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Bristol News

Country music documentary 'Born in Bristol' gets UK premiere Special

A new film telling the story of the 'Bristol Sessions', groundbreaking recording sessions that took place 90 years ago in 1927 in Bristol, Tennessee. The London premiere featured a Q&A with Marty Stuart.

Review: Three Cane Whale: 'Palimpsest'

The Bristol-based folksters are back with their third album, the above-mentioned 'Palimpsest,' recorded last summer in Wiltshire. Digital Journal gave it a listen.

Passengers stop train and walk along tracks

Bristol - Authorities in Bristol are trying to identify train riders who decided to leave a crowded train and walk along the tracks.

Musician John Power discusses the second coming of Cast Special

Acclaimed solo artist, bass player in The La's and leader and principal songwriter of Britpop legends, Cast, this Liverpudlian singer-songwriter has done it all. He granted an exclusive interview to Digital Journal.

Man uses crowdfunding to save pet's penis

Bristol - A Bristol man turns to crowdfunding when his pet tortoise's prolapsed "penis" endangers its own life and is out of his budget to fix.

Video: People power as gym in Bristol generates own electricity

Bristol - With the motto "if in doubt, work out", this gym in the UK has converted some of its equipment to not only generate power, but also to save energy costs and help with the environment, with "go-green" machines.

Trapped driver dies in floods after 4x4 swept down a stream

Bristol - Despite rescue attempts from the emergency services, a driver trapped in his car died after heavy rains and flood water swept the man and his 4x4 down stream.

The English Defence League protests peacefully in Bristol

Bristol - Approximately 300 supporters of the English Defence League marched in Bristol to protest against Islamic extremism and the Islamification of the country.

Bus driver receives jail time for deliberately hitting cyclist

Briston - A U.K. man was found guilty for an incident which occurred in Apr. 2011 where he deliberately hit a cyclist on a Bristol road.

Bristol Folk Festival showcases the next generation

Bristol - Three acts deemed to be "the next big thing" in the UK folk music head a star-studded bill at Brisol Folk Festival 2012.

Op-Ed: Vincent Tabak guilty of murder

Bristol - The trial of Vincent Tabak for the murder of Joanna Yeates concluded today with the jury rejecting his fanciful defence after a careful and studious deliberation.

Op-Ed: UK crime round up for October 21

A round up from the UK of crimes in the news: shocking, disgusting and relatively trivial including an ongoing murder trial, and a failed appeal from the recent riots.

Man arrested for making a complaint on his flight to Dublin

Dublin - Following an Aer Arran flight from Bristol to Dublin, an investigation is under way after a man was arrested for complaining that he didn't received the correct change.

Sarah Palin and daughter Bristol trademark their names

Washington - Riding a wave of media buzz, former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin and her daughter Bristol have fulfilled requirements to successfully trademark their names.

Op-Ed: Bellfield trial delayed; more paedophiles convicted

A report on the delay in the trial of Levi Bellfield for the murder of 13 year old Amanda Dowler, and on two recent cases of child abuses in the UK.

Phantom withdrawals in UK – again

A partial review of the latest "Fake Britain" programme concerning phantom cash withdrawals together with some background to this problem which the banks continue to claim doesn't actually exist.

Op-Ed: Tabak admits killing Joanna Yeates

A short report on proceedings against Vincent Tabak, the man charged earlier this year with the murder of Joanna Yeates.

Prototype of Queen Mother's wedding dress sold at auction

Bristol - An original prototype of the Queen Mother's wedding dress brought five times what was expected, selling at auction for £3,500 ($5,634).

Joanna Yeates killer still at large, local police reassure public

Bristol - Police in Bristol who are investigating the murder of Joanna Yeates, have advised local residents to continue with their usual precautions for safety as the hunt for her killer continues.

U.K.'s oldest loan shark spared jail

A 78-year-old grandmother from the West of England, believed to be the oldest loan shark in Britain, has been spared a jail sentence after the judge presiding over her case decided that she was too old to be incarcerated.

Shrimp's eyes could show the way to improved DVD players

A new study from the University of Bristol says the eyes of a marine crustacean could inspire the next generation of DVD and CD players.

Blind music maestro is dubbed 'human iPod'

Derek Paravicini is blind and severely disabled. Yet this gifted pianist, who is unable to read Braille or music and can barely count, is able to play anything by hearing it just once.

Op-Ed: Could McCain Be Using Bristol As A Means Of Avoiding Issues?

In light of the recent all consuming news over the fact that Sarah Palin's daughter is in the family way and the fact that John McCain knew about before naming Palin as his VP candidate was this a ploy? McCain isn't a dummy. Smart move.

Op-Ed: Bush Trimming Deemed to be Discriminatory against Gays

It's a matter of gay rights activists versus the city council in Bristol, UK. The city wants to clear undergrowth from an area called the Downs, to "encourage rare wildlife" into the area, a move that local gays say is discrimination against them.

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Marty Stuart interviewed by Baylen Leonard at the O2 Cineworld Cinemas in London  March 12  2017
Marty Stuart interviewed by Baylen Leonard at the O2 Cineworld Cinemas in London, March 12, 2017
Work outs at theclub in Bristol produce electricity.
Work outs at theclub in Bristol produce electricity.
Photo by Brian Robert Marshall
Queen Square  Bristol  England.
Queen Square, Bristol, England.
Peter Barr
Work outs at theclub in Bristol produce electricity.
Work outs at theclub in Bristol produce electricity.
The UK premiere of  Born in Bristol  at London s O2
The UK premiere of 'Born in Bristol' at London's O2
Banksy s work  Mobile Lovers  a sign of the times in Bristol  UK
Banksy's work "Mobile Lovers" a sign of the times in Bristol, UK
The Album Cover
The Album Cover
Jazz Cowler
Tony Stewart
Tony Stewart

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