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Body parts News

Regenerating body parts might be possible

Washington - Regenerating body parts sounds like the stuff of science fiction. However, researchers studying worms that are capable of regeneration, think that a closer understanding could lead to a human being able to regenerate a limb one day.

Body parts wash up on beach near Olympic beach volleyball venue

Things have gone from bad to worse as Rio de Janeiro prepares for the Summer Olympics, just 36 days from now. Police say body parts washed up on Copacabana Beach, right in front of the beach volleyball venue on Wednesday.

Planned Parenthood defends itself against video that twists facts

A controversy is brewing over a recently released video that shows a Planned Parenthood executive appearing to discuss the sale of body parts harvested from aborted fetuses with people whom she believes are buyers from a medical company.

Airline finds corpse in wheel well

Washington - On Saturday, a man's body was found in the wheel well of a South African Airways aeroplane after it landed at Dulles International Airport in Washington, United States.

Human bacteria used to make cheese that smells like body parts

An exhibit, dubbed 'Selfmade', in Dublin features eleven cheeses that were crafted with bacteria from toes and belly buttons

100s of graves raided for body parts for voodoo ritual fetishes

Tomb raiders have been busy digging up over 100 graves in the last week in the West African state of Benin - the world capital of voodoo - looking for body parts for voodoo rituals.

Shocked tourists find human torso below Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls - Tourists on the Maid of the Mist boat ride below the Niagara Falls, were shocked to see a human torso floating in the river. Police say the body is of a middle-aged woman who was obviously murdered.

Toronto body parts case likely to be from same victim Special

Toronto - Body parts found in opposite sides of Toronto are thought to be from the same person police say. Both Peel Regional and Toronto Police are working on the case with remains found in Mississauga and Scarborough.

Police find dozen body parts with tattoo in Detroit-area sewer

Sterling Heights - A construction crew discovered a dozen body parts, some with parts of a tattoo, inside a section of the Oakland Macomb Interceptor sewage line, east of Maple Lane, while they were doing routine maintenance work in the city's sewer Wednesday.

Study explains why women are victims of sexual objectification

A new scientific study shows that both male and female brains process a human image differently depending on whether the image is of a man or a woman. The new finding gives insight into why women are often victims of sexual objectification.

Body parts mailed to Vancouver schools

Vancouver - Vancouver Police announced a human hand and foot were delivered to one school in the Canadian city, while another school was sent a package containing a human foot. No suspect has been identified and the investigation is ongoing.

Luka Rocco Magnotta named as suspect in Ottawa body parts case

Police have identified a suspect wanted in connection with the discovery of a man’s torso stuffed in a suitcase in Montreal as Luka Rocco Magnotta. The torso is linked to the hand and foot mailed to the Conservative party headquarters in Ottawa.

Op-Ed: A ghoulish scandal over America's Iraqi war dead

What happens to the bodies of American soldiers who are killed in action? If you thought they were all buried with full military honours, think again.

Dead accident victim sued over flying body parts

An Illinois state appeals court ruled that a dead man can be held responsible for the injuries his flying body parts caused after he was hit and killed by a train.

US Air Force mortuary lost body parts of dead servicemen

Dover - U.S. Air Force officials have acknowledged that body parts of dead American servicemen who served overseas, were lost by mortuary staff at the Dover Air Base in Delaware.

Woman arrested after parading a trashcan full of body parts

San Bernardino - A California woman has been arrested after neighbors spotted her acting suspiciously, and moving around a trashcan. Once Police arrived, they found human remains inside.

Tiger numbers dropping quickly and extermination impending

Doha - Elephants and ivory come to mind when poaching and the trade in animal body parts is discussed. However, tigers are also a large part of the illegal black market and their numbers are dwindling as a result.

Authorities continue to find body parts at Beer Can Beach

Sacramento - Police in Nicolaus,California found left and right arms, and a human head on the weekend. A human leg was found in the same area in November. Police have yet to link the body parts to a single cadaver although it appears they were all surgically severed.

Arrests Made In UK Body Part Murder Case

Two people have been arrested in a case where a murdered man's body parts were found in Hertfordshire and Leicestershire over the last month. So far police have found the man's head, arm, leg and torso.

Op-Ed: Selling body parts to make ends meet a sign of the times

Throughout the ages, people have been doing whatever is necessary to keep body and soul together. The world has seen everything from men selling off their daughters for a few cows and sheep, to women being prostitutes. Today, it's selling body parts.

Man Selling His Dead Body on Internet

A man in Sydney Australia is selling his dead body on the Internet to encourage organ donation. He also hopes to raise some money for his retirement fund.

Body Snatching Dentist Michael Mastromarino Jailed In New York

Michael Mastromarino, a United States dentist will be spending a lot of time in jail for stealing body parts and selling them to doctors for transplantation.

Cadaver Sales Plummet in Los Angeles

Dr Frankenstein has a willing accomplice and the motive is profit. And as tacky as it might be, this makes me want to start chanting the lines from the Monty Python movie - "Bring out your dead, Bring out your dead..."

Stolen Organs: Not Just the Stuff of Urban Legends?

Trafficking in human organs has become a lucrative business world-wide as patients denied care - due to medical regulations or a shortage of transplant-able organs - seek solutions in poorer countries.

FDA Urges Crackdown on Safety Regulations in Big Business of Body Part Harvesting

There are currently 153 companies in the US that harvest body parts from cadavers. There are an additional 2000 companies that prepare those tissues for transplant. Following recent criminal charges against one such company, the FDA is urging a crackdown.

Breaking News: Montreal Man Being Questioned for Body Parts in Van

A 44 year old man is being questioned by Montreal police for having body parts in his SUV. A witness called the police last night while viewing the man putting garbage bags into the back of his vehicle.

Why some killers dismember their victims

Do a search on DJ for terms like 'dismemberment" or "body parts" and you'll find several stories have been posted.

Body Parts Found Scattered in San Diego

If you or one of your friends is missing a head and one hand, please contact the San Diego Police Department at your earliest convenience.

11 year sentence for Russian woman who cooked and served her boyfriend to guests.

Women gets an 11 year sentence after axing her boyfriend and cooking him. To top it off he was the main course for her guests.

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Warren Lemcke  the Vancouver police deputy chief
Warren Lemcke, the Vancouver police deputy chief
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U.S. soldiers posing with Afghan corpses in 2010.
U.S. soldiers posing with Afghan corpses in 2010.
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