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Bomb threats News

Wave of bomb threat calls hit schools across UK and U.S.

Robocall bomb threats called in across the United Kingdom and the U.S. disrupted classes for thousands of students on Monday, forcing buildings to be locked down and many schools to close.

Bomb threats affect schools in New Jersey and Virginia on Friday

It has become a world where no place is really safe anymore, as thousands of children in New Jersey and Northern Virginia found out on Friday after automated phone calls were made to dozens of schools with bomb threats.

Canadian airline target of repeated threats, three diversions

A rash of bomb threats targeting Canadian airline WestJet happened in the past week. Three planes were diverted due to these threats. A fourth threat to Air Canada resulted in the temporary evacuation of a Canadian airport.

Angry mom threatens to 'blow up school' when child fails test

Staten Island - In today's world, it is not uncommon to hear of students making bomb threats against their school, but it is unusual for a parent to do this. A Staten Island mom is in hot water after threatening to blow up her daughter's school over a failed test.

U.S. airliners land in Atlanta after 'credible bomb threats'

After landing safely, two airliners are being searched at an Atlanta airport by police after "credible" bomb threats were received.

Connecticut woman makes bomb threats to postpone court date

New Haven - On Friday, Jennifer Chirico, 31, admitted to making bomb threats to three Connecticut courthouses back in March in order to postpone her own court date.

Church used for Newtown Shooting vigils receives a bomb threat

Newtown - A church in Newtown, which has been used for vigils in honor and memory of the victims of Sandy Hook Elementary, had to be evacuated due to a bomb threat.

Op-Ed: Jodie Foster Stalker Arrested

Jodie Foster, for some reason, seems to attract a less than stable following in some of her fans. John Hinckley, who attempted to assassinate President Reagan, claimed he was doing so for her. Now another man is under arrest for making bomb threats.

Man Phones in Fake Bomb Threats to Get Days Off

Perhaps he thought it was better than just calling in sick, instead a Waterbury, CT man decided to call in bomb threats to his employer to get those days off. He faces charges after his third threatening call was traced back to him.

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Arlington County  Virginia police investigate bomb threat at high school.
Arlington County, Virginia police investigate bomb threat at high school.
Arlington County Police Department
A Korean Air Boeing 777 similar to the one involved in the incident.
A Korean Air Boeing 777 similar to the one involved in the incident.
笹山 美咲

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