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Bread News

Science of bread making reveals the secrets of taste and aroma

Paris - The art of bread making may be well established but there remains a lot to learn in terms of reproducing artisanal bread on a mass scale. This is where science comes in and new research reveals more about taste and aroma.

Gluten-free bread could revolutionize food production

Food technologists have developed a new bread-baking recipe. This is a method for making gluten-free bread based on rice-flour. The outcome is bread with a similar volume and consistency to wheat-flour loaves.

Sourdough Starter: a 'living' food you will learn to love

Making a good sourdough starter it's just like creating life. The simplest, and probably oldest, bread-making method has became the latest trend in homemade food-making. In Sweden you can even hire a sitter to watch over your sourdough.

Finding the ‘X Factor’ for wholegrain

Aarhus - What makes wholegrain healthy? There seems to be an X factor — actually a BX factor — that contributes to the healthy properties contained within the grain. New research explores this further.

Beer made from discarded bread launched

London - The London based Hackney Brewery, together with a food waste charity called Feedback, have launched a pale ale made from surplus loaves of bread.

Plan to add folic acid to flour in Scotland

Edinburgh - The U.S. has done it, as have many other countries. Scotland is considering adding folic acid to flour. However, the rest of the U.K. remains undecided.

Bolivian soldiers kneading dough at army barracks

La Paz - The Bolivian Army will produce 70,000 loaves of bread daily to alleviate the shortage caused by the bakers strike that began Monday in La Paz and El Alto. The bakers’ unions reject the withdrawal of state subsidies to wheat flour in effect since 2011.

Manipulating baker's yeast for the best loaf

For baking bread the important step is with consistently adding ingredients in the correct order and in the right quantities. This is according to a new genetic study.

Op-Ed: Butter or margarine: Can the debate be resolved?

Which best to spread on your morning slice of toast: butter or margarine? Or are they both equally as good? Or equally as bad? Digital Journal attempts to review the latest evidence.

New probiotic hope for autoimmune diseases

Newcastle - Certain bacteria that can eat their way through yeast in the human gut could be the basis for new treatments for people suffering from bowel diseases, according to some new research.

Why does beer taste good?

One answer to this question could be “because it does,” but that doesn’t get to the heart of the matter. The answer is with yeast and the yeast aroma not only appeals to people, it has a particular attraction for fruit flies.

Panera Bread announces a 'no-gun' policy for its cafes

Popular cafe chain Panera Bread is now discouraging customers from bringing guns into its stores as it joins a growing list of businesses enforcing such rules, despite American law allowing for it.

White bread may help with good gut health

Scientists are reporting that white bread seems to encourage the growth of beneficial gut bacteria. The news is surprising in the context of brown and wholemeal bread more often being labelled as more "healthy" foods.

Spanish supermarket offers free bread and water to customers

Every Tuesday for the whole of this year, customers will be queuing at 9 a.m. for the 200 free bottles of water and complementary bread on offer to Eroski supermarket customers in Carcaixent. They hope to help needy customers get by.

Turkish Prime Minister's power reaches even into daily bread Special

Istanbul - As Ramadan continues in Turkey, so do protests that are quickly quelled by the Turkish Prime Minister whose wealth and power reach even into the formula for tasty bread.

Studying ancient wheat may lead to better varieties

Kansas - Researchers have begun to map the genetic code of ancient wheat with a view to using the information to help select stronger and more robust varieties for food.

Snake allegedly baked into bread stirs debate

Last week, a Reddit user posted an image which he claimed was a snake baked into a loaf of bread. The Redditor posted the image with the unbelievable caption: "My aunt found a WHOLE SNAKE in a loaf of bread."

How sourdough bread resists food spoilage

Canadian scientists have explained why sourdough bread remains fresher and lasts for longer. The reason is because during sourdough production, bacteria convert the linoleic acid in bread flour to a compound that has powerful anti-fungal activity.

