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Breath News

Breathing adversely affected by too much alcohol

A new alcohol health alert: researchers have found that people who drink excessively have lower levels of nitric oxide in their exhaled breath, compared with the rest of the population. This lowers the defenses against harmful bacteria.

Software lets paralyzed people speak by breathing

Another example of a potentially revolutionary new technology allows paralyzed people to speak by analysing their "breath signals". Software can recognise specific patterns of breathing and then translate those rhythms into a spoken word.

Honey bees may be able to detect cancer on patients' breath

Inscentinel, a UK firm that specializes in researching insects, performed some research that concluded that honey bees may be able to be trained to detect certain early-stage cancers in people.

Scientists Developing Lung Cancer Breath Test

A simple breath test could someday help predict who's at highest risk of getting lung cancer.

How Do You Know You Haven't Got Bad Breath?

Bonn, Germany (dpa) - If there is one thing guaranteed to keep people at their distance, it's bad breath. Few can stand it, but sufferers are usually completely unaware, and left wondering why they're avoided. Don't worry, though - help is at hand. ...

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