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The British government to use Twitter to combat the threat from ISIS

London - The popular social media site has become the latest tool in the British government's continuing struggle against the threat of Islamic extremism.

UK government warns against doing business in Jewish settlements

The UK government has issued a warning to British businesses on the risks of doing business in the Israeli occupied territories.

British PM David Cameron wants seven more years

As politicians in the UK begin to set their sights on the 2015 general election, David Cameron has announced that he wants seven more years in office.

Abu Qatada plans to sue British government for unlawful detention

Abu Qatada, infamous hate preacher and expensive drain on the taxpayer, intends to sue the British government for £10 million for unlawful detention.

Kenyan Mau Mau veterans may sue British government for damages

London - The London High Court has ruled that three Kenyans who were detained and tortured during the Mau Mau rebellion against British colonial rule have the right to sue for damages. With the ruling, the suit brought by the Kenyans may proceed to full trial.

Video: 'Not even in the Cold War's darkest days'

Washington - The video features an interview with former CIA officer, Ray McGovern. The U.K. government's recent actions with regard to Julian Assange and the sovereignty of the Ecuadorian embassy are discussed.

British gov approved rendition of Libyan Abdel Hakim Belhaj

The BBC has revealed evidence of a letter confirming the part the British government played in the rendition of Libyan Islamic extremist Abdel Hakim Belhaj, to Libya, where he alleges he was tortured in a Gaddafi prison.

Who will rule Britain? It’s crunch time

It’s crunch time in the battle to decide who rules Britain, after last week’s general election led to a hung parliament.

British Government Set To Crack Down On Psychic Community

By the end of May, if British legislators have their way, a series of new EU-inspired consumer protection regulations will be in place to safeguard against fraudulent activity in a widening range of commercial activity.

Optimum Population Trust Says Stop At Two

British families are being asked to stop at two. Kids that is. The Optimum Population Trust says that the Brits population boom is having an impact on the environment. Last year Brits had a total of 669,531 babies.

Declassified documents reveal the British plotted to assassinate Idi Amin at CHOGM

Previously classified British government documents reveal that Idi Amin and his entourage would have been shot at any airport in Britain if Amin had attended the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) in 1977.

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People queuing for fuel this morning in Portsmouth  England
People queuing for fuel this morning in Portsmouth, England
Army tankers placed on standby for possible distribution
Army tankers placed on standby for possible distribution
Tanker leaving the depot
Tanker leaving the depot

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