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Brain tumor News

New technique allows medics to watch a brain tumor glow

Using an experimental bio-paint, scientists have gained the ability to watch a brain tumor glow. Using this improved visual ability this will make surgical procedures more accurate.

Brain tumor research funding declared inadequate

London - Funding for research into brain tumors is inadequate and it receives too low a profile. These comments have been made in relation to global research and specifically for funding in the U.K.

Vatican denies that Pope Francis has small, curable brain tumor

Vatican City - An Italian newspaper published a brief report Wednesday, stating that Pope Francis has a brain tumor that requires no surgical treatment. The Vatican strongly denies this and says the pontiff's health is good.

Catholic hospital denies life-saving operation to pregnant woman

Grand Blanc - Jessica Mann is in the third trimester of her third pregnancy, but instead of resting and preparing for her baby, she's locked in a battle with her Catholic hospital which refuses to grant the 33-year-old social worker a potentially life-saving operation.

Doctors perform less invasive brain surgery through eyelid

When Pamela Scott, a 56-year-old from Morro Bay, California, was diagnosed with a brain tumor, it was hoped that the removal would stop the unceasing headaches that left her in constant agony.

Mutation discovery may help detect rare brain tumor

Researchers have identified a mutated gene that causes a type of brain tumor that can have devastating lifelong effects. Currently, the tumor can only be treated with challenging repeated surgeries and radiation.

8-year-old girl dies after doctors think brain tumor is ADHD

Kalmar - An 8-year-old girl died after doctors in southern Sweden failed to diagnose a brain tumor, believing her symptoms may have been attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), an investigation has found.

Family of teen with brain tumor fights to continue life support

Hollywood - The parents of a Florida teenager fighting for her life after being diagnosed with a brain tumor are battling to keep the young woman on life support.

Singer Sheryl Crow reveals she has a benign brain tumor

Singer and songwriter Sheryl Crow startled a reporter Friday when she revealed to him that she had recently found out she has a brain tumor.

Student with brain tumor told by doctors she was just 'homesick'

A UK student suffering from a life-threatening brain tumor was repeatedly turned away by doctors who insisted her crippling headaches were due to just being 'homesick.'

Baseball legend Gary Carter fights for his life,new tumors found

He battled teams on the field. Now he is battling for his life off the field. Doctors treating baseball Hall of Famer Gary Carter discovered “several new spots/tumors on my dad's brain,” his daughter Kimmy Bloemers wrote in the family's online journa

Jessica Joy Rees, 12, dies of brain cancer after 10-month fight

Jessica Joy Rees died on Thursday after a 10-month struggle with brain cancer. Her parents said on her Facebook page: "We have prayed and prayed and prayed for sweet Jessie to be healed here on earth but God's plan was to use heaven for healing."

Experts at Maine conference say cellphones cause cancer

Portland - Empirical evidence connecting cellphone use and cancer has been the subject of a fierce debate in recent years between researchers and operators of the telecommunications industry, including federal regulators.

ACLU sues Wal-Mart for firing medical marijuana patient

Battle Creek - The American Civil Liberties Union filed a lawsuit against Wal-Mart, on behalf of Joseph Casias, the 30-year-old former 2008 Associate of the Year who was wrongfully fired by a Michigan Wal-Mart for his legal use of medical marijuana.

7-year-old brain tumor patient off to meet her hero: The Nuge

Some wish for a vacation in the tropics. But a young girl in Florida asked the Make-A-Wish Foundation for something a little more hard core. To meet the "Motor City Madman" himself, Ted Nugent.

High Levels of Lead Found in Cameron, Missouri

After a series of brain tumors in Cameron Missouri, several tests were done on the soil. The tests have confirmed that there are levels of potential concern.

Teen listens to music during six-hour brain tumor surgery

A teen listened to music on his iPod while undergoing brain surgery to remove a tumor. Doctors at a London hospital needed him awake for the surgery.

Long-time Washington Journalistic Icon Robert Novak Calls It Quits

Long-time Washington columnist Robert Novak, author of the longest-running U.S. syndicated political column in US history, is calling it quits. The 77-year-old conservative pundit has been a part of the political fabric of America for the past 51 years.

Journalist Robert Novak Diagnosed With Brain Tumor

Columnist Robert Novak was diagnosed with a brain tumor during his visit to Cape Cod. He has suspended his work indefinitely.

Ted Kennedy To Undergo Risky Surgery

This morning in Durham, North Carolina, Senator Edward Kennedy is scheduled to undergo what is being described as risky surgery on his malignant brain tumor.

Updated: Sen. Ted Kennedy Diagnosed with Malignant Brain Tumor

Sen. Ted Kennedy was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor in the left Parietal Lobe. Treatment will take place and doctors are considering surgery or chemotherapy.

Gene profiling boosts tailored chemotherapy

I think this kind of treatment sometimes does more harm than good... Maybe this is a partial solution to the problem...

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