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Brain injury News

Deep brain simulation aids chronic brain injury patients

Patients with chronic brain injury are being helped with a pioneering technique: deep brain simulation. Tests have shown how the technique improves quality of life and functioning of people with severe disability.

Two Australian boxers succumb to brain injury after fight

At least two Australian boxers have died this year after suffering brain injuries during their title fights against Filipino boxers in two separate events in Australia

Florida boy suffers brain injury from termite fumigation of home

Palm City - A 10-year-old Palm City, Florida boy has been left with a severe brain injury after being exposed to a chemical used in fumigating the family's home on August 14.

Scientists explain how the brain 'rewires' itself after injury

A team of scientists say they have discovered the exact areas in the brain that take over when a brain injury occurs. These findings may lead to new treatments for several health issues.

NFL donates money to head trauma research

The National Football League (NFL) announced that, in partnership with General Electric, it will give $60 million over 4 years to research brain-trauma disease.

Man unaware of nail in his brain undergoes surgery for removal

Oak Lawn - An Illinois man thought he had grazed his head after he shot a nail from a nail gun that went awry when he was in the midst of building a shed on Tuesday morning.

Stay conscious about sleeping: Health risks and misconceptions Special

Sacrificing sleep for other priorities is a common practice but one which causes serious harm. Anyone sleeping seven to nine hours on a daily basis and wonder why they still feel faint, unfocused, anxious or irritable may have an undetected disorder.

Dr. Harch, a hero in the making for brain injury patients Special

When it comes to brain injuries doctors offer little hope to patients. There is one treatment however that works improving the lives of those who deal with daily struggles.

The long road home may never end- Brain Injury Recovery

The way home has changed. The pathways were easy to navigate in the past. They are now a maze of jumbled vines and branches ready to trip me up.

B. C. Supreme Court Justice Wants to Reveal Man's Facebook Usage

A British Columbia man claims to have suffered a brain injury in a car accident, and the judge ordered an analysis of his computer hard drive. He wants to find out if the man's Facebook use could lead to his potential wage loss.

Seizure A Risk Even A Decade After Brain Injury

There is a higher risk for epilepsy for years after a serious brain injury, according to a study published in the Lancet on Monday.

It's A Skill Not A Pill

Surviving strokes and heart attacks are a marvel of medical science. What needs to be addressed though is the second phase recovery. These advances come at a cost, brain injuries require rehab so patients can return to their lives.

Brain Injuries And Cooling The Body After A Heart Attack

Cooling saves lifes after a heart attack. Taking the body down to a hypothermic state within hours can save not only heart muscle but improve the severity of a brain injury. Within four minutes of a heart attack brain cells begin to die off.

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Australian boxer Brayd Smith (right)
Australian boxer Brayd Smith (right)
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