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Brain cells News

Trial attempts to reverse brain death

Can brain death be reversed? This may sound the stuff of science fiction, but some leading biotechnology companies have been given the go ahead to run an experiment.

Researchers advance multiple therapies to improve brain function

They have enabled paraplegics to walk by sending computer-interpreted electrical signals from patients’ brains to motorized exoskeletons suits.

Protein may be key to treating Parkinson's, brain cancer

Chapel Hill - Researchers have found that a protein present in the brain helps neurons and brain cancer cells avoid cell death, a discovery scientists hope will lead to better treatments for not only brain cancer, but for Parkinson’s Disease as well.

Some brain cells deal with stress better than others

Scientists may have found the brain cells responsible for the varying reactions to stress. The research also suggests that there are variations between animals in how the brain responds to stressful situations.

Cancer patient's brain cells offer clues on how cancer spreads

Exactly what triggers cancer cells to spread throughout the body remains a mystery. However, a study of the brain of a patient with brain cancer offer some clues.

Can urine be turned into brain cells?

Scientists have carried out a study whereby cells from human urine have been manipulated into cells that resemble the types of neurons found in the brain.

Major step in treating Parkinson's with stem cell transformation

When brain cells producing dopamine die off it causes tremors, rigidity and restrictive movement. Now scientists in the US have grown new brain cells from stem cells in a major step towards new treatments for Parkinson's disease.

In The Future Ultrasound May Help Repair Nerve Cell Transmission

A new approach to treating brain disorders may be blasting them with noise sounds. In effect it's like kicking the TV in order to get it to work right. Using ultrasound machines are a treatment for brain injuries looks to be a future treatment.

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Image of human brain
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