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Bone News

Probiotic shows reduction in bone loss in older women

Researchers have used a probiotic to determine whether there is a reduction in the rate of bone related mineral density loss in older women. The results are encouraging, suggesting further study is worthwhile.

3D printed cartilage shows success

A successful use of the 3D printing in the medical field has been reported. This is with the generation of cartilage, used in surgery to assist those suffering with arthritis.

Bone-like material makes for improved medical devices

Scientists have created an approach for fitting medical devices in a better way with biological systems. For this the researchers were inspired by the way bone interfaces with tissues in the human body.

Cartilage cells can 'sense' injury

Researchers are examining how human cartilage senses mechanical strain at the cellular level. It seems that a pair of channels that work together to cause cartilage cells to die off in droves. New research suggests that this mechanism can be blocked.

Diet may affect inflammatory bone disease

Changes to the bacterial ecosystem of the human gut, induced by certain diets, can alter the chances of inflammatory bone diseases developing. This is because the bacteria are able to modify the immune response.

Bone implants used to protect body from germs

A research team has developed bone implants that control microorganisms and which could prevent infection after an operation.

Can humans achieve vertebrate tissue regeneration?

Some animals can regenerate tissues after severe organ loss or amputation while others, such as humans, cannot. The reasons have long puzzled scientists. Researchers have some new ideas that might one day lead to human tissue regeneration.

Zebra fish provide insight into bone regeneration

Scientists have studied the natural process of bone regeneration in zebra fish and think that the insights they gained could be used to advance therapies for bone fractures and disease.

New ligament found in human knee

A new ligament has been identified in the human knee. The bone structure has been named the anterolateral ligament (ALL).

Marrow transplant cures peanut allergy

A marrow transplant for child with leukemia not only helped tackle the cancer, it also cured an allergy that the child had to peanuts.

Bio patch can re-grow bone

A bio patch has been created that can regenerate missing or damaged bone by putting DNA into a nano-sized particle able to deliver bone-producing instructions directly into cells.

Chicken nuggets contain bone and organ parts, according to study

Researchers in Mississippi discovered that two nuggets that they were examining consisted of 50 percent or less chicken muscle tissue.

Ancient tomb of general Cao Cao is genuine, experts say

One day after the announcement of the excavation of the tomb of Cao Cao, the ruler of the Kingdom of Wei from 208 to 220 in China, rumors regarding its authenticity started to float. But experts insist the tomb is authentic.

Bone Repair Using Patient's Stem Cells A Step Closer

Researchers at the University of Twente show that if the enzyme PKA is previously activated in the stem cells in the lab, it can result in substantial bone formation.

Study Uncovers Link Between Poor Bone Health and Obesity

Being overweight is a known risk factor for heart disease, diabetes and a host of other health conditions. a University of Georgia study just published finds that obesity may also be bad for bone health.

Our Skelton Helps Control Sugar Metabolism

A recent study has shown that our bones are more than just the remains of our bodies. Our bones play a role in sugar metabolism and weight. Bone cells release a hormone called osteocalcin,

Pocket-watch made from carved bone

Watchismo follows up its feature on an all wooden watch from 1900 with an artice on the Bronnikov family, the watchmaking dynasty that carved watches from wood and bone:

Couples can now exchange bone rings

Couples are being given the opportunity to exchange jewelery made from samples of their bone grown in the laboratory.

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Bone Image

Light microscopic section through a juvenile knee joint
Light microscopic section through a juvenile knee joint
The newly identified knee ligament: anterolateral ligament
The newly identified knee ligament: anterolateral ligament
University Hospitals Leuven
A cast on a broken arm
A cast on a broken arm
Rev Stan (CC BY 2.0)

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