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Brexit News

Britain's Johnson sets off on post-election Brexit mission

London - Prime Minister Boris Johnson will unveil a new government Monday that wields a sweeping mandate to take Britain out of the European Union after years of acrimonious debate.

UK opposition chief Corbyn 'sorry' for election wipeout

London - Britain's main opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn apologised Sunday for waging a disastrous campaign that handed Prime Minister Boris Johnson a mandate to take the UK out of the EU next month.

EU warns of post-Brexit rival Britain after Johnson win

Apo - European leaders warned Friday that Britain could become a formidable rival, just hours after a big victory by Prime Minister Boris Johnson's conservatives all but sealed the UK's Brexit divorce.

EU 'ready' for next round of Brexit after Johnson win

Apo - EU leaders said Friday they were ready for the next phase of Brexit, just hours after the resounding victory of Prime Minister Boris Johnson's party that all but seals Britain's divorce from the bloc.

Path to softer Brexit? UK PM's big win gives him leeway

London - The scale of the Conservative victory in Britain's election makes Britain's exit from the European Union all but inevitable but could lead to a softer split, analysts said on Friday.

Pro-European Britons' hopes of stopping Brexit fade

London - Britain's pro-European campaigners lost their bid Friday to persuade the public to undo Brexit, suffering a devastating defeat to the right-wing ruling party.

Boris Johnson: Britain's divisive Brexit champion

London - Boris Johnson persuaded British voters to back Brexit in 2016 and if exit polls are correct now has a chance to deliver, but he stands accused of Trump-style populism that risks further dividing the country.

Britain votes in pivotal 'Brexit election'

London - Britain voted on Thursday in a deeply divisive election that posed a historic choice between an imminent split from the European Union and another referendum that could scrap the entire Brexit process.

Smaller parties could hold keys to power at UK election

London - If British Prime Minister Boris Johnson fails to win an absolute majority in parliament on Thursday, smaller parties may find themselves holding the trump cards in negotiations to form an alliance.Here are the parties who could hold the keys to power.

Britain heads into charged Brexit election

Leeds - Britain's rival party leaders dashed around the country on Wednesday in a frantic push for votes in the final hours before a highly-charged snap election aimed at breaking the Brexit impasse.

British PM seeks Brexit breakthrough as polls tighten

London - Prime Minister Boris Johnson vowed Tuesday to demolish three years of stalemate over Brexit, as Britain's political leaders geared up for a frantic final day of general election campaigning.

Brexit-backing Wales a bellwether in UK vote result

Wrexham - Just a few years ago, there would have been few predictions that the Conservative party could win in a place like Wrexham in northeast Wales, a Labour seat since 1935.

Youth vote an unpredictable factor in UK election

London - Young voters are the most europhile and left-wing in Britain, yet also the least likely to vote, representing an unknown factor in Thursday's battle for Downing Street.

Irish government stumbles as post-Brexit election looms

Dublin - As political chaos reigned across the sea in Britain, Ireland's two main parties have been working together to limit the damage of Brexit -- but not for much longer.

Anti-Semitism stokes fear and election angst in UK's 'bagel belt'

London - Labour party candidate Holly Kal-Weiss sums up the mood of Jewish constituents she's met on the election campaign trail in the "bagel belt" constituencies around north London.

Air of menace as Britain's election gets nasty

Braintree - Candidates hoping to be elected to parliament in Britain have faced all manner of threats and abuse in a particularly hostile campaign, with some worried for their safety when out canvassing.

Brexit boost for UK's Johnson as he plans for victory

London - Prime Minister Boris Johnson won a boost from Brexit supporters on Thursday as he marked one week until election day by setting out a plan for his first 100 days in office.

UK's Johnson plans for victory with Brexit Party boost

London - One week before Britain's election, Prime Minister Boris Johnson was confident enough to publish a plan on Thursday for his first 100 days in office, boosted by an endorsement from Brexit Party MEPs.

Austerity — the backdrop to Britain's 'Brexit election'

Slough - As record numbers of Britons are forced to use food banks and homelessness soars, for many people rampant poverty, not Brexit, is the main issue in next week's general election.In Slough, west of London and just four miles (6.

UK PM avoids Trump row in pre-election visit

Watford - Prime Minister Boris Johnson was braced for trouble from Donald Trump's visit just days before Britain's election, but the US president headed home Wednesday having largely kept his promise to stay out of the campaign.

Trump says to 'stay out' of UK vote on NATO visit

London - US President Donald Trump on Tuesday promised to "stay out" of Britain's election campaign during a two-day visit, while also seeking to defuse a key attack line against British Prime Minister Boris Johnson over healthcare.

Tories' Brexit outcasts take on Johnson as independents

Fpo - Only a few months ago, David Gauke was a Conservative minister. Now he's standing in Britain's upcoming election as an independent, hoping to deprive the party and its prime minister of victory.

Trump flies into British election campaign

London - US President Donald Trump flies into Britain next week, just days before its general election -- and if earlier visits are any guide, fireworks are expected.

UK PM calls in referendum team for Brexit election pitch

London - Prime Minister Boris Johnson made a pitch to Brexit-backing opposition voters Friday alongside a former Labour member of his 2016 referendum team, insisting only a vote for him in next month's election would get Britain out of the EU.

Feckless UK voters? Johnson rejects criticism over old article

London - British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Friday dismissed criticism of an old article he wrote condemning single mothers and "feckless" working-class men, saying the quotes were taken out of context.

'Brexit election' feeds Northern Ireland's bitter divide

Belfast - Britain's "Brexit election" may be hardening opinion about Northern Ireland's status, widening a gulf that characterised the province's bloody and still unsettled sectarian past.

Poll shows UK Tories headed for comfortable win

London - British Prime Minister Boris Johnson's Conservatives are heading for a comfortable win in next month's election, according to a detailed new poll, amid reports Thursday that the rival Labour party is refocusing its strategy.

UK election poll predicts Conservative majority

London - Boris Johnson's Conservative Party would win a comfortable majority in Britain's parliament if the upcoming election were held this week, according to a poll by respected research firm YouGov.

Johnson unveils manifesto for Brexit Britain

Telford - Prime Minister Boris Johnson pledged Sunday to take Britain out of the EU by January 31, then set about reinvigorating public services as he launched his Conservative Party's general election manifesto.

Labour leader Corbyn would be 'neutral' in another Brexit vote

London - British Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn on Friday revealed for the first time that he will remain neutral in the second Brexit referendum that he has vowed to hold if he becomes prime minister next month.
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Timeline of the Brexit talks
Timeline of the Brexit talks
US President Barack Obama gives a speech at an event in central London on April 23  2016 warning aga...
US President Barack Obama gives a speech at an event in central London on April 23, 2016 warning against leaving the European Union
Justin Tallis, AFP
British Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne (R) has claimed the economy would shrink by 6% by...
British Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne (R) has claimed the economy would shrink by 6% by 2030 in the event of a Brexit, costing every household the equivalent of £4,300 a year
Matt Cardy, Pool/AFP/File
Britons with EU spouses retain the right to live and work on the continent but the right to citizens...
Britons with EU spouses retain the right to live and work on the continent but the right to citizenship is up to the individual country
Niklas HALLE'N, AFP/File
US President Barack Obama  pictured in London with Prime Minister David Cameron  has warned of negat...
US President Barack Obama, pictured in London with Prime Minister David Cameron, has warned of negative economic consequences of a so-called Brexit
Justin Tallis, AFP/File

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