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Breasts News

Topless pioneer Carol Doda dies in San Francisco at 78

San Francisco - Pioneering topless performer Carol Doda, who sang, danced and stripped at a San Francisco nightclub that used a giant neon likeness of her to illuminate its doorway, died Wednesday at 78.

First bionic bra close to reality

Technologists are close to launching a ‘Bionic Bra’. The bra automatically tightens in response to breast movement. The development has reached the prototype stage.

Breast pump recalled for electric shock risk

A brand of breast pumps has been withdrawn from the market due to an electrical fault. The fault poses a potential risk of electrocuting the user.

Beneficial bacteria ‘arrive’ from breast milk

Researchers have discovered that important, beneficial bacteria arrive in babies' digestive systems from their mother's gut via breast milk. This has implications for health and immunity.

Understanding why some women don't produce enough breast milk

A new study into why some women do not produce enough quantities of breast milk has indicated that the cause is the hormone insulin, which affects the amount of milk.

Teen claims she was denied entry to prom because of large breasts

Silverdale - A high school student in Washington state claims she was denied entry to her senior prom because her breasts are too large.

Woman allegedly uses her breasts to smother boyfriend to death

Everett - Medics tried to revive the man but they were unsuccessful, and the Washington state woman is accused of smothering her boyfriend during a drunken fight.

Breast milk contains over 700 different bacteria

New research from Spain has examined the range of different bacteria found in breast milk. The study has revealed a larger microbial diversity than originally thought: more than 700 species. This make-up has implications for the developing child.

TopFinds: Tightrope-walking over Niagara Falls, stem cell update

Nik Wallenda will tightrope-walk over the Falls Friday night. Researchers say they can grow bones from stem cells. What are 'pink collar' jobs and why are some men clamoring towards them? These are the top stories from across the world.

TopFinds: The danger of cleavage, U.S. testing hypersonic weapon

Women dressing sexily may be alienating themselves from female social circles. The U.S. unveils its Advanced Hypersonic Weapon over the Pacific. How did activists save a horse from the slaughterhouse? These are the top stories on

Op-Ed: Woman's breast implant explodes after being hit with a paintball

Croydon - Paintballing has always been associated with minor injuries, but for one British woman it was excruciating. After being shot with a paintball at 190mph, her breast implant exploded.

British scientist says sports bras should be compulsory for PE

Portsmouth - In an attempt to reduce breast pain and sagging in later life, a British scientist has called for sports bras to become a compulsory piece of physical education (PE) kit.

Op-Ed: The media can't handle breasts

Nineteen years ago, a young co-ed named Gwen Jacob strolled topless down the streets of Guelph, Ontario. That hot summer day was destined to become even hotter for Jacob as her simple, impetuous act landed her in hot water for years to come.

Guelph women go topless to celebrate the right to bare breasts Special

Guelph - Downtown Guelph was the setting for the first Top Freedom Day of Pride event that saw women and men of all ages turn out to support the first top free event to be held in Guelph.

Teenagers charged for breast flashing robberies at ATMs

Paris - Police in France have arrested two 14-year old girls for stealing hundreds of euros from people using cash machines after distracting them with bare breasts.

Breasts used to distract victim at cash machine

Paris - A couple of young women in France successfully distracted a man with their breasts while stealing 300 euros from him. Although the incident was recorded by CCTV, the women could not be identified.

Swedish waitress sues for boob job benefits

Stockholm - A Swedish waitress is suing her employer after they denied coverage and docked her earnings while off work getting cosmetic breast enhancement surgery.

Op-Ed: Readers furious over article against breastfeeding, 'fun bags'

Kathryn Blundell, a woman who works for the parenting magazine Mother & Baby, recently wrote an article in which she says breastfeeding is creepy. The article goes on to call breasts "fun bags" and a lot of people are unhappy about both statements.

Palin denies breast implant rumors

Sources close to former Republican Vice Presidential candidate and Governor of Alaska Sarah Palin responded to rumors recently that she had gotten breast implants.

No more boob jobs allowed in Italy

Italian teenage girls will no longer be able to have breast implants in Italy for cosmetic purposes. The ban is for girls under 18. Thousands of Italian girls have had the procedure in the past. The ban is due to the risks of the operation.

Unwanted Fat to be Used for Breast Enlargements

A medical group in Britain is planning, within the next few months, to offer women the chance of having naturally created breast enlargements, using fat that has been removed from other parts of their body.

Boob-Job Business Sagging in Soft Economy

It isn't just the wealthy who are getting boob jobs these with the decline of the economy, this area of plastic surgery is losing some steam.

Are the breasts of New Zealand women getting bigger?

According to bra manufacturer Bendon, New Zealand women's breasts are growing, if you look at the bras they are buying. D-cup and bigger brassieres accounted for half of Bendon bras sold last year.

Public Safety Alert, Stolen Re-packaged Chicken Breasts

The Toronto Police Service would like to make the public aware of a quantity of stolen, repackaged and distributed boneless, skinless chicken breasts.

Paraguay nuclear bomb protest 'It's breasts, not bombs'

More than 100 women went topless in Paraguay to protest nuclear weapons. The group is protesting to raise awareness about the amount of nuclear weapons available worldwide.

Woman Breaks Record With 38KKK Breasts

Sheyla Hershey underwent her ninth operation to achieve a world record breast size of 38KKK. After U.S. doctors refused to do the surgery, she went to Brazil to achieve this distinction.

Obesity Can Give Boys Some Nice Hooters

Some teenage boys who are obese have a problem that many women would love to have. They are growing boobs. Boys afflicted with gynaecomastia may need surgery to flatten their chests.

Professional Assistance in the Bra Department

Ladies, let’s start with the “pencil test” (very scientific). Take a pencil and place it under your breast. If it falls to the ground when you let it go, you probably will not be requiring the assistance described below.

'F Cup Cookies' Promise Fat In Their Cookies Will Grow Your Breasts

New Japanese cookies target women who would like to improve their bust size. They claim that the fat in their cookies will go straight to your breasts and not to the rest of your body. A scientific break-through? Or a new low in consumer marketing.

Jessica Simpson Keepin’ Them Real

Well, this is news: With everything else going on in the world today, this important fact is sure to make everyone feel more informed: Jessica Simpson has revealed that she has real breasts.
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File photo: A buxom lady
File photo: A buxom lady
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Keep a Breast Foundation sold these bracelets for a few dollars to raise money for breast cancer res...
Keep a Breast Foundation sold these bracelets for a few dollars to raise money for breast cancer research and now schools across America are banning them as being sexually explicit.
G-Spirits filtered through naked breasts of model
G-Spirits filtered through naked breasts of model

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