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Brutality News

Op-Ed: Police shootings of unarmed citizens spark militarization debate

In two shootings, one in New York and one North Carolina, law enforcement shot three unarmed people. In both cases, the citizens were unarmed. The outrage against military tactics in law enforcement increases.

Protest: Disability rights groups target Atos in London (updated)

London - Over 400 protesters from Disabled People Against the Cuts and U.K. Uncut protested on Friday outside Paralympic sponsor Atos' headquarters and the Department for Work and Pensions in London.

New York Times photojournalist fights brutal NYPD arrest

New York - Robert Stolarik was doing his job, covering the arrest of a 16-year-old girl in the Bronx, when the NYPD brutally assaulted and arrested him.

Protests as Anaheim PD faces evidence-buying claims

Anaheim - In the wake of the shooting of an unarmed man in Anaheim, Ca, protesters stormed the Anaheim police station. Demonstrators chanted "no justice, no peace" and "cops, pigs, murderers."

Georgia cop kicks pregnant woman in the stomach

A police officer from DeKalb County is in hot water for the third time in 7 months. He is now in trouble for kicking a pregnant woman in the stomach.

Video of CA cops beating homeless man to death shown in court

Almost a year ago, 2 California police officers beat a 37-year-old homeless man, Kelly Thomas to death. Now video footage of the brutal attack has been revealed in court.

Video: Austerity grows, police lash out at protesters in Spain

Madrid - In a country where one in four citizens are now unemployed anger grows and with it, the brutality of the police against demonstrators.

Joke on Twitter gone awry, NYPD seeking Occupy tweeter

New York - The NYPD is looking for a Twitter user who made an inappropriate tweet after the recent Occupy Wall Street anniversary protest. They think OWS protestes wants to kill police officers.

Police brutality against protesting students in Valencia

Valencia - Yesterday a group of students were protesting against budget cuts in education in Valencia, Spain. It is said that police overstepped the mark in trying to control them.

Autopsy on Florida A&M hazing victim reveals he was brutalized

Tallahassee - An results of an autopsy just performed on a Florida A&M University drum major's body shows he was beaten so badly he suffered muscle damage only seen in victims of prolonged child abuse, torture or a car accident.

Female A&M band member suffers broken thigh from hazing beating

Tallahassee - The beating of Bria Sharie Hunter, an A&M band member, comes about three weeks before drum major Robert Champion was killed in a hazing incident during a band trip to Orlando. His death and severe beating now expose a long hazing tradition at A&M.

Idaho Correctional Center dubbed 'gladiator school' by inmates

Boise - The Idaho Correctional Center is a privately-owned facility in the United States, and now it is being investigated by the FBI after footage of a savage beating of one inmate by another was leaked to the Associated Press.

Cops Used Taser on Man's Genitals, Buttocks

Boise - This was not just a case of an Officer using “rough” language to get the Complainant’s attention. He punctuated his offensive speech language by pushing the Taser between the Complainant’s buttocks, anal and genital areas.

Journalists in Hong Kong protest China's police brutality

Hong Kong was the scene of hundreds of demonstrators protesting the police brutality against journalists covering unrest in Xinjiang on Sunday.

Updated: Police SWAT Team Holds Entire Family at Gunpoint for Hours

A police SWAT team conducted a food raid in rural Ohio, holding an entire family at gunpoint for hours without explanation. John Loeffler of IRN joined Brannon Howse of WVN to report this latest story.

Policeman Hitting An Elderly Woman Is Caught On Camera

What would you believe was happening in the world today if you saw a piece of footage as this? A Maltese police is very clearly and very deliberately pushing and punching an elderly woman while she sits in her car.

Underground Video Of Tyranny In China

A foreign news crew secretly taped one of the most downtrodden areas in metropolitan Beijing.

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Bystander after police beating  2006.
Bystander after police beating, 2006.
Youtube Screen Capture/szmarko
A group of Toronto teens are accused of beating a woman in the middle of the downtown core and filmi...
A group of Toronto teens are accused of beating a woman in the middle of the downtown core and filming the crime.
Police brutally attacked protesting students in Valencia.
Police brutally attacked protesting students in Valencia.
Violent political repression against the group of womens Ladies in White who stage street peaceful m...
Violent political repression against the group of womens Ladies in White who stage street peaceful marches demanding the release of all political prisoners.
NYPD arresting Occupy Wall Street
NYPD arresting Occupy Wall Street

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