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Brock lesnar News

Brock Lesnar suspended for failing UFC drug test

Las Vegas - Brock Lesnar, former UFC heavyweight champion and current WWE wrestler, reached a resolution to the drug tests he failed in relation to his UFC 200 fight against Mark Hunt.

Op-Ed: Will the Undertaker re-sign with WWE?

Death Valley - The Phenom, aka The Undertaker, will either renew his contract or opt for another role, maybe a short contract. Rumors are rattling around, but it’s not clear what happens next.

Review: RAW Review — 11/08/14

Six days ahead of the advertised "Biggest fight of the summer," six days ahead of the second biggest PPV of the year for WWE, if there was a message that was loud & clear for the WWE universe, it was what is old is...never really that old!

Op-Ed: WWE 'Money in the Bank': All roads lead to Brock Lesnar

WWE Pay-Per-View Money in the Bank is this Sunday. The main event will be a "ladder match" where seven of WWE's top superstars will compete for the vacant WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

WWE: Goldberg possibly returning to the WWE to face Brock Lensar?

Since his return to the WWE the night following WrestleMania 28 this past April, Brock Lesnar has already faced off with John Cena in a brutal match at Extreme Rules in April and will more than likely have a match with Triple H at SummerSlam.

Backstage plans for Brock Lesnar-Triple H match at WWE SummerSlam

Following the disappearance of Brock Lesnar from WWE television after Extreme Rules in April, the fans of the former UFC and WWE Champion have been wondering and waiting to see when Lesnar will return to the ring.

WWE: Will Brock Lesnar make an appearance Sunday at No Way Out?

After not being seen since his attack on Triple H on Raw the night after Extreme Rules in April, Brock Lesnar has been MIA on WWE television with the exception of Paul Heyman representing him in his storyline contract dispute with the WWE.

WWE News: Backstage news on who CM Punk will face at SummerSlam

With the rumors spreading about Brock Lesnar and Triple H battling at this year’s SummerSlam, the news has been been silent on who WWE Champion CM Punk will face at the WWE’s second-biggest event of the year outside of WrestleMania each April.

UFC President Dana White comments on meeting with Brock Lesnar

Following UFC 146 last month, the rumors of a potential return to the world of MMA for Brock Lesnar were kicked into high gear after a meeting between the UFC president, Dana White, and the former Heavyweight Champion.

WWE: Update on when the Rock will return to the WWE in 2013

After once again leaving the WWE like he said he would never do again, the plans for his return have been leaked by the Rock himself after not being seen on WWE television since his promo at the beginning of the post-WrestleMania Raw SuperShow.

WWE: Backstage news on internal feeling about current WWE product

With a disappointing Over the Limit pay-per-view last Sunday followed by an error filled episode of Raw SuperShow, the WWE are in desperate need of something to help their disappointing storylines as of late.

Update on Paul Heyman's return to WWE

With Paul Heyman's WWE return the company will reignite past battles between the McMahon's and the veteran promoter, as well as employ a useful strategy to keep Brock Lesnar around longer.

WWE: How Did the Recent Episode of WWE Raw Do in the Ratings?

On the April 30 edition of Raw SuperShow, the WWE was riding high as they came off a great pay-per-view in Extreme Rules that saw John Cena win a bloody battle with Brock Lesnar in their Extreme Rules match.

WWE: Spoilers on How Long Paul Heyman Will Be with the WWE

In a move that shocked fans at Raw SuperShow last night in Greensboro and fans across the world, Paul Heyman returned to the WWE as Brock Lesnar’s legal advisor in which he said the former WWE and UFC Champion had quit the company and would never return

WWE: Triple H comments on broken arm after being seen in Vegas

After telling Brock Lesnar that his new contract demands wouldn't be acknowledged on Raw SuperShow last week, Triple H joined John Cena after falling victim to the dangerous Kimura submission hold of Lesnar that ended up breaking the left arm of the Game

WWE News: Triple H Appears Uninjured in Las Vegas After Attack

This past Monday on Raw SuperShow, Triple H was the latest victim of Brock Lesnar and his dangerous Kimura submission hold as the WWE reported that the Game’s left arm was broken following the attack at the top of the show.

Vince McMahon not happy with WWE's production team

As the chairman of the board and CEO of the WWE, it seems very reasonable that Vince McMahon will make his opinion known on things that go on in the company and making final decisions on big projects through out the year.

WWE comments on use of blood in Cena-Lesnar pay-per-view match

Chicago - For the first time in a long time in a WWE pay-per-view match, we saw a superstar busted open as John Cena’s face and head was covered in blood during his match with Brock Lesnar at Extreme Rules last Sunday.

Brock Lesnar angry after first pay-per-view match with WWE

Chicago - Reports say Brock Lesnar threw a temper tantrum backstage after WWE star John Cena went off script and, according to Lesnar, made the former UFC champion 'look weak.'

WWE Extreme Rules Results: Update on the John Cena Injury

Chicago - Since his debut in the company back in 2002, there has never been an opponent of John Cena like Brock Lesnar that completely dominated the former champion in the Extreme Rules match last night in Chicago.

Brock Lesnar signs one year contract with WWE

Former UFC heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar has signed a one year contract with the WWE (World Wresting Entertainment).

Op-Ed: Who can face Junior Dos Santos for the title with Overeem out?

With Alistair Overeem testing positive for a 14:1 testosterone ratio only yesterday, MMA fans have been extremely vocal regarding their choices for a shot at the title.

Brock Lesnar retiring after losing to Alistair Overeem at UFC 141

Former UFC heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar had a big fight on Dec. 30 facing Alistair Overeem. Lesnar suffered a loss and announced he is going to retire.

Former UFC champ Brock Lesnar faces hunting charges

Medicine Hat - Wildlife officials in Canada are accusing former Ultimate Fighting Championship heavyweight champion, Brock Lesnar, of shooting a mule deer buck and only keeping the trophy head.

Dana White announces Brock Lesnar's return to UFC

The UFC President has formally announced on ESPN the return of MMA heavyweight sensation Brock Lesnar. The champ will return to the octagon this summer and "will be ready for anyone".

Can Brock Lesnar Take A Punch In The UFC?

A once promising World Wrestling Federation Star, Brock Lesnar dominated sports entertainment with his never ending shoulders and seemingly impossible muscle mass. But can he take a punch in real life?

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