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Meet the Zoom Poets: How lockdown has connected artists globally Special

Before the COVID-19 lockdown, Cathy Carson had just a small local audience in Northern Ireland. The poet and monologist had performed at open mics and charity events for less than two years and had a few pieces published in anthologies.

'Magical force': New book reveals Trump-Kim letters

Washington - North Korean leader Kim Jong Un deployed flattery and florid prose in the letters that forged his diplomatic courtship of Donald Trump, according to a new book on the US president.

'Fantasy film': New Trump book to reveal letters with Kim Jong Un

Seoul - Kim Jong Un said his relationship with Donald Trump was like a "fantasy film", according to the publishers of a new book on the US president set to unveil 25 private letters exchanged between the two leaders.

Jittery Hong Kong authors seek Taiwan safety after security law

Fpo - China's new security law has cast a threatening shadow over Hong Kong's dynamic book industry, with anxious publishers combing through back catalogues for potentially "subversive" material, and looking to Taiwan as a safe haven for printing fresh title...

Judge temporarily blocks 'tell-all' book by Trump niece

New York - A New York judge on Tuesday temporarily halted the publication of a "tell-all" book by Donald Trump's niece that dubs the US president "the world's most dangerous man.

Trump government sues to block ex-aide Bolton's book

Washington - The Trump administration filed a lawsuit Tuesday seeking to prevent publication of former national security advisor John Bolton's book, which is expected to provide a damning insider portrait of the White House.

Arlan Hamilton's new book an inspiration on resilience

From homeless to venture capital leader, Arlan Hamilton’s new book It’s About Damn Time, inspires audiences to use being underestimated as their greatest advantage.

Climate crisis spurs action at 'green' Frankfurt book fair

Frankfurt Am Main - From children's books about reducing plastic to tips for zero-waste cooking, the climate crisis is dominating this year's Frankfurt book fair.

Turkey rules Rebel Girls children's book be treated as porn

Istanbul - Turkey has ruled that million-selling book "Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls" should be partially banned and treated like pornography because it could have a "detrimental influence" on young people.

Battle over Marvel comic gay kiss is defused by Brazil court

Rio De Janeiro - Brazil's Supreme Court on Sunday made it illegal to ban any LGBT publication, after a lower court allowed conservative mayor to confiscate comic books at the Rio Book Fair containing content he considered "inappropriate" for minors.

Catholic school priest bans 'Harry Potter' books on exorcist advice

Washington - Exorcists advised a Nashville school priest to ban the Harry Potter books, over fears the popular children's novels could be used to summon spirits.

Final 'Girl With Dragon Tattoo' novel hits shelves

Stockholm - It is only right that a best-selling novel series about an unstoppable computer-hacker assassin should go out with a bang.

Icelandic language fighting tsunami of English

Reykjav - Two centuries ago experts predicted that Icelandic would be a dead language by now. But the doomsayers can eat their words: Icelandic is alive and kicking despite an onslaught of English brought on by modern technology.

Review: New Dark Age: Technology and the End of the Future Special

Can quantitative data can provide a coherent model of the world or are we slipping into a state of a world of ever-increasing incomprehension? This dualism forms the basis of a new book by James Bridle, looking at our tech dominated world.

Uncensored: Frankfurt book fair gets political in 'stormy' times

Frankfurt Am Main - "We need to talk." With these words, the Frankfurt book fair is this week kicking off its most politically charged edition in years, shining a spotlight on everything from #MeToo and free speech to life in Trump's America.

World leaders ignore rights in China: censored author Yan

Edinburgh - Chinese author Yan Lianke, whose works are banned in his heavily censored homeland, has urged world leaders not to shy away from confronting China about its human rights record.

Mourning Philip Roth fans bitter over long-standing Nobel snub

Stockholm - The death of America's prolific novelist Philip Roth aged 85 has led to his admirers scorning the Nobel Literature Prize that eluded his work, which often portrayed male sexuality and relations with women.

Marla McKenna discusses children's books, Linda Blair Foundation Special

Children's author Marla McKenna chatted with Digital Journal about her children's books and her partnership with Linda Blair's Foundation.

Historians accuse France of 'censorship' in far-right writer row

Paris - Ten members of a French committee that annually produces a book commemorating significant historical events collectively resigned on Wednesday, accusing the government of "censorship" for removing a reference to far-right author Charles Maurras.

British illustrator Quentin Blake surprised at 70-year success

London - Despite creating tens of thousands of drawings in a career spanning nearly 70 years, British illustrator Quentin Blake is still surprised at his success ahead of his latest exhibition.

