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Thai court sentences disgraced 'jet-set monk' to 114 years

Bangkok - A Thai court sentenced a disgraced former monk to 114 years in prison on Thursday, a court official said, more than a year after he was extradited from the United States.

Cambodia's Buddhist clergy divided over controversial poll

Phnom Penh - Buddhist monk Sao Chanthol will cast his ballot for Cambodia's ruling party on Sunday, but the vote has exposed a deep fracture in the 60,000-strong clergy with some planning to stay home to protest a ban on the opposition in what is now effectively a ...

Firebrand Sri Lanka monk jailed for intimidation

Colombo - A firebrand Buddhist monk was sentenced to six months in jail by a Sri Lankan court Thursday for intimidating a woman whose cartoonist husband has been missing since his abduction by the military.

Controversial Sri Lanka monk found guilty of intimidation

Colombo - A Sri Lanka court on Thursday found a radical Buddhist monk guilty of criminal intimidation, the first time the notorious extremist has faced the prospect of jail.

Ultra-nationalist Myanmar monk walks free from prison

An ultra-nationalist Myanmar monk was released from prison on Friday after serving time for inciting unrest in an anti-Rohingya protest in 2016, a rare punishment handed to one of the country's hardline Buddhist clergymen.

Facebook says page of firebrand anti-Rohingya Myanmar monk removed

Yangon - Facebook has removed the page of a Myanmar monk once dubbed the "Buddhist Bin Laden" for his incendiary posts about Muslims, the company confirmed, as it faces pressure to clamp down on hate speech.

Daimler issues second apology over Dalai Lama post: China media

Bejing - German auto giant Daimler has apologised to China again after sparking an outcry over an Instagram post by its luxury brand Mercedes-Benz quoting the Dalai Lama, seen by Beijing as a Tibetan separatist.

Mercedes apologises to China after quoting Dalai Lama

Bejing - German automaker Mercedes-Benz has apologised for "hurting the feelings" of people in China after its Instagram account quoted Tibetan spiritual leader the Dalai Lama, seen as a separatist by Beijing.

'Kung fu nuns' on bikes swap maroon robes for lycra leggings

Kathmandu - About 200 "Kung fu nuns" kicked off a month-long journey from Nepal through India on Saturday, swapping their flowing maroon robes for lycra leggings to raise awareness about human trafficking and gender equality.

Myanmar's child monks become royalty for a day

Bagan - Riding elephants and horses in heavily bejewelled costumes, thick eyeliner and rouged lips, boys in central Myanmar parade through their village as ancient princes in a ceremony to mark their passage to monkhood.

Three-year-old anointed as 'living goddess' in Nepal

Kathmandu - A three-year-old girl was anointed the new "living goddess" of Kathmandu by Hindu priests on Thursday and taken to a palace in the historic centre of the Nepali capital where she will remain until she reaches puberty.

Nepal names 3-year-old as new 'living goddess'

Kathmandu - A three-year-old girl has been named the new Kumari of Nepal's capital Kathmandu after her predecessor retired when she reached puberty, continuing an ancient tradition that sees young girls worshipped as "living goddesses".

Rohingya crisis sparks fear among Bangladeshi Buddhists

Cox's Bazar - As thousands of Rohingya flee ethnic violence in Myanmar, Bangladesh's small Buddhist community fears the crisis could spark a violent backlash from their Muslim neighbours.

Shanghai temple moves 2,000-tonne hall on rails

Shanghai - The main hall and statues of a century-old Buddhist temple in central Shanghai have been moved 30 metres (100 feet) on rails to ease crowding at the popular site.

Dalai Lama calls on Suu Kyi for peaceful end to Rohingya crisis

New Delhi - The Dalai Lama has urged Aung San Suu Kyi to find a peaceful solution to the crisis in Myanmar and expressed concerns about violence that has led around 300,000 Muslim Rohingya to flee the Buddhist-majority country.

Thai court charges disgraced 'jet-set monk' with rape

Bangkok - A Thai court charged a disgraced former monk Thursday with the rape of an underage girl, fraud and money laundering, after he was extradited from the United States.

