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Memristor circuit recreates the brain and carries out human tasks

Researchers have developed a new kind of neural circuit that uses memristor technology to replicate the complex human brain. The "intelligent" circuit was able to perform some human tasks that computers usually struggle at, such as image classification.

Brain surgery man helps with tinnitus research

Biologists are probing the neural roots of the ear-ringing condition tinnitus in a 50 year-old man undergoing brain surgery. The aim is to find more about the condition.

This guy filmed his own brain surgery

Boston - Steven Keating, an MIT doctoral student, was diagnosed with brain cancer last year, so he decided to film his own brain surgery.

Air pollution may shrink brains increasing dementia and strokes

A new scientific study links long term exposure to air pollution with smaller brains and increased risk of cognitive impairment and strokes.

Deep-brain stimulation helps Parkinson's

San Fransisco - Deep-brain stimulation appears to treat slow movement, tremor, and rigidity in Parkinson’s patients. This is by reducing synchronicity of neural activity in the motor cortex.

HIV rapidly invades the brain, following infection

San Fransisco - The virus that causes AIDS can rapidly replicate and mutate in the brain, as early as four months after initial infection, a science team report.

European brain project under review

Brussels - Following serious criticism throughout 2014, the European Commission–led scheme to map the brain’s neural connections must undergo serious reform or be shut down, according to a review panel.

Sleep-walking neurons could offer Alzheimer's clue

The finding that the brain's in-built "GPS" never stops working, even when we are asleep, could provide the basis of a treatment to tackle early-onset Alzheimer's disease.

Meditation may delay age-related deterioration of brain

A new study from the Brain Mapping Center at the University of California at Los Angeles, shows that meditating daily over a few years can reduce age-related memory loss.

Study says anxiety in toddlers could alter brain physically

A new study from the Yale Child Study Center has shown that anxiety in preschoolers can physically change the structure of their brains.

Vernon Mountcastle, pioneering neuroscientist, has died

New York - Vernon Mountcastle, who mapped the functional landscape of the neocortex, has died at the age of 96. His original theory, now commonly accepted, was seen as of immense controversy back in the 1960s.

Brain hormones affect fat and obesity

A new study has found how certain hormones, active in the brain, affect levels of fat (and types of "good" and "bad" fat). In turn, this influences levels of obesity.

Smartphone use rewires your brain

With electronic gadgets now commonplace, new research suggests that smartphone users' thumbs are reshaping their brains.

Meditation may physically alter regions of the brain

Harvard researchers at the Massachusetts General Hospital reported that the practice of mindfulness meditation can physically alter regions of the brain associated with memory, sense of self, empathy, and stress.

Neuroimages emblazon Times Square

New York - A movie that showcases stunning images of brain structures lit up New York City billboards for three minutes each night during November, taken central stage at Times Square. The video is now available for all to view on Vimeo.

Tapeworm lives in man's brain for four years (video)

London - A man who suffered with headaches and seizures for four years finally found out why: a rare tapeworm was living in his brain. The parasite has now been removed by medics.

Lost region of brain rediscovered

Scientists have found a region of the brain which has been forgotten about for almost a century. And it isn't just some little grey blob, it is a massive part of the brain situated at the back of the head.

Magic mushrooms transform brain into new hyperconnected state

Scientists have been surprised to find that magic mushrooms transform the entire organization of the brain and rearrange its whole communication system.

Long-term marijuana use may affect brain region

A new study suggests that long-term marijuana smokers have less gray matter in their orbitofrontal cortex compared with non-smokers. However, the study further notes that other brain circuits compensate by increasing connectivity.

Is schizophrenia linked to human parasites?

There are many possible causes of schizophrenia, from genetic to environmental. One unusual factor could be, in some cases, parasites.

Is a cure for Alzheimer’s disease on the horizon?

More than 5 million people are battling Alzheimer's disease in the U.S., and your odds of developing this medical condition increase with age.

