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Review: Lots of dreams of what was or could be in this week’s releases Special

This week’s releases include a movie who’s reputation precedes it; a relentless comedy; a moving historical drama; a reimagined Western; a heist movie that never stood a chance; and a couple of hypotheticals.

Employee leaves note telling their boss to be on time

Grand Rapids - A BP gas station employee in Grand Rapids, Michigan, left his boss an angry note for all of the store's customers to see.

Video: Guy late for work leaves funniest voicemail ever

This voicemail is just too good not to share. A man is phoning the office to explain that he's going to be a little late and then witnesses an accident. From there on in it just gets totally hilarious.

Bride stole cash from her bosses to pay for her lavish wedding

A bride has been sentenced to twenty months in prison because she stole over two-hundred thousand dollars to pay for her lavish wedding.

Guatemalan drug kingpin arrested

Quetzaltenango - A joint operation mounted by Guatemalan and US authorities has resulted in the capture of the country’s most wanted drug kingpin, Juan Ortiz Lopez, wanted in the US on charges of cocaine trafficking.

Italy arrests top mafia fugitive

Napoli - Italian police forces arrested on Wednesday Antonio Iovine, a mafia boss who had been on the run for 16 years. He was one of Italian police’s most wanted people.

Slaughterhouse boss faces cruelty charges

Slaughterhouse boss Daniel Ugarte Navarro faces felony charges because he allegedly used cruel methods to force at-risk cattle into the slaughter box. A videotape was taken from the facility and schools nationwide are pulling beef from their cafeterias.

Business Owner Murders Employees After They Ask For A Raise

If 38-year-old, Lithuanian native, Rolandas Milinavicius is your boss don't even think about asking him for a pay raise; he might just decide to kill you instead of giving it to you, or even just saying 'no'.

Boss donates kidney to his office assistant

Lisa White had a polycystic kidney disease and was deteriorating, she needed a transplant very badly. Her boss Chris Jernigan didn't hesitate to give his kidney to Lisa White, his assistant. Both are doing well after surgery.

As Text Message Boss Is Killed, Yet £4.1m Unpaid Taxes From His Bust Company Are Still Due

The text message boss who told his entire work force they were all fired via mobile phone has been killed in a car crash

U R Fired Says Boss Via Text Message

Coward boss fires four employees by sending them a text message

EA Boss Says PS3 Won't Be as Big as PS2

EA expects Sony's dominance of the videogame market to slip in the current hardware war, but expects PS3 to still come out on top.

Does the "Meandering Panda" remind you of someone?

From The Political Zoology Field Gude: Today's Specimen: The Meandering Panda (Lackus Convictionus)

A Great Letter from a Boss to Employees

A great note from a boss to employees.

TrimSpa Boss Upset With Photo Of Anna Nicole Smith's Fridge

TrimSpa guy not all that happy to find out Anna Nicole's fridge was full of SlimFast

A Nap Could Save Money on Health Care

I couldn't believe that a nap could mean life or death but it can surely help out a bit. Even just taking a small one hour nap can save you from having some heart problems or greatly reduce your risk. Now I think that its a stretch to ask to take a nap...

Nintendo boss defends staying power of wizzy wand console

Are you one of those gamers that think Nintendo's Wii is nothing but a short-lived gimmick that will soon be gathering dust faster than a shelf full of UMD movies? Well, Nintendo's chief ass kicker, Reggie Fils-Aime, has hit back at cynical doubters.

2 out of 5 Bosses Don't Keep Their Word

New study from Florida State University shows that 2 out of 5 bosses don't keep their word and more than a fourth bad mouth their employees to other co-workers.

Bosses Push Employees To Be Healthy

Many companies are starting to sound like moms: They're pushing employees to eat their vegetables and go outside and play. And they're not being gentle about it.

Technology The Boss Uses To Spy on You

Hmmm, Big "Boss" Brother???...

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Antonio Iovine  a dangerous mafia boss  was arrested this afternoon by the Italian police.
Antonio Iovine, a dangerous mafia boss, was arrested this afternoon by the Italian police.
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