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Body found in sea search for AirAsia: Indonesian search and rescue

Jakarta - A body was found in the sea Tuesday during the search for missing AirAsia flight QZ8501, Indonesia's National Search and Rescue Agency chief said."At 13:25...

Divers find body six months after Korea ferry disaster

Seoul - South Korean divers discovered another body inside the sunken Sewol ferry on Tuesday -- six months after it capsized and more than 100 days after the last corpse was recovered, officials said.

Body cell's link to obesity

The hormone leptin, which signals fullness to animals, has been shown to act through neurons. New research suggests that another type of cell is also involves called glia. The finding could have implications for obesity research.

Op-Ed: Four U.S. cities to flaunt your bod this summer

Every year, the U.S. swimwear industry sees a revenue of more than $3 billion, a huge portion of which comes from the herds of fitness junkies who work hard to keep their bods in check.

Body of missing Canadian journalist, filmmaker found in Cambodia

Edmonton - The body of a missing Canadian journalist and filmmaker was confirmed to be found in Cambodia, according to reports from earlier today.

Does sleep help you fight diseases?

When you get sick, does it help to get some extra sleep? By looking at fruit flies, researchers have shown that sleep enhances immune system response and recovery to infection.

Deceased South African actor found hanging from a tree

Pretoria North - Fifty-nine-year-old South African actor Nico Liebenberg was found dead Sunday, hanging from a tree close to his home in Pretoria North.

How do nerves 'fire'?

Nerve cells recycle tiny bubbles or "vesicles" that send chemical nerve signals from one cell to the next, according to a new study. The process is much faster and different to previously thought.

Some gut bacteria can boost the immune system

A new Japanese study suggests that gut bacteria play a key role in the maturation of the immune system. Where the gut bacteria are not optimal, some people can be prone to certain diseases.

'The Holy Woman': Pensioner's 'mummified' remains found in closet

Borgo San Dalmazzo - The corpse of a 68-year-old tarot-reading woman has been found in the bedroom closet of a villa. The body was wrapped in bed sheets and was sitting upright in a chair, with her left hand resting on her knee and her right hand raised in blessing.

Illustrating the human body with 'Microcartography'

Artist Sonja Bäumel has explored the human skin microbiome in her project 'Cartography of the Human Body'. To illustrate the diversity of the bacteria and fungi on the skin, she cultured isolates from her own body to create an innovative art project.

Gut-brain communication failure can trigger overeating

Repairing a faulty communication line between the gut and the brain could suppress the urge to overeat. This is the outcome of a study on mice and scientists think that a similar strategy could be used to treat compulsive eating in people.

Second body found in Hudson River

New York - Authorities claim that the second body has been discovered and pulled from the Hudson River. They found the body near where a bride-to-be and her fiance's best man went missing after a boat crash near the Tappan Zee Bridge.

15-year-old creates a flashlight powered by body heat

Tenth grader Ann Makosinski, with her body heat-powered flashlight, has attained a position within the 15 finalists who will be going to the Google Campus in Mountain View California to compete for the grand prize of $50,000.

Wife buries husband in backyard

San Bernardino - The body of 63-year-old Thomas Winn was found buried under his own backyard. It turns out that Thomas's wife was not able to give him a proper burial due to their financial situation.

Robber calls cops after finding dead body in house he was robbing

A burglar in New Zealand broke into a home, but he ended up finding something that he did not intend to find, a body of a man hanging in the dark.

Surfer's dead naked body washes up on beach

San Diego - A surfer's dead naked body washed up on a beach in San Diego, California, and was covered in shark bites after mysteriously drowning.

Newborn's body found floating in Virginia pond Special

Sterling - Shortly before noon on Sunday, the lifeless body of a newborn girl was found floating in a pond in Sterling, Virginia. Authorities are searching for the mother and clues concerning the infant's death.

Sheriff says spontaneous combustion may be behind man's death

Muldrow - Authorities investigating the unusual death of an Oklahoma man have determined that the man was not murdered, but they have not ruled out spontaneous human combustion as a cause of death.

N. Korea unveils body of Kim Jong Il

On Monday, the embalmed body of Kim Jong II, still in his Khaki jumpsuit, was unveiled in North Korea on the anniversary of his death.

Man returns home from prison, finds wife's mummified body

After complaining that he had not heard from his wife in nearly two years, Eduardo R was released on a prison furlough and upon returning home, found his wife's mummified body there to greet him.

Murdered infant found buried in Long Island backyard

Long Island City - Residents of a Long Island New York neighborhood never suspected the gruesome secret buried a mere three feet deep in Heather Kowalczik's backyard.

Stowaway's body falls from sky onto suburban street

London - Residents in the West London suburb of Mortlake, woke up Sunday morning to find the body of a man lying in the street after he apparently fell from a passenger plane, on approach to Heathrow Airport.

Shocked tourists find human torso below Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls - Tourists on the Maid of the Mist boat ride below the Niagara Falls, were shocked to see a human torso floating in the river. Police say the body is of a middle-aged woman who was obviously murdered.

Stuart Hazell is charged with Tia Sharp's murder

Addington - Stuart Hazell has been officially charged with Tia Sharp's murder. The 37-year-old, who dated Tia's mother before dating her grandmother, is accused of murdering the 12-year-old schoolgirl.

Op-Ed: Tia Sharp's body is found and her 'Grandfather' is missing

Addington - Police investigating Tia Sharp's case have arrested Stuart Hazell on suspicion of murder. A body was discovered earlier at Christine Sharp's home in New Addington, Croydon.

Blue Jay Bautista strips down for ESPN: VIDEO

Baseball fans are now able to see a side of Toronto Blue Jays slugger Jose Bautista that they have never seen before... in the buff!

Body found in car

Millington - A male body was found today in an overturned vehicle with bearing a Tennessee license plate. Found off Highway 51, it appeared that the vehicle had been there for a while.

Mother received wrong body of her daughter after being murdered

Memphis - Her daughter was murdered in New York City, the funeral home sent her the wrong body. Now all this Memphis mom wants to do is bring her baby home, but can't afford it.

L.A. Woman's Body Found In Mississippi River

Vicksburg - Barge workers on the Mississippi River came to a startling discovery Tuesday, finding the body of a West Monroe, La woman dead.
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A mummified body
A mummified body
File photo: A buxom lady
File photo: A buxom lady
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Human adult lungs
Human adult lungs
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Diagram showing the diversity of the human microbiome
Diagram showing the diversity of the human microbiome
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