With demolitions, China squeezes Buddhist academy

- The hills around revered Tibetan Buddhist academy Larung Gar were once a seamless carpet of vibrant red, dominated by the homes of thousands of monks, nuns and devotees who crowded the remote valley in southwest China to explore their faith.

Thai junta grants king power to appoint top monk

Bangkok - Thailand's military government on Thursday granted the king power to appoint the Buddhist country's top monk, a move aimed at resolving a bitter power struggle over the venerated post.

Thailand shuts ultra-rich temple's TV channel amid scandal

Bangkok - Thai authorities have ordered a controversial Buddhist temple to suspend its 24-hour TV channel, as police redouble efforts to arrest the spiritual leader of the scandal-hit sect.

Inside Nepal's forgotten medieval kingdom

In Nepal's isolated, high-altitude desert of Upper Mustang, a new road to China is bringing economic transformation to the former Buddhist kingdom, once a centre for trans-Himalayan commerce.

Restoring medieval Tibetan shrines in Nepal's Himalayas

Deep in the heart of a medieval monastery in Nepal's remote Upper Mustang region, the battle to restore sacred murals and preserve traditional Tibetan Buddhist culture is in full swing.

Myanmar's hardline monks regroup after political change

Yangon - Over a thousand hardline Buddhists gathered on the outskirts of Yangon for the annual summit of their ulta-nationalist group Saturday, as the anti-Muslim network looks to stay relevant under Myanmar's new civilian leadership.

Media-savvy Thai monks wage PR war to defend scandal-hit abbot

Pathum Thani - An embezzlement charge against a powerful Buddhist abbot has unleashed his super-rich temple's PR machine, with Twitter-using Thai monks orchestrating his defence over a scandal that has opened a bitter rupture at the heart of the nation's faith.

Monks, families gather for Bhutan holiday

Thimphu - Thousands of Bhutanese dressed in traditional clothes and carrying their children flocked to monasteries on the weekend to commemorate the death of Ngawang Namgyal, credited with unifying the remote Himalayan nation.

Thailand digitizes ancient Buddhist manuscripts for online use

The government of Thailand has digitized and made available online several thousand historical manuscripts from the northern Thailand region.

Op-Ed: Thai Buddhism fracturing along political lines

Bangkok - Last month’s scuffles in Buddha Monthon — long dubbed a Buddhist centre of peace between Buddhist monks and Thai soldiers — was unusual to say the least.

Equal rites: Tibetan nuns seek matching status

- With a shaved head, flowing burgundy robes and religious devotion, Xinde Shijiamouni has all the trappings of a Tibetan Buddhist monk. But her serenity is troubled -- because as a nun, she cannot reach the same clerical status as a man.

Thai Buddhists to help anti-Muslim Myanmar monks set up radio station

Bangkok - Thai Buddhists have offered to help a network of hardline anti-Muslim Myanmar monks set up a radio station to spread their message across a nation where sectarian hatred is on the rise.

Tibetans celebrate Monlam Prayer Festival

Lhasa - Tibetans celebrated the Monlam Prayer Festival, one of the largest Buddhist festivals in Tibet, attracting thousands of devout Buddhists and curious tourists.

Myanmar to look into monk 'whore' slur after UN reproach

Myanmar Thursday said it would look into incendiary comments by the country's most notorious hardline monk who branded a UN envoy a "whore" after strong condemnation from the United Nation's, but indicated it was unlikely to act against the cleric.
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Udumbara flower
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View of the 7-story Giant Wild Goose Pagoda. The building measures 64 5 meters and hold a precious c...
View of the 7-story Giant Wild Goose Pagoda. The building measures 64,5 meters and hold a precious collection of Buddhist relics.
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Red candles and incense burn in a traditional Chinese cart in front of the Giant Wild Goose Pagoda in Xian.
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The colorful and beautifully decorated Yongning Palace Hotel in downtown Xian.
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Guarding lions on each side of the stately staircase function as talismans protecting the Giant Wild Goose Pagoda in Xian.
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