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Bosnia News

'They might as well kill us': Hundreds of migrants stuck in Bosnia

Velika Kladusa - In the far northwestern corner of Bosnia, as the bitter autumn cold sets in, hundreds of migrants are stuck in a forest as they try repeatedly to get into Croatia... and often fail.

A life-saving 'game': Bosnia trains world's mine-detecting dogs

Bosnia And Herzegovina - With her nose in the grass of a Bosnian field, Orna sniffs furiously until she finds her target. She then sits and wags her tail in excitement for the red rubber toy that is her reward.

Mladic blasts genocide court as 'child of NATO'

Den Haag - Former Bosnian Serb military chief Ratko Mladic said Wednesday he had been "pushed into war" and dismissed a UN court as a "child of western powers" in a dramatic end to his appeal against his conviction for genocide.

'Butcher of Bosnia' personally led Srebrenica massacre, prosecutors say

Den Haag - Prosecutors urged UN judges on Wednesday to uphold former Bosnian Serb military chief Ratko Mladic's genocide conviction, saying he personally oversaw the 1995 Srebrenica massacre of some 8,000 Muslim men and boys.

Bosnian Serb general Mladic should be cleared of genocide, lawyers say

Den Haag - Lawyers for former Bosnian Serb military chief Ratko Mladic urged a UN court Tuesday to overturn his genocide conviction, saying the charges against him were "made out of thin air".

Mladic: ruthless Serb crusader dubbed the 'epitome of evil'

Belgrade - Ratko Mladic, the former Bosnian Serb commander whose appeal opens Tuesday, saw himself as a crusading defender of the Serbs but he was dubbed the "epitome of evil" for the mass killings his troops carried out during Bosnia's 1990s war.

Childhood packed in a rucksack: young refugees at risk in the Balkans

Belgrade - A group of boys sit on a sunny patch of grass in a park in downtown Belgrade, but they are not here for a picnic.

Eerie Belgrade exhibit turns Ratko Mladic diary into art

Belgrade - For nearly four years Serbian artist Vladimir Miladinovic started his day with a morning coffee and the diary of one of the Balkans' most notorious war criminals, Ratko Mladic.

Bosnia Muslims mourn their dead 25 years after Srebrenica massacre

Srebrenica - Bosnian Muslims marked the 25th anniversary of the Srebrenica massacre on Saturday, the worst atrocity on European soil since World War II, with the memorial ceremony sharply reduced as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

International courts 'more needed than ever', 25 years after Srebrenica

Den Haag - Twenty-five years after the Srebrenica massacre international courts like those which tried the perpetrators of the slaughter face an uncertain future but are needed more than ever, experts say.

Srebrenica widows agonise over the dead and missing, 25 years later

Srebrenica - Fatima Mujic prays every day for the husband and three sons killed in the genocide against Bosnian Muslims that unfolded over several summer days in the town of Srebrenica 25 years ago.

Bosnian protests at Mass for Croatia's pro-Nazi WWII regime

Sarajevo - Thousands marched in Bosnia on Saturday to protest against a Mass being held to honour Croatia's Nazi collaborators and civilians killed after World War II.

'Abandoned': Bosnia's forgotten disabled children and families

Sarajevo - Children with hands bound together and tied to a radiator, some in tears -- harrowing photos from inside an institution for disabled youth have shocked Bosnia and shed light on the lack of support for special-needs kids and their families.

Bosnia closes 'jungle' migrant camp

Sarajevo - Bosnia on Wednesday dismantled tents at the makeshift migrant camp known as the "jungle" for its harsh conditions, after transferring hundreds of people who were living at the site to Sarajevo.

Kosovo declares Nobel laureate Handke 'persona non grata'

Pristina - Kosovo declared Peter Handke a 'persona non grata' on Wednesday in the latest protest against his induction as a Nobel literature laureate, barring the Austrian writer from a place he has visited numerous times.

Kosovo declares Nobel laureate Handke 'persona non grata'

Pristina - Kosovo declared Peter Handke a 'persona non grata' on Wednesday in the latest protest against his induction as a Nobel literature laureate, barring the Austrian writer from a place he has visited numerous times.