Brain patterns help to detect consciousness

Scientists have identified brain activity patterns that appear to indicate when an unresponsive patient is conscious. The finding helps to characterize brain activity patterns that can identify signs of awareness in seemingly vegetative patients.

Can broccoli extract ease autism symptoms?

An initial study has found improvements in behavior and communication skills among young men treated with sulforaphane. This chemical is a constituent of vegetables like broccoli.

New clues about learning and neurons

To learn how to run on a wheel with unevenly spaced rungs, mice must be able to make new myelin, the fatty sheaths that insulate neuronal axons. This finding changes some perceptions on how animals learn.

Op-Ed: Trio shares Nobel for finding brain GPS

Another startling discovery about how the brain works has won a Nobel prize, this time for revealing how we know where we are on the planet.

More funding for Obama's BRAIN

Washington - A mix of public, private, philanthropic, and academic investments have been collected in order to fund additional BRAIN Initiative-related projects. This is a project to map out the human brain, launched by President Obama in 2013.

Family of brain-dead California girl says she's still responsive

Oakland - An attorney for an Oakland, Calif., girl declared brain dead after a tonsillectomy last year released video clips Thursday he said shows her responding to verbal commands.

Altering neurons improves autism in mice

Fixing impaired neurons appears to ease the symptoms of autism in laboratory studies on mice, where mice have the disorder. This is according to a new study published in the journal Neuron.

Bacterial meningitis incidence falls in the U.S.

Advances in the prevention and treatment of bacterial meningitis appear to be paying dividends in the U.S. A new report has revealed a significant drop in prevalence and mortality following the introduction of new treatments.

Lab grown 3-D brain tissue could help with brain injuries

Researchers have engineered rat tissue so that it forms complex networks of functioning neurons. The developed tissue appears to behave normally after an injury, and could lead to innovative research on human brain injury.
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Brain Image

This picture by the National Institute of Health compares a healthy brain to a brain damaged by Alzh...
This picture by the National Institute of Health compares a healthy brain to a brain damaged by Alzheimer's Disease.
National Institutes of Health
Brain preserved in formaldehyde
Brain preserved in formaldehyde
Gaetan Lee
A new memristor-based circuit replicates 100 synapses in the brain and is capable of carrying out  h...
A new memristor-based circuit replicates 100 synapses in the brain and is capable of carrying out "human" tasks like image classification
Sonia Fernandez
Conference on Brain Injury  July 2020 San Francisco  CA Photo by Roy Kaltschmidt
Courtesy of NCIRE ...
Conference on Brain Injury, July 2020 San Francisco, CA Photo by Roy Kaltschmidt Courtesy of NCIRE – The Veterans Health Research Institute
Original photo by Roy Kaltschmidt
An MRI brain scan
An MRI brain scan
Ben Beiske
Forgotten region of brain rediscovered
Forgotten region of brain rediscovered
Yeatman et al
PET scans showing the differances between a normal older adult s brain and the brain of an older adu...
PET scans showing the differances between a normal older adult's brain and the brain of an older adult afflicted with Alzheimer's disease. — On photo (left to right): PET scan of normal brain, PET scan of Alzheimer’s disease brain.
National Institutes of Health
Doctors prefer to avoid any sort of brain surgery but in some cases  such as this one  there is no o...
Doctors prefer to avoid any sort of brain surgery but in some cases, such as this one, there is no other choice.
OpenStax College
Brain scans of various disorders of consciousness  including minimally conscious state
Brain scans of various disorders of consciousness, including minimally conscious state
Hyperconnectivity of brain s neural pathways before and after using magic mushrooms
Hyperconnectivity of brain's neural pathways before and after using magic mushrooms
Journal of the Royal Society
Orbitofrontal cortex of the brain
Orbitofrontal cortex of the brain
Photo of book  How God Changes Your Brain
Photo of book "How God Changes Your Brain"
Brain and memory
Brain and memory
Picower Institute for Memory and Learning
A series of brain activity scans
A series of brain activity scans
Reigh LeBlanc