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UK variant of COVID-19 may be more deadly than others

Early evidence suggests the variant of coronavirus that emerged in the UK may be more deadly, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said. However, there remains huge uncertainty around the numbers - and vaccines are still expected to work.

Will Britain's establishment of national cyber force work? Special

As the U.K. takes a step back from the world stage as Brexit bites, Boris Johnson has unveiled ambitious plans for a national cyber force and a 'space command' to ensure the nation remains an important player on the global stage.

Op-Ed: Goodbye Britain — UK to be a failed state, or non-existent?

Berlin - You can only use the word “deranged” so many times. The UK leaving the world’s biggest trading bloc was always imbecilic. Add the bungled COVID problems. Now, the UK is happily explaining how it will break international law.

Op-Ed: What if the pandemic lasts until 2050? It might. Just be stupid.

Sydney - If there’s one thing that sabotages humanity on a routine basis, it’s disorganization and mismanagement. This pandemic is the alpha pig, historically, for both.

Op-Ed: UK 2021 meltdown — Boris vs food and food shortages

London - Will the UK have enough food in 2021? Apparently not. While also ditching EU food safety standards, food industry sources say the UK could experience significant problems in 2021.

Op-Ed: Press walkout on Johnson means a lot more than it looks

London - Boris Johnson has a knack for disaster. In this case, journalists were invited to No. 10 Downing Street for a briefing, rather than Westminster. The journalists refused, even the pro-Tory invitees. It’s a pretty bizarre story.

AI knew early on it was Brexit that did it in the UK election

There was one Twitter feed that was correct in terms of predicting the U.K. election results. This drawn from a sophisticated artificial intelligence technology, which analyzed social media posts, in a different way.

Op-Ed: The end of the UK? It’s possible, but the misery will go on.

London - Britain has beaten external foes before. It’s when the enemy is within that the nation has problems. It survived World Wars 1 and 2, but can it survive Brexit? The election will give an answer. Whether it’s the final answer is to be seen.

Op-Ed: Suspending Parliament — The Last Muddle Through for the UK?

London - Boris Johnson’s highly controversial and very unpopular suspension of Parliament is looking very like The Last Muddle Through for the UK in far too many ways. The hideously mismanaged Brexit mess is making the Blitz look good.

London Mayor Boris Johnson seeks return to Parliament

Boris Johnson, the Conservative Mayor of London, is to seek a return to Parliament in Britain's 2015 general election, he has revealed.

Op-Ed: London mayor is not high on crack — just the 'stonkingly rich'

London - London mayor Boris Johnson recently wrote a piece for The Telegraph dutifully titled 'We should be humbly thanking the super-rich, not bashing them.' Is he high on crack? Or is he the most soberly deluded politician driving a 20 year-old Toyota?

Chinese billionaire plans to rebuild Crystal Palace in London

London - Chinese billionaire Ni Zhaoxing plans to invest £500million recreating the beauty of London's Crystal Palace. The businessman will create a 21st-century replica of the renowned glass building and hopes the construction project will provide 2,000 jobs.

Boris Johnson finds Spanish family sleeping rough in London

London - London's outspoken mayor, Boris Johnson, says that he was shocked to recently discover a Spanish family, sleeping rough in the city. He says this shows a complete failure of the euro project.

Op-Ed: No austerity or fidelity for London's high flyers

London - How would you like to spend £7,000 on your birthday party? Better still, how would you like your employer to pick up the tab?

Review: ‘Boris Johnson — The Irresistible Rise’ Special

This one hour documentary is a carefully crafted smear job on the Mayor of London; the BBC didn't have to dig deep to find the dirt, but who will care?

The Russian Festival in London Special

London - If you were in Central London last week, you might just have run into some people who were speaking a strange language, dressed in strange costumes, and drinking vodka.

Prime Minister and London Mayor come out for London Gay Games

UK Prime Minister David Cameron and London Mayor Boris Johnson are backing a bid for London to host the 2018 Gay Games as part of London’s Olympic legacy.

London Mayor Boris Johnson mistaken for King of England

Delhi - The Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, who recently polled as the only serving British politician to enjoy a positive approval rating, was mistaken for the King of England while on tour in India.

London Mayor supporting Living Wage 25p increase to £8.55 an hour

London - London Mayor Boris Johnson is championing the London Living Wage (LLW) and is supporting the increase from £8.30 per hour to £8.55. The British government noted, though, that businesses do not have to implement the living wage.

Cassetteboy parody Obama–Romney debates (video: adult content)

Cassetteboy have taken a more than a few liberties with footage from this year's three US presidential television debates.

Aide to London mayor acquitted on 'extreme porn' charges

London - A former aide for London mayor Boris Johnson has been acquitted of being in possession of 'extreme pornographic images' in a landmark trial.

Olympic embarrassment: Mayor of London gets stuck on a zip line

London - Boris Johnson, London's Mayor, got himself stuck on a zip line, 20 feet over a field, waving two U.K. flags, to celebrate the U.K.'s first Gold in the Olympics.

Mitt Romney mocked by Mayor of London over Olympic criticisms

London - It seems to be dog-pile time upon Mitt Romney, at least in the U.K.. On the heels of a criticism directed at Romney by British P.M David Cameron for remarks Romney made about the Olympics, London's mayor has openly mocked him.

Op-Ed: The Olympics will be a testing time for London’s businesses

London - London is gearing up for the Olympic Games, which open in just three weeks. As the capital prepares for a flood of visitors, its businesses are preparing new working practices to help alleviate transport congestion and keep things running smoothly.

Op-Ed: Who will be Mayor of London?

London - On May 3, London will elect its third Mayor; the incumbent Boris Johnson and his predecessor Ken Livingstone are both in the race, but how do all the candidates stack up?

Veteran campaigner slams new body that opposes same-sex marriage

One of the UK’s best-known equality campaigners is hitting out at a right-wing group that campaigns for what it calls traditional marriage.

Op-Ed: The new Met Police Commissioner — Substance, or style?

London - Bernard Hogan-Howe has been Commissioner for nearly three months. When he took up the post, he promised a fresh approach including a crackdown on crime. To date he has shown both ignorance of and contempt for the law as well as an eye for publicity.

Bankers' Christmas parties to be held in war memorial park

As Occupy Wall Street Protests gain ground in the US, there are plans afoot in the UK to organize Christmas parties for bankers' in a war memorial dedicated to merchant seamen.

Boris Johnson unveils London's Thames cable car

London - Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, has unveiled the cable car scheme that will operate across the Thames; it iis sponsored by Dubai-based company Emirates.

London mayor Boris Johnson critical of high-speed rail plans

London - Mayor Boris Johnson has spoken out against plans for a high-speed rail system that would eventually link London with Birmingham, Leeds and Manchester.
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Boris Johnson  Mayor of London.
Boris Johnson, Mayor of London.
The new Police Commissioner poses with Mayor of London Boris Johnson on October 19  2011 during the ...
The new Police Commissioner poses with Mayor of London Boris Johnson on October 19, 2011 during the Uninsured vehicles operation.
Metropolitan Police/Flickr
Boris Johnson
Boris Johnson
Leon Neal, AFP/File
Prime Minister Boris Johnson chairs a meeting on the response to the coronavirus variant.
Prime Minister Boris Johnson chairs a meeting on the response to the coronavirus variant.
Prime Minister Boris Johnson
The HS2 route spanning the United Kingdom as it s expected to resemble upon completion.
The HS2 route spanning the United Kingdom as it's expected to resemble upon completion.
The Transport Politic
London mayor  Boris Johnson.
London mayor, Boris Johnson.
Annie Mole

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