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Bottled Water News

Norovirus in bottled water sickens over 4,000 people in Spain

Barcelona - Over 4,000 people in became ill with the norovirus in northeastern Spain after drinking bottled spring water contaminated with human fecal matter, local health officials said.

Op-Ed: Wal-Mart and others making big money from California's depleted water

Sacramento - Starbucks is not alone in being criticized for sourcing its bottled water from drought-stricken California. Wal-Mart is now awash in complaints about the company's Great Value brand bottled water. It comes from Sacramento's water supply.

Call for Nestlé to pay for groundwater extraction Special

Toronto - A consumer group has demanded that the British Columbia Premier call in Nestlé’s water rates for review. This is, the group insists, to protect Canada’s water supply.

Corporations focus on water profits, World Bank supports them

Nestle and other companies are making significant profits by gathering water from small towns and rural areas. Waves of public outcry have begun but privatization of water is the direction the world is going in.

Water for up to $8 a glass

Los Angeles - Get a glass of water at Ray's and Stark bar in Los Angeles, and it may cost up to $20 depending on the type of water ordered.

One in five French bottled water brands contaminated with drugs

A study by a consumer magazine and an NGO has found that one in five brands of French bottled water are contaminated with drugs and pesticides.

Massachusetts town bans sales of bottled water

Concord - One of the oddest laws in the US that came into force January 1 was a ban on the sale of single serving bottled water by the town of Concord, Massachusetts. The ban is the result of a three-year campaign by activists.

Saguaro National Park ousts bottled water, soda vending machines

Tucson - Saguaro National Park has announced they are joining other parks, and universities, in an attempt to reduce plastic waste. The park, located in Tucson, Ariz., will no longer be providing vending machines containing bottled water or soda in the park.

EU bans bottled water claims that water prevents dehydration

Brussels bureaucrats have been lambasted for conducting a three year study that has resulted in an E.U. ban on bottled water claims that drinking water prevents dehydration.

Aussie University bans bottled water

The University of Canberra is the first university in Australia to ban bottled water sales and with a campus population of almost 13,000 students and staff, the ban is one of the largest of its kind in Australia.

How safe is your tap water? Special

Guelph - We love to swim in it, splash and bathe in water. On a hot day, there's nothing more refreshing than a tall cool drink of water. And we all know we'll die without it.

Brita wants people to think before they drink Special

Toronto - The folks at Brita Canada Corp. want Canadians to 'think before they drink,' water. Today in Toronto's Yonge-Dundas Square, Brita was giving away 3,000 Brita pitchers and filters to make it easier for Torontonians to give up their bottled water.

Op-Ed: Travelling to Whistler worked well at Vancouver Winter Olympics Special

Vancouver - There has been a lot of negative publicity regarding the Winter Olympics in Vancouver, but a day visit to Whistler went very well.

Bottled water sales fall first time in five years

Sales of bottled water have fallen for the first time in at least five years. Nestle, the country's largest seller of bottled water is reporting a decline.

Report: U.S. FDA cannot regulate bottled water

The irony about bottled water is that most people who drink it believe they are making a healthier choice than plain old tap water. But is this really so?

Bottled water banned in Australian town

A town in Australia have announced they will ban bottled water. A vote was held and a large number of people decided the bottled water should be banned because of the impact on the environment.

Blue Communities Project highlights water issues Special

The necessity of keeping water public is one of the main thrusts in the Blue Communities project launched by the Council of Canadians and the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE).

Millions spent on bottled water

More than $7 million tax dollars have been spent on bottled water by the federal government, according to a report released today.

Op-Ed: Los Angeles Has Its Own Watergate: Bottled Watergate

The City of Los Angeles and the County of Los Angeles may be drowning in a sea of financial trouble, but both are fighting for air over bottled water-related scandals.

Bottled water sales banned at U of Winnipeg - first in Canada

Students at the University of Winnipeg have voted for a ban on the sale of bottled water on campus, and so it has become the first Canadian university where such a ban has been introduced.

Study: Bottled water is no less polluted than tap water, costs 1,900 times more

A study by an environmental advocacy group found that bottled water contains as many contaminants -- if not more -- as tap water.

Op-Ed: The Good Side of Bottled Water

To some people, bottled water is the embodiment of evil. There is, however, a good side to bottled water. Consider how bottled water companies compete with local tap water providers, making them work harder to do their jobs effectively.

Bottled Water May Be On The Way Out In London, Ontario

Monday night city councillors in London, Ontario are voting on whether or not to ban the sale of bottled water in city-run buildings. Bottled water prices can range from 30 cents to $4 a bottle while tap water only costs an eighth of a cent per litre.

McCain: 'Deliver bottled hot water to dehydrated babies'

Senator John McCain has reacted to the government's failed response in Hurricane Katrina and said his team will respond faster and be efficient when he becomes U.S. President. He gave this advice to emergency personnel during a speech.

Seattle bans city purchases of bottled water

The mayor of Seattle announced today that the city will stop buying bottled water for the events it hosts and for its employees. The city plans to save more than $58,000 a year and wants to use the funds for other purposes.

171 billion gallons of fresh water to produce 41 billion gallons of bottled water

Factories worldwide are using more than 18 million barrels of oil and up to 171 billion gallons of water to create 41 billions of fresh water. Bottled water consumption is growing at a rate of 10 per cent every year.

Bottled Water Has High Environmental Costs

Bottled water may seem to be pure and safe but it has high environmental costs, says Worldwatch Institute. Packaging and shipping soaks up energy, and many of the plastic bottles are not recycled.

Bottled water and plastic bags

That English reviewer, Giles Coren, has a valid point about bottled water, and I've got one to make about the overuse of plastic bags.

London Food Reviewer says NO to Bottled Water

Times of London food commentator Giles Coren says no to bottled water in restaurants and says will penalize them if they insist on serving bottled water that serves no good purpose than create more waste.

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Niagara Bottling LLC is recalling some of their bottled water due to possible contamination with E. ...
Niagara Bottling LLC is recalling some of their bottled water due to possible contamination with E. coli.
Naval Air Crewman 2nd Class Zack DelCorte  assigned to the Black Knights of Helicopter Anti-Submarin...
Naval Air Crewman 2nd Class Zack DelCorte, assigned to the Black Knights of Helicopter Anti-Submarine Squadron (HS) 4 embarked aboard the aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan (CVN 76), hands bottled water to a Japanese citizen
U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 3rd Class Kevin B. Gray
Over 4 000 people in Spain became ill with norovirus after drinking bottled water.
Over 4,000 people in Spain became ill with norovirus after drinking bottled water.
Eden Springs
WalMart is being criticized for sourcing bottled water in drought-hit California. — Photo shows Wa...
WalMart is being criticized for sourcing bottled water in drought-hit California. — Photo shows WalMart's 35 bottle Value packs of purified drinking water, 16.9 fl oz, 35 count.
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