Bosnia starts to close controversial migrant camp

Bihac - Bosnian authorities on Tuesday began to move several hundred migrants out of a ramshackle camp near the Croatian border following international condemnation of the site's inhumane conditions.

Bosnia should close 'unacceptable' migrant camp: Council of Europe

Sarajevo - Bosnia should urgently close a temporary migrant camp or people will "start to die" during the winter period, a European human rights official warned Tuesday.

Russia calls for closing UN office in Bosnia

New York - Russia called Tuesday for closing the office of the UN High Representative in Bosnia, claiming the senior UN official there is biased.

Srebrenica survivors protest Handke's Nobel prize

Sarajevo - Women from Srebrenica, site of the worst massacre during Yugoslavia's bloody collapse, protested in Sarajevo on Tuesday against the award of the Nobel literature prize to Peter Handke, an Austrian accused of being a Serb apologist during the 1990s wars...

'It's the jungle': Bosnian migrant camp in crisis

Bihac - No running water, putrid portable toilets and surrounding woods littered with land mines -- these are the bleak conditions of a camp where hundreds of migrants brace for winter in Bosnia.

More than 2,000 attend Sarajevo's first Gay Pride march

Sarajevo - More than two thousand people turned out in Sarajevo Sunday for the city's first Gay Pride march to protest hate crimes suffered by the LGBT community in Bosnia.

'Fear gives us energy': Sarajevo braces for first Pride parade

Sarajevo - "Ima izac!" which roughly translates as "Open the door, please!" is the defiant slogan of the Sarajevo's first-ever gay Pride parade, scheduled to go ahead this Sunday.

Bosnian party asks activists to cancel Gay Pride march

Sarajevo - A Bosnian political party on Friday urged LGBT activists to scrap plans for Sarajevo's first ever pride parade next month, warning it could "escalate" political tensions and trigger "negative consequences".

EU boosts aid for Bosnia to manage migrant influx

Sarajevo - The EU on Monday pledged 10 million euros in fresh aid to help Bosnia manage an influx of migrants crossing its territory to reach Western Europe.

Migrants injured near Bosnia border with Croatia

Sarajevo - A group of 18 migrants were found injured near Bosnia's border with Croatia and are receiving medical care, local media and police said Wednesday.

Steel magnate Lakshmi Mittal's brother held in Bosnia

Sarajevo - Indian industrialist Pramod Mittal, the younger brother of steel magnate Lakshmi Mittal, was arrested Wednesday in Bosnia for suspected fraud and "abuse of power", a prosecutor said.

86 victims of Bosnian war buried 27 years after massacre

Prijedor - Hundreds of people gathered Saturday for the funeral of 86 Muslim victims of a massacre committed in Prijedor by Bosnian Serb forces at the beginning of the 1990s Bosnian war.

Dutch court cuts state's liability for Srebrenica deaths

Den Haag - The Dutch Supreme Court on Friday slashed the state's liability for 350 victims of the 1995 Srebrenica massacre, saying peacekeepers had only a "slim" chance of preventing their deaths.

Heatwave adds to the woes of migrants stranded Bosnia

Bihac - Stranded in Bosnia, thousands of migrants face yet one more hurdle on their journey towards the European Union: the scorching summer heat in the Balkans.
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The Sarajevo Olympics started 28 years ago today
The Sarajevo Olympics started 28 years ago today
P Donovan
An exhumed mass grave in Potocari  Bosnia and Herzegovina  where key events in the July 1995 Srebren...
An exhumed mass grave in Potocari, Bosnia and Herzegovina, where key events in the July 1995 Srebrenica Massacre unfolded. July 2007
A Bosnian survivor of the 1995 massacre mourns near graves of her relatives at the Potocari memorial...
A Bosnian survivor of the 1995 massacre mourns near graves of her relatives at the Potocari memorial cemetery near Srebrenica
Elvis Barukcic, AFP/File
Milan Lukic sitting before the ICTY in The Hague in 2009.
Milan Lukic sitting before the ICTY in The Hague in 2009.

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