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Boyfriend News

Woman shoots boyfriend for smearing pizza on her face

Millmont - A man in Millmont, Pennsylvania, was shot by his girlfriend. He allegedly rubbed a slice of pizza in her face before she shot him.

Woman allegedly stole bottle of wine to see jailed boyfriend

Cedar Park - A woman from Cedar Park, Texas, allegedly stole a bottle of wine that cost about $4, because she wanted to get arrested so she could see her boyfriend, who was in jail.

Woman stabs boyfriend after he farted in her face

A little more than a week ago a man in Florida got into an argument with his girlfriend over finances, and then he was stabbed after he allegedly farted in her face.

Man confesses to killing and burying his mother's boyfriend

A 27-year-old son of a missing man's girlfriend told cops that he killed the man and then he buried the body in the yard.

Bieber Butt: Justin Bieber bares his naked butt on Instagram

Perhaps it was a publicity stunt - coming days from the release of his new 'Believe Acoustic' album - or maybe just an 18-year-old's hijinks. Whatever it was, Canadian pop star Justin Bieber mooned the world on Instagram Saturday.

The 'boyfriend pillow' has arms to hug you

The Boyfriend Pillow is fashioned after a man's arm and it is filled with micro-beads. The pillow is described as the perfect 'drama free' companion.

Woman stabs boyfriend for taking last beer

Greensburg - A Pennsylvania woman is behind bars, accused of stabbing her boyfriend after he tried to take the last beer from the house.

Shakira announces she's pregnant

Colombian singer Shakira has announced she is expecting her first child with her Spanish football-star boyfriend, Gerard Pique.

Special delivery birthday stunt almost ends tragically

A man in China thought it would be fun to mail himself to his girlfriend for a birthday surprise. Trouble is the package got lost in transit and by the time she opened it up, it was almost too late, the guy had nearly suffocated.

Video: President Obama sings 'Boyfriend' by Justin Bieber

YouTube sensation BaracksDubs is back with a new one. After the YouTube mega-hit with Obama singing "Call Me Maybe" by Carly Rae Jepsen that received 15 million views, Obama now sings Bieber's "Boyfriend." Everyone is betting this is going viral too.

Man proposes to wife one letter at a time Special

Montreal - When a man proposes to his girlfriend, it is a moment to be remembered for years to come. One man's method of proposal, however, might leave other men with a tough act to follow.

Woman arrested for stabbing boyfriend during game of Monopoly

Santa Fe - A New Mexico woman went directly to jail without passing 'Go' or collecting $200 in a game of Monopoly that turned violent and resulted in her arrest for aggravated battery on a household member with a deadly weapon.

Body of husband stored in freezer found after death of wife

Carlsbad - The remains of a man who died in 1997 were found in a freezer in Carlsbad New Mexico. It was placed there by his wife so she could continue to collect his pension.

Jilted boyfriend, 89, allegedly shoots ex's new boyfriend

Detroit - In a crime of passion, an 89-year-old man, with no criminal history, went to a birthday party and allegedly shot his ex-girlfriend's new boyfriend.

Boyfriend bails as girlfriend gets hit by foul ball

Houston - At the Houston Astros-Atlanta Braves game in Houston Monday night, a boyfriend's apparent lack of chivalry was caught on tape for all the world to see.

Woman invites guest 'to eat partner'

After stabbing her boyfriend 26 times, a NSW Central Coast woman used her phone to send a message to another man, saying she wanted to eat her partner's corpse, writing: "I think he tastes good."

Dead Playboy Model's Text: 'He's Trying to Kill Me'

On Sunday a playboy model's burned body was found in a Miami dumpster. She expressed fear of her current boyfriend- texting a former boyfriend saying that " he's trying to kill me."

Pretend Baby Sends Miami Police On Wild Goose Hunt

A woman in Miami, Florida had the police searching for an infant that was never born. Megan McCormic wanted to get an ex-boyfriend to return to her from Boston so she made up a missing baby.

Jilted Boyfriend Camping Outside Convent To Win Back Heart Of Old Girlfriend

When Patrizia Masoero, 21, dumped Daniel Briatore, 21, she made sure that going back to him would not happen. She joined a nunnery. Briatore is now camping outside the gates to win her back.

Boyfriend arrested in Bronx murder

An 18-year-old woman that was shot and killed over the weekend in the Bronx and her boyfriend was arrested and charged in connection with her murder.

MySpace Rendez-Vous With A 12-Year Old Missing Girl Lands Young Adult In Jail

Tiffany Tyson, 12, was found safe nearly twenty-four hours after leaving her Florida neighborhood on April 10th with a 19-year-old she met on MySpace. He is currently in jail.

Woman Finds Boyfriend's Porn Stash - Kills Him

A Chicago woman after discovering the pornography collection of her husband got enraged and shot her husband and killed him. She has no criminal history in the past and is facing a first degree murder charge according to the Police.

Girl Says Boyfriend Ordered Her to Kill Sibling

A 13-year-old girl says she showed little emotion after stabbing her terrified little brother, knowing her parents were also dead. The teen accused of murdering her mother, father and 8-year-old brother took the stand in her own defence yesterday.

Lake Stevens woman was strangled by boyfriend

A woman was found dead and it is the first murder in over 10 years for a Lake Stevens, Washington.

The Sharing Game

Would you ever consider living in the same house as your boyfriend AND your husband? Well, some women do just that

Actress Uma Thurman Is Single Again

The Kill Bill actress is on her own again, her publicist confirms.

Man Accused Of Cashing $165,000 Worth Of Girlfriend's Bonds

Your girlfriend is bedridden, dying of cancer. So you, a: offer support and consolation. B: Contact Hospice and make her final days as restful as possible. C: Secretly cash in $165,000 of her savings bonds.

Mother 'Had No Idea' Boyfriend Was A Wanted Sex Offender

A mother of 3 let her boyfriend move in with her and live with her for a year, only to find out he is a wanted sex offender.

Boyfriend Gets Prison For Kiling Kitten's

Boyfriend sentenced to prison time for killing girlfriends kittens.

Woman's boyfriend stole family jewels

She took him home to meet mom and he stole her mothers jewelry.
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