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Dimitri Vegas joins forces with MJB brand on new fashion line

Electronic superstar Dimitri Vegas of the hit electronic duo Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike has collaborated with famed UK fashion designer MJB (Marc Jacques Burton) for a new fashion line. Digital Journal has the scoop.

Apple ranks number one in Brand Intimacy COVID Study

Apple is ranked in top spot in MBLM’s latest Brand Intimacy COVID Study. The finding indicates the important role that that company plays for many consumers during the continuing pandemic.

Greek pole vaulter Emmanuel Karalis talks plans for 2019, brand Special

Greek pole vaulter Emmanuel "Manolo" Karalis chatted with Digital Journal about his plans for 2019, and he opened up about his brand #FlyManoloFly.

From a 'cultural meme' to a comeback kid: Samsung bounces back

Samsung has pulled a successful comeback from its exploding phones fiasco last year, with its brand value up 9 percent, according to Interbrand.

Huawei now third biggest smartphone brand, sold 100m in 2015

Huawei has been enjoying a noticeable increase in demand for its smartphones this year. The extent of its growth is now clear as the company has moved up to third largest manufacturer in the world after selling 100 million handsets in the past 12 months.

Google has an all-new logo to convey colour and friendliness

Google is rolling-out an all-new logo with a flatter, more modern design with a greater emphasis on bold colour and simplicity. It can be seen today on the company's search engine and will be bringing updated multi-colour iconography to apps very soon.

Vaio returning to the U.S. with a truly 'monster' tablet

The Vaio computer brand has announced that it will be returning to the U.S. from October this year, unveiling a powerful high-end tablet as its launch device. The company used to belong to Sony but became independent after being sold off in 2014.

10 million flock to Angry Birds 2 in the first three days

Game developer Rovio has announced that 10 million people downloaded the sequel to its hit title Angry Birds in just the first three days after its initial release. It shows the demand for mobile games and the popularity of Rovio's iconic creation.

Microsoft rebranding Xbox Music to 'Groove'

Microsoft has announced it is rebranding its Xbox Music streaming service to "Groove Music" ahead of the launch of Windows 10. The company cites consumer confusion about the use of the Xbox brand as the reason for the change.

Samsung, Oppo sued in China over intrusive smartphone bloatware

Smartphone manufacturers Samsung and Oppo have found themselves faced with a lawsuit from their customers in China. The consumer commission is fed up with the massive amounts of bloatware apps installed out of the box, some of which may be intrusive.

Nokia is intending to return to smartphones in 2016 after all

After first hearing that Nokia will be resuming smartphone production again and then the subsequent denial of any such intent, the company's chief executive has now said that Nokia is indeed looking to get back into smartphones again in 2016.

New powerful Xiaomi smartphone tipped for release next quarter

Chinese smartphone brand Xiaomi is rumored to be gearing up to launch a new smartphone in the coming months that uses the same processor as the LG G4. The brand is still relatively unknown in Europe and the U.S. but has seen great success in China.

Microsoft told that Skype logo is too similar to Sky's

An EU court has ruled that Microsoft-owned video messaging software Skype's name and logo is too similar to that of broadcaster Sky, preventing Microsoft from trademarking the Skype branding and allowing Sky to pursue Microsoft for licensing if it wants.

What you need to know about LinkedIn's new app

LinkedIn is one of the most important social media networks for B2B professionals, and on Monday the social company announced its entry into the social media management space with a new app called Elevate.

ICANN investigates inappropiate usage of .sucks domain name

ICANN is investigating a Canadian domain registrar that is using the ".sucks" domain to get sums of up to $2,500 from celebrities and brands who are eager to protect themselves from the domain being used to negatively portray their company.

Internet Explorer is finally dead, Microsoft is killing the brand

Microsoft's marketing chief confirmed at the company's Convergence conference yesterday that the long ill-spoken Internet Explorer web browser brand will be killed off with Windows 10 and replaced with the company's new "Project Spartan."

2013 a record year for Rolls-Royce

The luxury car manufacturer Rolls-Royce has just released figures showing that 2013 was a record breaking year for the company. The two biggest growth markets were in China and the Middle East.

New York Businesses Get Creative Special

New York - For years, many have made a distinction between business types (also sometimes known as 'the suits'), and 'the creatives', but that classification is becoming increasingly outdated as the line today between 'business' and 'creative' blurs.

McDonald's to spend $1 billion on brand transformation in Canada

Toronto - The international fast-food giant McDonald's recently announced that it plans to invest $1 billion on a brand transformation for its franchises in Canada. The company is hoping to reinvigorate its image in the country.

Reddit to introduce 'branded communities' later this year Special

The popular online community Reddit will soon launch various "branded communities" in order for companies to interact with customers and learn how to improve their products, according to an interview with Reddit's General Manager.

Russell Brand and Katy Perry wed in Hindu ceremony in India

Comedian Russell Brand and singer Katy Perry were married in a Hindu ceremony which included traditional Indian clothes, horses, camels and elephants.

Russell Brand arrested at LA airport

Los Angeles - Comedian Russell Brand was arrested and charged with battery after an incident involving a photographer at Los Angeles International Airport.

Paris is top of the 2009 Anholt-GfK Roper city brand index

Each year the Anholt-GfK Roper City Brands Index(SM)(CBI) report captures consumer perception of the image and reputation of 50 major cities worldwide.

Google world's top brand, first to reach $100-billion mark

According to the annual BrandZ list, a ranking that identifies the world's most valuable brands measured by their dollar value, Google is the “Most valuable Global brand.” The company is also the first one to reach the $100-billion mark.

Digital Journal Mavericks: The Daring Digital Designer

He’s a digital media trailblazer, a rebranding specialist, a pioneering artist and the go-to leader in motion graphics. Jakob Trollbäck divulges what gets him excited about advertising and why he wants to reinvent the music video.

Google named world's No. 1 brand

Google has become the world’s most powerful brand surpassing other giant companies such as General Electric, Microsoft, IBM and Coca-Cola.

Brand names vs. knockoffs

You can save a lot of money by going for the usually cheaper knockoff.

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Russell Brand and Rose Byrne in 'Get Him To The Greek'
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Russell Brand in  Get Him To The Greek
Russell Brand in 'Get Him To The Greek'
Russell Brand and Jonah Hill in  Get Him To The Greek
Russell Brand and Jonah Hill in 'Get Him To The Greek'
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