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Breakfast News

Better health effects by exercising before breakfast

Bath - When is the best time to workout, in order to maximize the health-effects? The answer, according to a new study, is early – undertaking an exercise routine prior to breakfast. This is because more fat is burnt.

All-day breakfast cracks a major winner for McDonald's

New York - McDonald's all-day breakfast offerings are less than a year old but are already having a measurable effect on the highly competitive fast-food marketplace.

McDonald's reports menu changes boosted restaurant sales

New York - McDonald's Corp. reported Monday that introduction of all-day breakfast and other menu changes helped sales rise nearly 6 percent in the fourth quarter last year.

Mold risk with oat based breakfast cereals

Scientists have warned that oats and oat products, like breakfast cereals, require closer monitoring for fungal toxins. This comes from a review of U.S. oat products, some of which contain a mold-related toxin called ochratoxin A.

Teen rides bike home and makes breakfast after shark bites him

A teen in Western Australia was bitten by a shark on Saturday, but managed to ride his bike home and make himself some breakfast.

Give your memory a boost with Manoush

Canning - The Annapolis Valley of Nova Scotia is quickly becoming a culinary destination and with its rich diversity of cultures from around the world it's not hard to see why. One of those foods that has grabbed attention recently is Manoush.

McDonald's looking to heat up U.S. sales with breakfast, coffee

Raymond Tremblay, a loyal McDonald's Corp <MCD.N> customer from Los Angeles, thinks the fast-food chain sells tasty food at reasonable prices and he cannot think of a quick fix that would hel...

Skipping breakfast may increase the chance of heart attacks

Breakfast is known as the most important meal of the day. Recent studies reinforce this idea by showing that eating breakfast may lower the chances of having a heart attack.

New 'Eatmecrunchy' cereal bowl keeps cereal crunchy

The new 'Eatmecrunchy' bowl is designed to keep cereal from going soggy with a removable shelf to separate cereal from milk.

Waffle-flavored vodka coming to New York

Stony Brook - 'Have it your way' may not be their company motto but Georgi has mixed together a new vodka for a particular taste: Breakfast. Waffle-flavored vodka will be introduced on National Waffle Day in Stony Brook, New York.

Heart and Stroke Foundation: Kids not eating healthy breakfast

Toronto - Are children getting a healthy start to the school day? According to research from a Canadian health organization, kids and teenagers are not eating a healthy breakfast, or at all, before the school day begins.

Restaurant owner dies after serving Obama breakfast

Akron - The owner of the restaurant where President Barack Obama ate breakfast Friday morning died five hours after the President and his entourage left, according to a Reuters report.

Review: Ottawa’s best eggs benedict waffles at Pressed café, hands down Special

Ottawa - Find out why Pressed in Ottawa has some of the best eggs benedict in the city. Pressed also features a great folks-blues inspired local artist to complement breakfast.

Review: TO Tuck Shop on Toronto's Lakeshore yuppied up Special

Toronto - When you think about a Tuck Shop you think about a cheap shop on the ground floor of an apartment building carrying those essentials you forgot to pick up on your way home.

Foreign food influences threaten the full English breakfast

The traditional cooked British breakfast comprising a plate piled high with bacon, eggs and black pudding is under threat, according to a report commissioned by breakfast cereal maker Kellogg’s.

'Best of the Best' in Northwest Arkansas: Pie, Dessert, Bakery Special

The results of a newspaper poll, which asked readers to pick the best businesses in Northwest Arkansas, are in and winners for Best Breakfast, Best Pie, Best Bakery, and Best Dessert are featured here.

Op-Ed: Simple eggs made Mediterranean style Special

San Francisco - This morning for 4th of July, this reporter wanted to make breakfast, simple but enticing enough for the sudden and unexpected guests, that stopped by. Actually, they were extended family members. Still everyone needed a holiday breakfast.

Kellogg asks you to take a picture so a child can eat breakfast

Kellogg is teaming up with Internet-friendly consumers to provide children breakfast. The Agriculture Department says one in four children go without breakfast in the United States. Kellogg is trying to feed that one child with their new campaign.

McD’s launches new Fruit & Maple Oatmeal – but where’s the maple?

Earlier this month, McDonald’s launched its first new breakfast offering in nearly three years, Fruit & Maple Oatmeal, with a good deal of industry fanfare. But there’s not a drop of any real maple in it, drawing the ire of maple-friendly Vermonters.

