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During COVID-19, YouTube is our favorite brand

As consumers spent more time streaming, YouTube has leaped from sixth to first place in the media and entertainment industry, according to MBLM’s Brand Intimacy COVID-19 Study. This means YouTube has become the top place to head towards.

Lachlan Delchau-Jones and Taylor Reilly talk music branding Special

Australian entrepreneurs Lachlan Delchau-Jones and Taylor Reilly chatted with Digital Journal's Markos Papadatos about musicians and the need to focus on their personal brands.

Q&A: What needs to be considered when rebranding a business? Special

How can be businesses be successfully rebranded and what are the main pitfalls to avoid during the process? To get to grips with the intricacies of the rebranding process, Digital Journal caught up with Rohan Thambrahalli.

BandPay to launch March 2020, building trust in music business Special

BandPay, a fully customizable payment platform to launch March 2020, introduces a simple solution to the delays, errors, and losses that slow down many music professionals’ transactions and creative output. Co-CEO DeCarlos Garrison explains more.

Brands are held at a higher standard than the federal government Special

According to a new survey, brands in the U.S. are held at a higher standard than the federal government. However, the report finds that consumers don’t believe they have control over their personal data. We unpick the survey with Chris Slovak, Tealium.

Q&A: Are brands growing to match global customer service trends? Special

In today’s digital world, communication preferences for consumers constantly change at a rapid pace. In order for brands to successfully meet their consumers’ expectations, they must implement the trends that are evolving into a customer care strategy

Q&A: Why the ‘path of least resistance’ is a branding nightmare Special

According to Jean-Marc Chanoine of Templafy, we are psychologically wired to take the ‘path of least resistance’ at work. The problem is that weak brands are born out of fractured internal processes, as he explains in an interview.

Q&A: Strategies for connecting brands and their customers Special

Why is Amazon a successful retailer? This is a question that many retail companies have pondered over. One answer, according to analysts at Elastic Path, is that the company more fully understands what the customer expects and how this can be delivered.

Consumer goods industry ranked 5th on Brand Intimacy Study

By understanding the emotional connection between a brand and the consumer, businesses can charge a premium for goods and services. The latest 'Brand Intimacy' report reveals which companies are succeeding most strongly with this approach.

Ferrari declared the world’s strongest brand

Ferrari has completed an extra lap to be awarded the title of the world’s strongest brand, according to a new survey. Amazon remains the world’s most valuable brand, and there’s been a strong performance from Microsoft.

Saint John, New Brunswick to host World Cannabis Conference

Saint John - Members of the marijuana industry will be in Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada beginning Sunday evening for the inaugural opening of the World Cannabis Congress.

Time for brands to focus on social issues: Interview Special

Any brand can tweet, post or even run a campaign around a social issue. However, what matters is if this bandwagoning is in line with their overall mission, according to brand specialist Paul Vivant.

Apple is the world’s most intimate brand

There are lists for the most identifiable brands, even the most loved brands. But what about ‘brand intimacy’? This refers to the emotional bond between a person and a brand. New data suggests we’re closer to technology companies.

Op-Ed: Keeping your company off life support Special

Today's business is an ever-changing world where spiraling complexity is a daily expectation - no longer a surprise. I sat down with branding whiz Kirill Storch, CEO of Electric Web Marketing, and this is what I discovered about the future of branding.

Spinnaker Tower branding: Marketing color angers Portsmouth

Portsmouth - After a weekend of strong petitioning by Portsmouth residents, the Portsmouth City Council is now reviewing the plans of painting the Spinnaker Tower.

Coining an investment strategy helps companies grow their brand

In financial circles, asset managers and investment agencies ascribe to a particular tried-and-true investment strategy. Whether it be buy-and-hold, contrarian, top-down or bottom-up, most agencies gravitate towards one philosophy and become tied to it.

Op-Ed: Coca-Cola and the power of brand association

Atlanta - Brand association is a powerful tool in corporate marketing. If a brand can have their product positively associated in a consumer’s mind, they pretty much won that consumer over for life. In the world of positive brand association, Coca-Cola is king.

Elop: Nokia branded smartphones soon to vanish from the market

Former CEO of Nokia and current head of devices at Microsoft Stephen Elop has said in an interview that he doubts that Nokia-branded phones will be "sticking around much longer."

Old Navy’s lack of brand awareness means uphill battle in China

Shanghai - China is the land of opportunity from the viewpoint of major Western retailers like Old Navy. Its huge population and rising median income means there's major money to be made selling clothing to the emergent urban middle class.

Indiana residents claim new slogan makes state look bad

Indianapolis - Some Indiana residents are outraged by the state's new slogan, claiming that it will send the wrong message and hurt marketing efforts.

With video consumption booming, content marketers take notice

As content marketing strategies continue to evolve and to demonstrate deeper sophistication, more strategists are incorporating video into their content calendars.

Op-Ed: Pinterest considers sponsored pins, how would this affect brands?

Pinterest has always been one of the few social networks which haven’t gone commercial. Now this appears to be changing as it takes on social media tips from its competitors and introduces sponsored pins, as a result.

Op-Ed: As content marketing breeds complexity, knowledge deficits exist

The commercial side of the digital media industry is entering a considerable challenge to its intellectual sustainability, and the solution resides in the courage and will of middle management to train the next generation.

Canada named world's number one 'country brand'

For the second year in a row, Canada has been named the number one most powerful country brand in the world by FutureBrand, a leading international brand and design consultancy.

New York Businesses Get Creative Special

New York - For years, many have made a distinction between business types (also sometimes known as 'the suits'), and 'the creatives', but that classification is becoming increasingly outdated as the line today between 'business' and 'creative' blurs.

Interview with Kelly Kim, co-founder of Twylah Special

Twylah is a San Francisco-based startup that offers optimized Twitter brand pages for celebrities and businesses. Today, I am pleased to feature Kelly Kim, one of the founders of the platform.

McDonald's to spend $1 billion on brand transformation in Canada

Toronto - The international fast-food giant McDonald's recently announced that it plans to invest $1 billion on a brand transformation for its franchises in Canada. The company is hoping to reinvigorate its image in the country.

Op-Ed: Edelman's perspectives parallel modern branded content solutions

Speaking at the Holmes Report's Think Tank Live summit in Prague last week, Edelman CEO Richard Edelman positioned the opportunities for public relations companies along 'complexity' lines versus the 'simplicity' produced in advertising agency circles.

AriZona Tea caught in Arizona's new immigration law

New York - The popular product, AriZona Iced Tea has become an unlikely victim of the state's new immigration law. The people who came up with the brew say they're based in New York, not Arizona.

Brand Equity Dilution

One of the most valuable advantages to maintaining a strong brand name is that from that strengthened name, a brand extension can be formulated.
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