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Breakthrough News

Lisa Durupt talks about new film 'Breakthrough' and technology Special

Actress Lisa Durupt chatted with Digital Journal about the dramatic film "Breakthrough," which was released via Twentieth Century Fox.

Silent plane with no moving parts makes 'historic' flight

Paris - The blue glowing jets of science fiction spacecraft came a step closer to reality on Wednesday as US physicists unveiled the world's first solid-state aeroplane powered in flight by supercharged air molecules.

'Breakthrough' in nuclear fusion produced by melting quarks

Imagine discovering a new kind of fusion reaction, so powerful that physicists nearly decided to bury it rather than let the world know because they feared it could be used as a "planet-killer bomb."

Samsung unveils world's largest hard drive — 16TB super-fast SSD

Samsung has created the world's highest-capacity hard drive, cramming 16TB of file storage space into a unit that fits into a 2.5-inch bay. Even more significant is that the drive is actually an SSD based around 3D NAND chips and not a hard drive at all.

Genetic breakthrough may halt and even reverse the aging process

Scientists researching a premature aging illness may have discovered the genetic process, which makes us grow old. They hope it could lead to treatments which will cure diseases, stop the aging process, and even reverse it.

New asthma treatment breakthrough 'incredibly exciting'

Doctors in the UK say they are "incredibly excited" about a new discovery which identifies the root cause of asthma and offers a treatment which may finally provide a cure to the crippling disease.

What you need to know about this breakthrough treatment of arthritis

British scientists have hailed the results of a new, experimental stem cell treatment for osteoarthritis as "astonishing."

Anti-aging drug breakthrough

The timeless quest for the fountain of youth has taken an important step forward with the successful testing of a new anti-aging drug.

Kip Moore wins 'Breakthrough Artist of the Year' at ACC awards

Country star Kip Moore has a major reason to be proud of. He emerged as a big winner at the inaugural American Country Countdown Awards.

Brett Eldredge nominated for 2014 'Breakthrough' CMT Music Award

Fresh off his nominated for the Academy of Country Music (ACM) award for "New Artist of the Year," Brett Eldredge has scored another nomination.

Artist turns your brainwaves into 3D-printed sculptures

A New York artist has made an astronomical technological breakthrough. Ion Pompian, located in a gallery six floors above Broadway has developed a tool that turns people’s brainwaves into 3D-printed sculptures.

Breakthrough in Malaria vaccine

The U.S. Navy along with the federal government and the medical industry have developed the first ever complete vaccine against malaria. So far it is still under the development stage.

Breakthrough on live cancer cells raises hope for cancer victims

Washington - A potential breakthrough by U.S. researchers in the fight against cancer, through biomedical research, will soon be offering a cure for cancer patients by keeping the person's cancer cells alive in a lab.

Quantum computing: breakthrough in electron alteration technique

Princeton University -- A researcher has discovered a method in altering a single electron without disturbing the trillions of electrons surrounding it. This discovery is a quantum leap forward in the future of computing.

Nanotech breakthrough: get ready for graphene

The exciting one-atom thick super material can now be produced in ample quantities and high quality. Rapid improvements in nanotechnology are now expected.

Alzheimers Breakthrough: Scientists Find New Genes

It has been 16 years since the last major discovery in our understanding of Alzheimer's Disease. Two international teams led by the British and the French have now identified three new genes that are closely linked to the dreaded disease.

Condoleezza Rice sees no breakthrough with N. Korea

According to U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice there is not going to be an immediate breakthrough with North Korea because differences remain with North Korea on its overdue nuclear declaration.

U.S. team identifies possible Parkinson's trigger

Researchers have "stumbled upon" the trigger for Parkinson's disease, an incurable condition at the moment. A glitch in how cells clear damaged proteins could be the spark that causes Parkinson's.

Australian scientist announces cancer chemotherapy breakthrough

An Australian scientist has created a worlds-first chemotherapy test that they think could help save the lives of millions of cancer patients as well as shorten their treatment time.

Aussie scientists make diabetes breakthrough

Australian scientists have identified an enzyme in diabetic patients that blocks the production of insulin. Now the researchers will target this enzyme to develop a simpler and more effective treatment for the disease.

Breakthrough in Data Transfer Brings 'Star Trek Teleport' a Step Closer to Reality

Scientists transport data over 89 miles, like the fictional Star Trek Transporter, without loss of data information. Is this just the beginning of instant teleportation?

Solar Power Breakthrough At Massey University

New solar cells have been developed at Massey University that don't need to be in direct sunlight to operate. They use a 'patented range of dyes' that can be infused into roofing materials, window glass and eventually even clothing to produce power.

Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory scientists discover new gene that prevents multiple types of cancer

"We not only found a critical tumor suppressor gene, but have revealed a master switch for a tumor suppressive network that means more targeted and effective cancer therapy in the future"

Battery Breakthrough? Ten Times More Powerful than Lithium Batteries

EEStor files patents for Ultra Capacitor Batteries that are 10 times more powerful than the existing batteries, costs less and environmentally safe.

Scientists Report Stem Cell Breakthrough

New source for stem cells found

Korean Team Discovers Cancer Breakthrough

Here could be a breakthrough that will help save many lives across the world! This is an amazing breakthrough from the Koreans!

Breakthrough Longevity Survey Results Revealed

SOUTHAMPTON, NEW YORK (SHC) - An eight month survey of more than 545 seniors between the ages of 80 and 100 living on Long Island sheds fascinating light on the attitudes and lifestyle choices that may explain why these people have lived such long and ...

Good News For Patients With Gastro-Intestinal Tumors

BRUSSELS, BELGIUM - A unique drug, "Glivec" (STI571) produced and supplied by Novartis, has shown the firm evidence that for the first time, patients with "Unresectable or Metastatic Gastro-intestinal Stromal Tumors" (GIST), can see a significant impro...

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Young plant breaking through week old tarmac.
Young plant breaking through week old tarmac.
Nature asserts itself in an old car
Nature asserts itself in an old car
Nature versus Stone: Ancient wall at Knossos
Nature versus Stone: Ancient wall at Knossos
Nature versus Stone: Pavement in Amsterdam
Nature versus Stone: Pavement in Amsterdam
Healthy human cells (left) and those genetically modified to Werner syndrome (right)
Healthy human cells (left) and those genetically modified to Werner syndrome (right)
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