mother and Daughter  by Nicolas de Larguilliere (1712)  oil on canvas...
Photo taken by I.I. Solar of "Mother and Daughter" by Nicolas de Larguilliere (1712), oil on canvas. National Museum of Fine Arts, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Mess on the sidewalks in Buenos Aires  Argentina.
Mess on the sidewalks in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
There are many resort-like Victorian and Tudor mansions in the islands of Tigre. Some houses are bui...
There are many resort-like Victorian and Tudor mansions in the islands of Tigre. Some houses are built on stilts to reduce humidity. This image shows a typical Tigre Delta wood house with a modest pier.
Antonio Berni s vision of Ramona Montiel  MALBA exhibition  Buenos Aires  Argentina.
Antonio Berni's vision of Ramona Montiel, MALBA exhibition, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
 Sagunto . Sculpture made ​​of Carrara marble by Catalan sculptor Agustín Querol (1860-1909). I...
"Sagunto". Sculpture made ​​of Carrara marble by Catalan sculptor Agustín Querol (1860-1909). It symbolizes a historic episode occurred in Sagunto, capital of the province of Valencia, Spain, in which its inhabitants preferred the sacrifice of their lives rather than surrender to the army of Hannibal, the Carthaginian leader who attacked the city in 218 AC. Their heroic resistance is expressed by a mother who, after killing her son, commits suicide with a rapier.
SUBE card  Buenos Aires  Argentina.
SUBE card, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Tourist information booth close to Plaza San Martin  Buenos Aires  Argentina.
Tourist information booth close to Plaza San Martin, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
A corner with pieces of art from Neorealism and Realism era with Rhod Rothfuss  3 circulos rojos  at...
A corner with pieces of art from Neorealism and Realism era with Rhod Rothfuss "3 circulos rojos" at the back wall (1948), MALBA exhibition, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Nice shading spot under the trees of Plaza San Martin park  Buenos Aires  Argentina.
Nice shading spot under the trees of Plaza San Martin park, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
 El Ateneo Grand Splendid  Bookstore  Buenos Aires.
"El Ateneo Grand Splendid" Bookstore, Buenos Aires.
Colourful houses in La Boca  all tourists  destination in Buenos Aires  Argentina.
Colourful houses in La Boca, all tourists' destination in Buenos Aires, Argentina.