'Cat breading' latest online sensation, gets the Colbert bump

Bread and cats don't usually go together, but now these two disparate things are joining forces to power the latest online meme: cat owners place their kitty's head through a piece of bread, take a photo and upload them to "cat breading" forums.

UK supermarket changes to ‘giraffe bread’ after child’s appeal

London - The British supermarket Sainsbury’s has changed the brand name one of its popular products - ‘tiger bread’ – to ‘giraffe bread’, following an appeal from a three-year old girl.

Garlic bread argument leads to murder

Livingston - Enjoying a delicious piece of garlic bread to go with the usual Scottish cup of tea was a normal request for 22-year old Alami Gotip of West Lothian, Scotland. But life would change soon for the young mother and her two young children, age one and four.

Bakery creates 'Noynoy Bread' in honor of Philippine president Special

San Diego - Philippine President Noynoy Aquino is the latest celebrity to be honored with a special bread by a Filipino creative baker in San Diego, California.

Company fined after dead mouse found in bread

Kidlington - Premier Foods was ordered to pay almost £17,000 after a man found a dead mouse in a loaf of bread made by the UK company.

A French baker gets his day in court

The case of a French baker who was ordered to pay 1,000 euros for honking his delivery van horn too often and too early.

Allergy Alert on Undeclared Nuts in Brownberry Whole Grains Bread 100% Whole Wheat

Arnold Foods Company, Inc. is recalling BROWNBERRY brand Whole Grains BREAD 100% WHOLE WHEAT (1 LB 8 OZ) because it may contain undeclared almonds, walnuts and hazelnuts.

Undeclared Tree Nuts in Oroweat 100% Whole Wheat Bread Packaging

Bimbo Bakeries USA today announced a voluntary recall of Oroweat 100% Whole Wheat bread because it may contain tree nuts that are not listed on the label.

Lembas, Elven Bread May Help with the Hunger Problem

The price of bread is going up, food shortages abound, in Haiti people have been eating, buying and selling dirt pies to survive. Considering the state of the world perhaps survival food is called for.

Robbing A Restaurant For Bread Rolls Is A Pain In The Ass

A man and woman in Australia have been jailed after a carefully planned restaurant robbery couldn't have gone more horribly wrong. The "heist" left them with a bag of bread rolls and a shot in the behind

Sara Lee Recalls Whole Wheat Bread

Sara Lee Food and Beverage Company has issued a voluntary recall for specific bread products. The company is working with the USDA to ensure that consumers are aware of the recall. The bread may contain small pieces of metal.

Use Your Loaf: The War Between Who Makes The Most Dough Out Of The Bread War

If only you could still pop out at buy a loaf of bread just like the good old days, because the war between pre-bagged bread and the uncut loaf has been rife, right under our noses
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Bread Image

A bag of bread
A bag of bread
An example of a cat breading photo
An example of a cat breading photo
Bread  produced locally from a mill near Ware in Hertfordshire. Thick crusts and soft chewy dough in...
Bread, produced locally from a mill near Ware in Hertfordshire. Thick crusts and soft chewy dough inside.
Mary Lou picking out a loag of bread
Mary Lou picking out a loag of bread
Snake allegedly baked into bread
Snake allegedly baked into bread
David Monniaux
bread making. Yeast feeding on honey.
bread making. Yeast feeding on honey.
All kinds of bread were sold and among these home made batches were olive breads and malted loafs
All kinds of bread were sold and among these home made batches were olive breads and malted loafs
Fried bread (Arepas)
Fried bread (Arepas)
The Marraqueta bread is a staple in the diet of South American people. This type of loaf can be neat...
The Marraqueta bread is a staple in the diet of South American people. This type of loaf can be neatly divided into four pieces with the hands.
Fernando Ossandón
A roll and butter served with each meal. Note the logo of The Strand Palace Hotel.
A roll and butter served with each meal. Note the logo of The Strand Palace Hotel.
Very yummy looking handmade bead
Very yummy looking handmade bead

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