Germany's oldest bookseller, 95, packs suspense in last chapter

Salzwedel - When Helga Weyhe began work at her beloved bookshop, the Red Army was on the march towards her east German town, Hitler still clung to power and Sartre had just published "No Exit".

US slaps tariffs on Canadian paper imports

Washington - The United States hit Canada with yet another round of punitive import tariffs, this time for as much as 10 percent on paper used to print newspapers and books.

Novel on legacy of Algerian war wins France's richest prize

Paris - A powerful account of what happened to an Algerian "harki" family who sided with the French during the country's war of independence won France's most lucrative book prize Thursday.

Crime writer Nesbo faces up evil in new Nordic chiller

Paris - We now know who to blame for Jo Nesbo scaring the living daylights out of millions of readers with his blood-drenched crime thrillers."When I was a child my mother used to send me down to the cellar for potatoes," the Norwegian writer told AFP.

Book details alleged sexual abuse in the Vatican

Rome - An Italian journalist acquitted in last year's so-called Vatileaks trial published Thursday a book detailing the attempts of a young whistleblower to report alleged sexual abuse.

Asterix returns for Italy chariot race caper

Paris - Asterix, the plucky Gaul with the rotund sidekick, has come charging back in the 37th book in the legendary comic series, which went on sale across Europe on Thursday.

Don't isolate Turkey, warn writers caught in crackdown

Frankfurt Am Main - Thinking back to his months in an Istanbul prison last year, Turkish journalist Can Dundar recalls a fellow inmate asking a guard for a book from the prison library."We don't have the book, but we have the author," came the reply.

Manal al-Sharif, driving change for Saudi women

Frankfurt Am Main - For Manal al-Sharif, the self-described "accidental activist" who spearheaded the campaign against the ban on female drivers in Saudi Arabia, the time for women to be silent is over.

British author Follett calls Brexit 'absolute disaster'

Frankfurt Am Main - British novelist Ken Follett, creator of the best-selling "Pillars of the Earth" series, on Wednesday called Brexit an "absolute disaster" and said the characters in his sweeping medieval saga would have been "remainers".

Transgender teddy, girl pirate: authors tackle gender norms

Frankfurt - From a transgender teddy bear to a fearless girl pirate, children's authors are tackling gender norms like never before, as debate rages about what it means to be a boy or girl.
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Trolley Line Bookshop.  Rogers  Ark.  Feb. 18  2011
Trolley Line Bookshop. Rogers, Ark. Feb. 18, 2011
A selection of books on an alternative lifestyle
A selection of books on an alternative lifestyle
Located at 80 West Portal Ave is the bookshop where printed books are still king  says the shop mana...
Located at 80 West Portal Ave is the bookshop where printed books are still king, says the shop manager Kevin Atkin.
Inferno: A mystery thriller novel by American author Dan Brown
Inferno: A mystery thriller novel by American author Dan Brown
Random House
The Olive Tree
Screenshot from The Joy of Books
Screenshot from The Joy of Books
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Managing editor David Silverberg holding the Kobo eReader  displaying eInk technology. - Via iPhone ...
Managing editor David Silverberg holding the Kobo eReader, displaying eInk technology. - Via iPhone 3Gs
The first titles available from TED Books
The first titles available from TED Books
TED Books
Volunteers offer free programs  directions and warm smiles.
Volunteers offer free programs, directions and warm smiles.
Lisa Sharp  owner of Nightbird Books.  Fayetteville  Ark.  Feb. 18  2010
Lisa Sharp, owner of Nightbird Books. Fayetteville, Ark. Feb. 18, 2010
Max Tomlinson
Dickson Street Bookshop.  Fayetteville  Ark.  Feb. 18  2011
Dickson Street Bookshop. Fayetteville, Ark. Feb. 18, 2011
Libertarian books (from left to right):  Economics in One Lesson  by Henry Hazlitt   The Revolution:...
Libertarian books (from left to right): "Economics in One Lesson" by Henry Hazlitt, "The Revolution: A Manifesto" by Ron Paul and "Capitalism: The Unknown Ideal" by Ayn Rand.
Don Choffel  co-owner of Dickson Street Bookshop  in the new area of the store. Fayetteville  Ark. F...
Don Choffel, co-owner of Dickson Street Bookshop, in the new area of the store. Fayetteville, Ark. Feb. 18, 2010
The interior of the Toronto Reference Library
The interior of the Toronto Reference Library
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