Domino's offering a breakfast pizza

Who said you can't have a fresh pizza in the morning? A Domino's restaurant in Dayton, Ohio, is adding a breakfast pizza to their menu. Not only are they the only Domino's open 24 hours, they're the only one to add it to their menu.

McDonald's to roll out dollar breakfast menu in U.S.

McDonald's will roll out a variety of breakfast items for only $1 in the U.S. early next month. The move is expected to provide a kick-start to falling breakfast sales.

Kellogg's Forecasts Shortages of its Eggo Waffles

Uh-oh...the kids are soon likely to say, "Leggo my eggos". That's because Kellogg's is predicting a nationwide shortage of its frozen waffles until at least next summer.

Starbucks offers coffee-breakfast combos for $3.95

Starbucks wants to boost its sales, so it's trying a coffee-breakfast combo similar to those served at McDonald’s. The new $3.95 combo will get you a 12-ounce coffee with breakfast sandwich or roll, or a 12-ounce latte with oatmeal or a coffee cake.

Starbucks plans to offer ‘healthy’ breakfast items

Starbucks wants to revive its coffee retail business by offering new healthy breakfast items. Previously it offered pastries, cakes and breads.

What will you have for breakfast tomorrow morning?

Given the ongoing interest, especially in the last few days, in what's in our foods, as shown in the articles posted by David Silverberg

All-Day Breakfast Is Coming To McDonald's?

Of course McDonald's corporate is denying it, but the franchisees are saying that the recent overhauls to McDonald's kitchens are a prelude to one thing: All-day breakfast.

Juice,Coffee decline as Soda consumption rises at breakfast

According to a recent study, the amount of soda drank at breakfast has almost doubled in the last decade and a half.

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Breakfast Image

Cornflakes cereal
Cornflakes cereal
borja iza / argazkiak
SALES GROWTH: A life-size plastic Ronald McDonald character oversees business at a McDonald s restau...
SALES GROWTH: A life-size plastic Ronald McDonald character oversees business at a McDonald's restaurant in Delft, Netherlands, in 2005.
M.Minderhoud / Wikimedia Commons
Some basic ingredients for a Mediterranean style to the usual sunny-side up eggs  omelet or scramble...
Some basic ingredients for a Mediterranean style to the usual sunny-side up eggs, omelet or scramble.
A Tim Hortons restaurant is shown at the Place Alexis Nihon shopping mall in Montreal  Canada.
A Tim Hortons restaurant is shown at the Place Alexis Nihon shopping mall in Montreal, Canada.
Jeangagnon/Wikimedia Commons
Mattie s Diner  Charlotte  North Carolina
Mattie's Diner, Charlotte, North Carolina
Breakfast as served at the Trestle Bakery Cafe  on Main St  Conway  SC.
Breakfast as served at the Trestle Bakery Cafe, on Main St, Conway, SC.
When making the usual omelet  try using some olives  onions  fresh basil and oregano. The flavors ar...
When making the usual omelet, try using some olives, onions, fresh basil and oregano. The flavors are delicious.
Using a seafood cocktail glass or perhaps the lid of a small jar  like a cookie cutter  making a per...
Using a seafood cocktail glass or perhaps the lid of a small jar, like a cookie cutter, making a perfect circle-like hole in the middle of a slice of bread is easy.
A buffet breakfast
A buffet breakfast
A bowl of Lucky Charm cereal
A bowl of Lucky Charm cereal
The full English breakfast includes bacon  eggs  sausages  beans and fried potatoes
The full English breakfast includes bacon, eggs, sausages, beans and fried potatoes
Eggs cooked with a piece of bread and pimentos  as inspired by the movie  Moonstruck.
Eggs cooked with a piece of bread and pimentos, as inspired by the movie "Moonstruck."
Phil Campbell
Fresh cup of coffee
Fresh cup of coffee
Breakfast food
Breakfast food
By smoke_susan
Mattie s Diner interior during the June 2013 Cars and Coffee event.
Mattie's Diner interior during the June 2013 Cars and Coffee event.
Sunny-side up eggs can get a new flavor by adding some basic Mediterranean ingredients like olives  ...
Sunny-side up eggs can get a new flavor by adding some basic Mediterranean ingredients like olives, basil, oregano and feta cheese.

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