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Booze News

Mixing alcohol with diet beverages raises breath alcohol levels

Breathalyzers are used to assess the level of alcohol a person has consumed. It can be used to assess drink-driving or in some workplaces. New research suggests mixing alcohol with diet drinks makes the readings higher.

Drink and be? Four types of drunkenness discovered

New research conducted in the U.S. has categorized the drunken personalities that people adopt as: “Mary Poppins”, “Hemingway”, “Nutty Professor” or “Mr Hyde”. Do you agree, and, if you drink, which one is your closest match?

Booze or Marijuana — What's best for the kids? A doctor replies

Booze or pot? What would you prefer your kids to take? Neither, you might say. But, faced with the reality that drugs and alcohol are a part of many kid's lives, what should you choose, if you had to? A doctor gives his opinion.

Improving lager and making different types through new yeasts

Helsinki - Having fallen behind the craft beer movement, it could be time for tired old lager to be revitalized. Food technologists have been developing new hybrid yeasts for beer.

Photo essay: Exploring London's new gin museum Special

London - A gin museum opened up in London this month. The museum explores the history of the versatile drink and its relationship with London's past and present. Digital Journal paid the museum a visit.

Op-Ed: One in ten working class adults die from booze abuse

Atlanta - There is no sign that the federal government will unban marijuana even as evidence grows of the deadliness of alcohol. Money likely will eventually level the playing field for the two drugs.

Powdered alcohol aka palcohol is approved for sale in U.S.

The U.S. Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau has approved "palcohol," alcohol that comes in a powdered form. It's expected to hit store shelves this fall.

Economic burden of alcohol abuse in the U.S. revealed

Excessive alcohol use causes a large economic burden to states and the District of Columbia, costing an average of $2.9 billion per state, according to a new study released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Booze and you: The effect of alcohol in males and females

The term “drown your sorrows” has been around for a long, long time. Most men talk about drinking to make their partners appear more attractive, while most females tend to drink to forget their woes. Surprisingly, a recent study abolishes both premise

Gene study aims to improve wine quality

A study of grapevine berries grown in different Italian vineyards has identified the genes that help the plants best against environmental change. This could lead to improved wine production.

High energy levels may explain alcohol addiction

Scientists have theorized that the tendency to consume higher levels of alcohol amongst heavy drinkers is linked to extra energy gained from the high levels of alcohol consumed to the extent that the alcohol acts like a ‘brain fuel’.

Presence of specific gene triggers alcohol abuse in teenagers

A research team reveals that the presence of a specific type of gene in an individual could cause them to binge drink by boosting levels of a happy brain chemical triggered by alcohol.

Vancouver teens say it's easier to find hard drugs than booze

Vancouver - A new study by young drug users in Vancouver has found that they can get their fix in about 10-minutes, and we're not just talking about marijuana. Everything from heroin to crack to crystal meth is available for those who want it.

Teens trading sex for booze or drugs still live at home: Study

A new study out of British Columbia, Canada suggests a small number of rural teens are trading sex for booze or drugs. But what is even more surprising is that most of those kids still live at home with family.

Stay-sober pill offers hope for alcohol abuse

Researchers from Yale University are working on a drug that reduces the effect of alcohol on the brain, with the aim of helping heavy drinkers and alcoholics wean off alcohol. The pill could also have a major effect on social drinking.

CDC: Excessive alcohol consumption costs the US $223.5 billion

According to a study published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the cost of excessive alcohol consumption to the United States exceeded $223 billion in 2006.

Study: Drinking alcohol may cause stress

Many people will have a drink of alcohol to help relax and unwind. A recent study showed that instead of making someone relax, alcohol may add tension and stress.

Australian 'Operation Unite' cracks down on drinking crimes

A weekend blitz by Australian police on alcohol-fueled violence and crime has thrust into the spotlight Australia's binge-drinking culture.

Joe Montana's son and Notre Dame athletes busted for booze

South Bend - Police raided a home in the university town that resulted in 44 individual arrests of students and athletes including Joe Montana's son Nate. Nate is the backup quarterback for the Fighting Irish and one of many athletes charged with underage drinking.

Mayor of Riga criticizes drunken British tourists

The Mayor of Riga, the capital of Latvia, is the latest to speak out against the conduct of drunken British tourists abroad.

Toronto Liquor Workers Extend Strike Deadline

Along with a municipal workers strike fracturing Toronto, the Canadian city may soon be in the grip of a strike by workers at the Liquor Control Board of Ontario.

Study finds music filled with booze and drugs

Researchers recently analyzed the top songs of 2005 and found one-third of them contained explicit lyrics referencing drugs, alcohol and tobacco. The songs also provided positive association between them and sex, humor and parties.

Tipsy Car Owners to Have New 'Dial-a-Booze' Phone Service

If you happen to be driving in Manaus, Brazil, during Carnival in February, you may go on a drinking spree around the city and get drunk with no fear of running into a disastrous concrete wall. Just call the "Dial-a-Booze" number to get driving help.

How Much Booze Is Good For You?

University of Missouri researchers claim light drinking helps heart’s health, but more drinking beyond that becomes harmful. They recommend one drink a day for women and two drinks a day for men.

Amtrak Offers Free Booze

In a move that is sure to get them more business, Amtrak will be offering $100 in free alcohol to customers on some overnight trains. So drink up, and fear not about being flown into a large building.

In Sweden confiscated booze becomes alternative fuel

Smugglers trying to sneak alcohol into Sweden are unwittingly helping fuel the country's public transport system and reducing its greenhouse emissions. So...keep on smuggling.

Proof Positive: Pot safer than Booze

We've always been led to believe that Pot was a dangerous drug, and as a result it has been outlawed in most countries, but is allowed for some medical pain control uses.

Miami Airport's Battle with the Bottle

Miami's Vice: Thousands of Pounds of Alcohol Destroyed Monthly at Airport

I am confused

The media has maintained we are supporting the Afghani's fight against the Taliban insurgents. So far countless millions of dollars have been spent in this quest, as well as lives of our brave soldiers.

Mom In Trouble For Booze Slumber Party

Kentucky Mom, Sherry Herzner arrested for serving booze to her daughter and her friends in a slumber party.

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